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Trish Taylor of Primedia Broadcasting: 'Radio is a balance between art and science'

In the lead up to the announcement of The Radio Awards 2021 winners on 30 July 2021,Trish Taylor, chief broadcasting officer at Primedia Broadcasting, believes that leading radio brands need a careful balance between art and science to be successful.
Trish Taylor, chief broadcast officer at Primedia Broadcasting
Trish Taylor, chief broadcast officer at Primedia Broadcasting

BizcommunityPrimedia Broadcasting's brands, Kfm and Radio 702 are in the running for this year's Station of the Year at The Radio Awards 2021. How does this feel? And how have the stations reacted to this?

To have two of our brands nominated for Station of the Year is an incredible achievement and testament to all the hard work that is pouring into these brands. The teams at Kfm 94.5 and Radio 702 are over the moon! It is quite remarkable that we relaunched 702 less than eight months ago, with a new lineup, new positioning, new logo and pay-off line and to be nominated so soon after, is wonderful.

BizcommunityDifferent stations and different audiences. What is the winning formula to running a successful station?

Leading radio brands have a careful balance between art and science, and it is this two-ingredient formula, that makes running radio brands so dynamic.
At Primedia Broadcasting, we are heavily reliant on research and insights and ensuring we remain alert to the changing needs of consumers.
Having a clear strategic roadmap underpinned by data is fundamental - as well as having a happy team. I agree with Peter Drucker that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – so it is also important that we have a great culture on and off the air.

A critical part of our radio brand's efficacy and effectiveness is getting results for clients, from their advertising campaigns. This is key and fundamental to our success and overall offering to the market

BizcommunityCovid-19 has certainly changed the radio landscape. What efforts has Primedia Broadcasting pursued to ensure that listeners keep returning to the station?

Local and global studies done have indicated that brand trust for radio has increased during this unsettling time, as audiences can turn to their favourite radio station 24/7. The consumption of news via radio has also increased, illustrating audience's need for information from a trusted source vs. social media.

Covid has changed listening habits as audiences are streaming more and listening on multiple devices. What is critical is always being relevant to audiences and keeping them engaged.
Broadcasting now takes place across multiple platforms, which makes brand intimacy closer than ever.
BizcommunityA few years ago, there was a resistance to digital among many in radio. How have things changed?

Our radio stations have always embraced digital platforms, and we see such platforms as highly complimentary to radio, as the presenters are able to converse across multiple platforms before, during and after the actual terrestrial broadcast. Technology has also enabled audiences to participate more closely in the content on air and form a much closer connection with the presenter and brand.

BizcommunityWhat are some of the shifts that you can see in terms of how radio is consumed?

Radio is being consumed on multiple devices, and streaming numbers are increasing exponentially. Podcasts, from the terrestrial radio broadcast, are also in demand, as audiences want catch-up content available or content they wish to share with their friends.

BizcommunityAre there any threats to radio at this point?

Whilst many feel smart speakers and platforms like Spotify are threats, we see these players as highly complimentary to radio and are accelerating the audio landscape.

BizcommunityWhat trends can we see in radio in the future?

In many first world countries, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is offering radio enormous flexibility and is resulting in audience and advertising growth. Radio will continue to pivot in response to technology and as audio becomes more and more innovative, radio is well poised in its organic expertise.

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