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The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) is a collective of media agencies and individuals including media strategists, planners, buyers and consultants through whom 95% of all media expenditure in South Africa is bought.

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Is the media industry retaining talentThe driving force in the media industry is talent. Human capital, the maverick streak, quirkiness, team spirit and chutzpah are the fuel that drives the industry. 12 Jul 2021 Read more

Advertising the advertising industryThere is the old adage that says: "The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot." According to the Oxford Reference, it is a proverbial saying from the mid-16th century, meaning that the family of a skilled or knowledgeable person is often the last to benefit from their expertise. 21 Jun 2021 Read more

The rise of the hybrid media agency: How is the media industry transforming?It's 2021 and the era of the hybrid media agency is upon us. Something that, thanks to the rise of digital, has happened quicker than anticipated. Changes in consumer behaviour have led to their ability to better avoid most traditional advertising and all but reject traditional ways of pre-purchase research meaning media agencies need to relook their models against obsolescence. 18 May 2021 Read more

Insourcing: Appreciate the up and downside before you take actionWho should handle our company's media activities? This is an internal struggle that most companies of all sizes face in the current economic instability and amidst ever-changing consumer data security practices. In assessing whether to outsource or insource there are clear advantages and disadvantages to the two choices facing marketing executives. 5 May 2021 Read more

Insights beyond industry dataThe advertising industry has certainly grown over the past two decades seeing the changes in technology and the way consumers consume media in general, fragmentation upon fra-g-men-ta-tion. While internet penetration continues to grow, TV remains the number one channel for reach in terms of mass media in South Africa. What has separated some brands from others, is in how they looked a little beyond industry data i.e. media consumption habits, demographic segmentation etc and dared to peer into human truths as they relate to their business' vertical/category. 26 Aug 2020 Read more

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