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At Hook, Line & Sinker (HLS) we're a hip & happening integrated communications agency. We help brands to hook their desired audience across paid, earned, owned & shared lines to deliver the ultimate campaign sinker.
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5 ways we can walk the inclusive talk
As Pride Month draws to a close, it has continued to showcase the critical importance of both authentic and inclusive communications in the media and marketing world. More than just a month-long party - this is a campaign we can all get behind and support throughout the year. 29 Jun 2022 Read more

Code did this
The global tech sector is worth an estimated $5tn. It is estimated to employ more than 55 million people worldwide. Technology features in every aspect of our lives today, directly and indirectly. For an industry that only really took off in the 1980s, it's had a meteoric rise that is not expected to slow anytime soon. 20 Jan 2022 Read more

#BizTrends2022: PR is dead; long live personal relations
The discipline of public relations has evolved so dramatically over the past few years that it is no longer effective in its traditional form. Instead, we are seeing a new emphasis on building personal, one-to-one relationships between consumers and brands. And that's a good thing. 10 Jan 2022 Read more

Global companies are turning to SA for media and marketing expertise
While Covid-19 and its associated lockdowns have dealt severe blows to most economies around the world, there are some unexpected silver linings. As a result, local marketing and communications companies have found their services are in demand by global brands. 29 Sep 2021 Read more

Tech industry holds opportunities in 2021 and beyond
South Africa's gender gap, which was estimated to close in 99.5 years from 2020, has now increased by a generation to 135.6 years to close from 2021. This is according to this year's World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report which revealed that out of the 156 countries monitored, 55 countries regressed or stalled with South Africa unfortunately regressing from 17 to the 18th position of gender equality. 31 Aug 2021 Read more

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