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Livewell is a specialised dementia and Alzheimer's care facility with luxurious estates in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Living well with highly personalised, dignified care is at the centre of everything we strive for.

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#Covid-19: Communicating trust in uncertain times

Our natural instinct is to reassure those affected in a crisis. However, over-reassuring does not build confidence. Nowhere in the world do people feel reassured that the Coronavirus is under control. Neeran Naidoo takes stock of communicating in a crisis...

By Neeran Naidoo, Issued by Hewers 11 hours ago

#Covid19: A global crisis requires courage

In this milieu, we have an important function to fulfil. Like generals in a war, it's our responsibility to rally the troops, lead and provide support with messages of courage, hope and love...

By Marie Yossava, Issued by Grapevine Communications 11 hours ago

It is not business as usual, but it is still doing business!

Samantha Hogg, owner and managing director of GinjaNinjaPR writes why communication is critical to business survival during Covid-19...

By Samantha Hogg 1 day ago

Corporate communication - Creating connected employees, one story at a time

Brands spend a lot of their time and budget getting to know their customers, and rightly so. Unfortunately, they seldom put the same effort into the way they connect with their employees...

Issued by GO Content Lab 1 day ago

#Newsmaker: Tseliso Rangaka goes full circle

Jessica Tennant interviews Tseliso Rangaka on his return to FCB Joburg, the agency where he started his career 21 years ago...

By Jessica Tennant 3 days ago

Lessons from Covid-19 - Be crisis ready!

Victor Moreriane, chief director of communications at Gauteng's Department of Infrastructure and Development, writes that organisations which are pro-active may survive but those who are reactive will face major consequences...

By Victor Moreriane, APR 27 Mar 2020

Five ways to digitally market your company during the lockdown

Mkhuseli Vangile, MD of DCF PR and marketing agency suggests that PR be approached in a creative way by utilising 5 key elements in digital PR...

By Mkhuseli Vangile 26 Mar 2020

7 tips for crisis communication during the ultimate crisis: Covid-19

Whatever your location or type of business you run, the way in which you communicate during a crisis remains the same. Regine le Roux, founder and managing director of Reputation Matters, shares seven habits of highly successful crisis communicators...

By Regine le Roux 26 Mar 2020

#BehindtheSelfie with... Shorn Khumalo, co-founder, director and head of PR at The Client Media

This week, we go behind the selfie with Shorn Khumalo, co-founder, director and head of PR at The Client Media...

By Jessica Tennant 25 Mar 2020

When the term 'crunch time' means more than something in our industry

As per usual (now), it's expected to kick off a content piece like this with, 'we are seeing the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic', etc...

By Sonja Bezuidenhout 25 Mar 2020

Messaging in a time of crisis

Nicole Capper, CEO of managing director of Mango-OMC shares some insights from conversations she's had with partners and agency owners around the world about messaging in a time of crisis...

By Nicole Capper 20 Mar 2020

Communications in a time of crisis

Any crisis calls for strong leadership, delivered with clear, concise communications, explains Sandra Gordon, CEO of Stone Soup PR...

By Sandra Gordon 18 Mar 2020

Solutions for events in the time of COVID-19

The world faces an unprecedented challenge in terms of combatting and defeating COVID-19. Creative solutions for those who operate within the marketing space are necessary...

By Angelique Shekleton, Issued by Multi-Media 17 Mar 2020

The rise of coronavirus, influencer marketing, and business continuity

While it's not completely business as usual in light of the coronavirus, R-Squared's operations aren't affected, and measures for business continuity have been taken in order to not disturb existing campaigns and projects, ensuring the highest levels of quality...

Issued by R-Squared SA 17 Mar 2020

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