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Which SA brands won Mother's Day this year?

This year a number of brands used Mother's Day as an opportunity to win over the hearts and cash of consumers looks to lavish their mums. But who stood out though?
Global media intelligence company, Meltwater, tracked and monitored mentions around Mother’s Day for the week leading up to (and including) Mother’s Day. The data indicated that a number of local brands had leveraged the day by offering specials and promoting competitions for mothers.

Zando, one of South Africa’s largest e-commerce sites, trended with their “Make Your Mother’s Day” specials.

Netflorist, always a popular choice for ordering flowers and gifts online, dedicated their whole website to ordering for and spoiling mothers for the entire month of May.

The website “mothers-day.co.za” hosted a competition with a prize worth over R200,000 in partnership with some of the country’s favourite brands such as UCook, Warwick wine, Mally bags, Musgrave gin, a trip to Zanzibar by TravelStart and a rose garden.

And for those who did still want to take their moms out for a meal, EatOut.co.za compiled a list of all the restaurants that were having specials on the 13th of May in honour of Mother’s Day.

But the brand that really took the cake this year was Black Label. Their Mother’s Day campaign is called “Who is the Strongest Person You Know?” and is an ad featuring a couple of South Africans talking about their mothers – simple and powerful. With over 125,000 views and more than 1,000 retweets, it’s clear that the rest of the country found it as captivating.

According to the data, the term “Mother’s Day” was mentioned over 1,105,000 times within one week and peaked on Sunday with nearly 500,000 mentions in one day.

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Some of the surrounding trending topics on social media included “#mothersday,” “Happy,” “gift,” “love” and “weekend.”

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On online news media, a similar pattern emerged where mentions spiked on the day and positive words trended alongside “Mother’s Day” including “care,” “love” and “family.”

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Meltwater also monitored that the term “Mother’s Day” was mentioned 14,500 times with the word “buy” on news media – indicating that there are many articles and media mentions encouraging audiences to buy items or products for their mothers to spoil them. Some of them were entitled “what to buy (and not to buy) for your mom this Mother’s Day” with lists full of gift ideas, where you can get them – either online or in a nearby physical store, and how much it will cost you.

Overall, Mother’s Day is a mostly positive day where people take to expressing their love and gratitude for their mothers and mother figures. The sentiment score on Sunday, 13 May, was an overarching positive sentiment of nearly 70% positive and only 18% neutral.

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