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Creativity: The nexus between innovation and inspiration

The creative awards season is in full swing and one can't help but get lost in the celebration of brilliant work being recognised from a diverse range of agencies and clients. After all, a pat on the back from your peers is a big nod to a job well done in using creativity to achieve a business imperative, opens doors for engagement on new business, and catapults one's career.
Nathan Reddy, chief creative officer and founder at Grid Worldwide and Pete Khoury, chief creative officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and chairperson of the Creative Circle South Africa. Image supplied.

Pete Khoury (chief creative officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and chairperson of the Creative Circle South Africa) and Nathan Reddy (chief creative officer and founder at Grid Worldwide), opine that with the rise of technology and digital platforms - comes a distinct shift in the industry in terms of what judging panels are looking for, and what’s being awarded, but creativity remains the constant ‘north star’.

Creating magic for the next big campaign

With the Cannes Lions done and dusted, and everyone back to creating magic for the next big campaign, both Khoury and Reddy speak on South Africa’s wins following the global creative awards.

#CannesLions2019: Pete Khoury's SA Cannes expectations [WATCH]

Pete Khoury, Creative Circle SA chairperson and chief creative officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris talks to Bizcommunity's roving reporter Ann Nurock live in Cannes...

19 Jun 2019

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris walked away with three of the countries eight Cannes Lions. Khoury and Reddy anticipate that the TBWA\South Africa collective will continue on their winning streak at the Loeries later this year following a good showing at the D&AD Awards where Grid Worldwide won a Wood Pencil – Typography, for their MTN campaign, Brighter Sans, and TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris won a Graphite Pencil – Digital Marketing as well as a Yellow Pencil – Branded Content and Entertainment, for Joburg Ballet’s Breaking Ballet campaign.

#CannesLions2019: All the SA winners!

The 66th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity came to an end on 21 June 2019, rounding out a full week of award shows that celebrated creativity across various categories. Here's how SA fared overall...

21 Jun 2019

D&AD Awards 2019: ALL winners announced!

The 57th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony took place last night (23 May) in London, where six Black Pencils - the highest accolade in the creative industry - were awarded. We list the South African companies that were honoured on the night and walked away with a total of 15 Pencils...

24 May 2019

Both creative leaders believe that agencies need to be clear on how creativity is measured and on where one draws the line between creativity and appropriation.

Reddy says the best form of storytelling, happens when creatives take stock of what is affecting the world and not shy away from it when marketing brands, products and services, as it immediately plays in a space of popular interests that captivates and engages. ‘To be able to tell these stories in the best possible manner, we must be fearless in our approach, we must be bold, brave and to a certain degree ruffle some feathers. It is important to stand out’.

Stand for something or become obsolete

Today’s brands need to stand for something or they become obsolete. Particularly in a world mired with fake news, consumers yearn for authentic storytelling which resonates with their lived experiences and inspires a better tomorrow. When Grid Worldwide created the #HopeJoanna campaign the objective was to evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminisce and foresight, which would reignite ‘hope’ as a form of resilience.

#HopeJoanna demonstrates the highs and lows of our country, reminding the nation of where we come from. It tells South Africans and the world that ‘we’ve been here before: we have enjoyed our democratic rights to vote, we have seen giants fall, but if we have hope we have everything’.

#NewCampaign: Gimme #HopeJoanna

Grid Worldwide launched its #HopeJoanna campaign on Freedom Day (Friday, 27 April) highlighting the highs and lows of the past 30 years in an effort to convey a message of hope and a sense of optimism to all South Africans...

By Jessica Tennant 9 May 2018

South Africa’s timeline is the story of this campaign, and craft is the magic that packages
all elements together to create a seamless flow of content. Real people footage was used and dance was used to narrate the story. In short, when a person shares a joke, the audience waits for the punchline. The teller must keep listeners engaged; if this joke is authentic it will be well-received. There is nothing new about the story itself, nor any gimmicks used, but the secret lies in the creativity of craft and curation.

Culture inspires stories

Amplifying the notion of craft and curation, Khoury says, culture inspires stories that are told across a myriad of platforms to drive results while making a meaningful change. In curating content from culture, creatives at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris identify triggers, which are interpreted in real time, to determine the course of action in order for brands to respond and be relevant.

The course of action can be a tweet, a PR stunt, the beginning of a campaign, or the development of a new product. A case in point being Joburg Ballet, who has recorded an all-time high in ticket sales, since the inception of the Breaking Ballet social media campaign.

#NewCampaign: TBWA, Joburg Ballet launch series of little ballets inspired by big social stories

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and the Joburg Ballet launched a campaign to grow its existing audience and ensure a sustainable, ongoing reconsideration of ballet as a relevant art form amongst the youth...

By Jessica Tennant 6 Oct 2017

An ongoing series of bite-size ballets inspired by the biggest stories online, Breaking Ballet is produced in the form of short films, which are seeded straight back into trending conversations on social media. From identifying the trigger and briefing the dancers, to producing the film and seeding it back into the conversation takes 3 to 5 days.

Releasing the films at the speed of culture for them to be picked up and shared, ensures that the stories are still highly relevant and topical when the films are launched, and appeals to a younger, more diverse audience. Removing perceptions that ballet is a stale, old-fashioned dance form, and presenting it as a viable form of entertainment.

Dare to play in culture

Khoury and Reddy agree that the collective strength of the TBWA\ Group lies in the collaborative nature, which embraces culture as the engine of 21st-century business - where everything is linked, and everyone brings invaluable expertise. This interconnectedness, coupled with a disruptive mindset which taps into popular culture and social issues, serves the Group well when creating campaigns for brands, services and products which are new to the market, as well as for established brands that organically innovate to keep up with the demands of culture.

#DigitalAgencyShowcase: Playing in culture with TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris

In the third session of the second digital agency showcase, held at Red & Yellow School on 16 May 2019, alumnus Johann Schwella, now digital creative director at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, said the drive is no longer just to be best in class but only in class. Agencies today are not competing with other agencies but with culture, making it harder than ever to stand out. Here's how to do so...

By Leigh Andrews 17 May 2019

It is often asked how South African creatives continually do exceptionally well in global awards relative to the local industry’s size and in the current economic climate. Clearly, when the creative industry dares to play in culture, it increases its influence on people, and this is why the disruptive mandate of TBWA\ South Africa continues to win the hearts of consumers and the approval of judging panelists.

Ultimately the onus is on creatives having to find their personal inspiration within culture for their creative ideas to meet the business imperative of their clients and go on to win prestigious awards.

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