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Lifeguards are the heroes we need

If movies are anything to go by; being a lifeguard is the quintessential summer job. If what most people saw on Baywatch was true, lifeguards are permanently perched on a stand towering over a beach, or seated at the lifeguard office welcoming the public to a local swimming pool. It seems the appeal of being a lifeguard is to work at the beach with the sun's warmth on their back, and the glamour of saving someone in full view of an adoring public. Although this image of lifesaving probably does wonders for organisations in search of recruits, it often obscures the reality of being a lifeguard.
Lifeguards are the heroes we need

Some of the most important work done by lifeguards doesn’t take place anywhere near a body of water. For the more than 4000 volunteers who make up Lifesaving SA, training prospective lifeguards and teaching water safety to the public are key responsibilities. Lifesaving SA trains over 2000 new lifeguards per year; and is also the brains behind the Learn to Swim programme, an initiative that equips the youth and communities around the country with skills they need to safely enjoy bodies of water. Lifesaving SA also created the Watersmart programme, which travels to schools across the country to educate children about water safety.

Wimpy is known for a lot of things: Succulent burgers, mouth-watering grills, and premium coffee are just a few that come to mind. But Wimpy is equally passionate about making the lives of little South Africans a bit brighter. Whether it’s creating Playworld – giving children a safe space to have a good time, or partnering with local authors and illustrators to turn African folktales into captivating children’s storybooks; Wimpy has always been committed to childhood development. That’s why Wimpy partnered with Lifesaving SA.

Special moments shared among family are a huge part of what makes Wimpy the go-to family restaurant for many South Africans. They’re committed to sponsoring organisations such as Lifesaving South Africa because a great deal of memories are created on South African beaches every year. Most people have at least one childhood memory involving beach sand between their toes, waves breaking on the shore, or the sight of the ones they love around them. Safe and memorable trips to the beach are made possible because of the brave men and women who dedicate their time to lifesaving. It only made sense for Wimpy to partner with Lifesaving South Africa.

There’s a lot to love about trips to the beach. One glance at the ocean’s crystal-clear waters and sparkling white sand is enough to lure anyone in search of leisure. And thanks to the work done by Lifesaving SA, the experience is one that can be enjoyed in the safest way possible.

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