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  • Dis-chem prepped for vaccination roll-out with 32 sites secured
    Dis-Chem Pharmacies has confirmed its readiness for Covid-19 vaccination roll-out. "We are well-positioned to commence with the vaccination roll-out aligned to government timelines, and we have prepared our teams to work at full capacity if supply from government is consistent," says CEO Ivan Saltzman.
  • The evolution of Gagasi FM and Heart FM
    And you thought 2020 was one heck of a year! 2021 brings winds of change as Gagasi FM and Heart FM will be launching their own media solutions company under holding company MRC Media effective from 1 July 2021. The stations will utilise Mediamark as its sales house until 30 June 2021. Issued by Mediamark
  • Petroleum Bill has lift off at last
    South Africa's gas potential, and interest from investors, meant government was under pressure to forge ahead with its legislative reforms needed to address upstream issues - which, until yesterday, have been in limbo.
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Cookieless world

Consumers' personal data is shared between tech companies in the third-party cookie ecosystem over 500 billion times a day.
That is changing.

At least 90% of consumers want brands to be clearer about how they use their data, and to give them more control over it. In January 2022, Google Chrome will no longer allow the tracking of third-party cookies, meaning brands will cease to have access to much of the data they currently use to target audiences and drive online sales.

The impact of this on advertisers and publishers won’t be beneficial, however, there’s an upside for general internet users and consumers. Naturally, advertisers will see the third-party audience shrink, which will negatively affect media buying activities. At the same time, publishers will feel partnership disruptions with third-party data providers. Internet users, in general, will have more secure data privacy (GDPR/PoPIA), and consumers will have more control over data sharing.

A total of 80% of consumers feel they cannot control the security and privacy of their personal data. And they would be right, an average user visiting news24.com will have their data shared 410 times in the first 15 seconds on the website.

The ingenious Facebook trap: Is it time for ensnared brands to cut their losses?

Facebook was silently plotting increasingly creative ways to monetise brands' presence on the platform and implemented an ingenious strategy to ensnare unknowing brand custodians...

By Ewoudt Cloete, Issued by Wunderman Thompson 22 Nov 2017

Ambitious brands do not need to share their customers’ data. They know how to create direct, valuable relationships that inspire growth. They use data expertise, not intrusive tracking, to see people clearly.

Ambitious brands use data with integrity.

The world’s most inspiring brands are data and privacy leaders, who use data with integrity to inspire confidence among consumers. These include global brands such as Amazon, Apple, Emirates, Google, Netflix and Adidas. Locally, the leading brands include Woolworths, Discovery, Samsung, OUTsurance and Coca-Cola.

The inspiring study developed by Wunderman Thompson found ways in which inspiration can drive brand growth by predicting:
  • a brand’s ability to drive demand
  • a brand’s ability to command higher prices
  • a brand’s ability to convert customers at a purchase point

This talks to the trust customers have in brands and, of course, data privacy plays an integral part. This is also supported by BrandZ’s top 30 most valuable South African brands 2020, which includes brands such as FNB, Standard Bank, Absa, Discovery, Woolworths, etc.

8 golden rules for brands to win in a recession

Wunderman Thompson published a guide on 'How Brands Can Win in a Recession'. The global report is an essential manual for brands highlighting how to survive and thrive in the face of the recession...

Issued by Wunderman Thompson 31 Jul 2020

One of the county’s largest marketing services agencies, Wunderman Thompson SA, boasts expertise as a technology and data-driven creative powerhouse. It aims to help ambitious brands drive conversations in this regard.

Palesa Molukanele
Palesa Molukanele, agency head of data, insights and analytics, expressed: “We are part creative agency, part technology company and part consultancy, and so we will help our clients prepare to optimally function in a ‘cookie-less world’ by building short-, medium- and long-term strategies for them. And we have a solution that we’re delivering on now. Wunderman Thompson has a solution – and we’re delivering it now.”

Resolve is our turnkey, cookie-less performance marketing technology that drives growth for brands and protects data privacy. Resolve uses AI to better recognise customers and personalise CRM, media and e-commerce experiences without sharing their data or using third-party tracking.

We believe the world’s most inspiring brands need an inspiring approach to privacy and personalisation – and must act now to safeguard the effectiveness of their online ad spend if they are to continue driving growth.

“Resolve does three things – it recognises customers, like humans do; it learns more about customers as people; and it finds the brand's next, best customers. The fact that those ‘shoes’ you just searched for are now following you around the web has raised valid data privacy and ethics concerns. We’re here to help businesses, marketers, chief data officers and chief technology officers take heed of this reality check,” said Alex Steer, chief data officer, EMEA, Wunderman Thompson.

Resolve will be the industry’s first privacy personalisation technology of its kind, and you can learn more about it here.

About Wunderman Thompson 

At Wunderman Thompson, we exist to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Part creative agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts provide end-to-end capabilities at a global scale to deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience.  

We are 20,000 strong in 90 markets around the world, and in South Africa we are one of the largest integrated marketing services agencies with over 600 professionals. Our people bring together creative storytelling, diverse perspectives, inclusive thinking, and highly specialised vertical capabilities, to drive growth for our clients. We offer deep expertise across the entire customer journey, including communications, commerce, consultancy, CRM, CX, data, production and technology.

Wunderman Thompson is  a  WPP  agency  (NYSE: WPP).  

For more information, please visit us at www.wundermanthompson.com and follow Wunderman Thompson on our social channels via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Wunderman Thompson
Wunderman Thompson South Africa is born out of the country's oldest digital, social media, technology and advertising agencies. Strong strategic and creative approaches backed by data insights drive service delivery across four centres of excellence: Advertising, Digital, Technology & Consulting.

Part creative agency, part tech firm, and part consultancy, Wunderman Thompson offers Level 1 BBBEE credentials, a team of 500+ talented professionals, and 4 office locations nationwide. The group's global network spans 90 markets.



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