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Evan-Lee Courie

Group Editor
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Google talk:evanleec


Head of Content for Entrepreneurship and Group Editor overseeing the content mix for the ICT and Automotive industries.
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S&S Culture fights the good fight

From music and culture to fashion and food, Samantha Joshua, CEO of S&S Culture, believes we are connected on so many levels. However, what's even more important is understanding what makes the consumer tick...

By Evan-Lee Courie 2 days ago

#StartupStory: Flip Phone is the new marketplace for mobile phones

Looking for the easiest way to get fast cash for your old phone or looking for a deal on a new phone, but not pay exorbitant prices? Flip Phone could be the answer...

By Evan-Lee Courie 2 days ago

#StartupStory: Young entrepreneur aims to help SMEs

Founded on the belief that South Africa is the gateway to Africa, Jean-Luc Pugin decided to launch Eikon-Design during the nationwide lockdown...

By Evan-Lee Courie 24 Jun 2020

The scenario of young entrepreneurs in Africa

A look at the future of young entrepreneurs in Africa...

By Evan-Lee Courie 24 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Youth get innovative with Afri Ride

The youth, by their very nature, have always been the first to embrace the latest trends when it comes to technology...

By Evan-Lee Courie 23 Jun 2020

#YouthMonth: Influencing young African entrepreneurs

Pamela Nga, a full-time HR student and part-time network marketer studying in Cameroon, has started the Mindful Entrepreneur (M.E) podcast that aims to empower and educate young Africans to become entrepreneurs...

By Evan-Lee Courie 15 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Janez Vermeiren and Peri vP launch

TV personality and producer, Janez Vermeiren and film director Peri vP have launched, a new online platform that connects content creators with organisations and brands...

By Evan-Lee Courie 11 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Putting a Sparkle in Nigeria's digital ecosystem

Sparkle, a digital ecosystem providing financial, lifestyle and business support services to Nigerians across the globe, has officially launched by Uzoma Dozie, the former chief executive officer of Diamond Bank...

By Evan-Lee Courie 9 Jun 2020

#LockdownLessons: Manage your 'dough' with DoughGetters

Murray Barnetson and Willem Haarhoff, founders of DoughGetters Accounting, share how the company is surviving the Covid-19 storm...

By Evan-Lee Courie 8 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Go live with Send it - SA's live streaming platform

How we interact with one another and the events that we attend have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We're not going to be gathering together in person anytime soon. Fortunately, technology has played an indispensable role...

By Evan-Lee Courie 5 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: EquityMaven understands the true value of your business

EquityMaven, a local fintech startup, plans to disrupt traditional business valuation services by offering highly detailed, investment banking-style valuations online...

By Evan-Lee Courie 3 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: FinYou helps add value to SMEs

FinYou is a purposed-based lending solution that links merchants with funding from financial institutions...

By Evan-Lee Courie 1 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: David Phume, an African technologist on a mission

David Phume was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. The charismatic creative and tech entrepreneur, who hails from Bryanston, Johannesburg, has never been afraid to dream big...

By Evan-Lee Courie 29 May 2020

#StartupStory: Sifika Business Accountants pays it forward

A small gesture kick-started her business and now, eight years later, accountant Zandile Sifika is paying it forward by helping other SMMEs survive the fallout from Covid-19...

By Evan-Lee Courie 28 May 2020

#StartupStory: Hope Project SA offers performers a ray of light

The Hope Project SA is a non-profit organisation that's building a community creating job opportunities and relief for artists and crew members who find themselves in dire financial trouble during our current economic climate...

By Evan-Lee Courie 27 May 2020

A day in the lockdown life of Chris Ogden, CEO of RubiBlue

Chris Ogden, the CEO of RubiBlue shares his account of work-life in the time of Covid-19...

By Evan-Lee Courie 27 May 2020

6DOT50 launches Digital Rands to pay for essential goods

6DOT50 is stepping in with a new way to pay for essential goods, as Covid-19 takes its toll on the South African economy...

By Evan-Lee Courie 26 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Ozone supports its clients throughout the 'new norm'

Bizcommunity has been reaching out to South Africa's top industry players to share their experience of the current Covid-19 crisis...

By Evan-Lee Courie 25 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: INOVO embraces cloud-based solutions

#LockdownLessons explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses...

By Evan-Lee Courie 22 May 2020

Q&A: Mmusi Maimane talks 'One South Africa' digital platform

Mmusi Maimane, the chief activist of 'One South Africa' Movement (OSA), recently launched its digital platform to connect and engage with South Africans through these unprecedented times...

By Evan-Lee Courie 21 May 2020

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