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New Biz Press Offices

Smoke Customer Intelligence has opened a Biz Press Offices on Bizcommunity.com!

We help you create better customer experiences by gathering and understanding Voice of the Customer data across your business.

5 ways to write an engaging value proposition for your website
5 ways to write an engaging value proposition for your website

When it comes to selling newspapers, persuasive and relevant "above-the-fold" content has always been a necessity...

By Andrew Bourne 23 hours ago

The story behind Daily Maverick's Don't Shoot the Messenger podcast
The story behind Daily Maverick's Don't Shoot the Messenger podcast

Daily Maverick's Don't Shoot the Messenger podcast first aired in March 2020, coinciding with the beginning of the lockdown, and has since rolled out two seasons. Now they've just kicked off season three, a year later...

By Jessica Tennant 1 day ago

Company News
SA consumers increasingly anxious about finance and health

Deloitte's latest State of the Consumer tracker shows South Africans are currently most concerned about finances - even more so than the health impact of Covid-19...

21 hours ago

Advertising. A restaurant without a kitchen

When I was growing up I never lived in a house. I lived in many hotels because my father was a hotel manager. This gave me a unique perspective on the chaos that is needed to create order and desirability...

By Damon Stapleton 19 hours ago

South Africa climbs up the world mobile data affordability rankings

South Africa's mobile data is now cheaper than developed countries such as the US, Canada and New Zealand. Here's where the nation ranks now...

22 hours ago

Design Indaba recruits Thabisa Mjo, Cole Ndelu to select emerging creatives for 2021

Design Indaba has recruited Thabisa Mjo and Cole Ndelu to oversee the curation of this year's cohort of young designers...

19 hours ago

UKZN Centre for Creative Arts, Netherlands Embassy to present inaugural Artfluence Human Rights Arts Fest

In partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands, the University of Kwazulu-Natal's (UKZN) Centre for Creative Arts will present the inaugural Artfluence Human Rights Arts Festival from Wednesday, 5 May to Saturday, 8 May 2021. The festival will be held online and focus on arts, constitution and democracy.

23 hours ago

Howard Audio creates giant soundtrack for Momentum TVC

Howard Audio is delighted to share our latest work done for agency House of Brave and client Momentum...

Issued by Howard Audio 8 minutes ago

Wunderman Thompson named Gartner magic quadrant leader

Wunderman Thompson has once again achieved 'leader' status in Gartner's magic quadrant for global marketing agencies - an accolade the agency has received every year since 2019...

Issued by Wunderman Thompson 29 minutes ago

The benefits of a digital marketing audit (part 1 of 5)

In this five-part digital marketing auditing step-by-step guided journey, we'll be covering the following elements of a digital marketing audit and what the benefits are to your business...

Issued by UpBeet Digital 1 hour ago

Challenges faced by PR professionals in the midst of Covid-19

Covid-19 definitely caught a lot of us small business owners napping. It brought with it challenges that we did not expect and forced us to think quickly on our feet...

By Miranda Lusiba 7 minutes ago

Hit sci-fi thriller War of the Worlds returns for a highly anticipated second season

The second series of Fox and Canal+'s War of the Worlds will premiere on Mondays at 8.45pm (CAT) from 24 May 2021 on Fox...

Issued by Fox Networks Group 1 hour ago

Standard Bank Top Women Leaders publication 16th edition 2021 - it's a must-see!

The 16th edition of Standard Bank Top Women Leaders boasts more than 200 pages of quality content, tons of in depth interviews with trailblazing women and critical information regarding top women-empowered companies...

Issued by Topco Media 19 hours ago

Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio empower businesses with SoundInsights

After years of generating audience data and insights, Kagiso Media Radio has officially launched a first-party radio listener data collection service called SoundInsights...

Issued by East Coast Radio 22 hours ago

Customer is King as organisations try to differentiate from their competitors

Africa is currently the world's second-fastest growing region in terms of economic development and Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to the World Bank...

By Olatayo Ladipo-Ajai 20 hours ago

The new iProspect Future Focus Report explores the intersection of consumer attention, commerce and data

iProspect recently launched Future Focus 2021: Brands Accelerated as the essential read for conscientious marketers seeking to explore and exploit the latest consumer and industry advancements for brand growth...

Issued by Dentsu 1 day ago

Consumers spent $900bn more at online retailers globally in 2020

Covid-19 accelerated e-commerce around the globe and forced retailers to shift to digital...

1 day ago

Hot 91.9FM gets hotter with new faces and lineup

Hot 91.9FM today announced exciting new changes to the weekday lineup including a brand-new show with Ursula Chikane...

Issued by Hot 91.9FM 1 day ago

Lockdowns shut many doors, but opportunity is now knocking

At Worx Group, we quickly adjusted our in-person live events strategy to focus on digital and virtual offerings and along with some of our trusted technical partners - the journey into the new age of events began...

By Grant Waites, Issued by Worx Group 1 day ago

Get your free digital copy of Public Sector Leaders (PSL) April edition - out now!

Human rights and constitutional democracy are the golden threads which run through this bumper April edition of Public Sector Leaders...

Issued by Topco Media 1 day ago

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