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Ogilvy launches a Creative Technology Academy for emerging South African Talent

Ogilvy is excited to launch a pioneering initiative, called the Creative Technology Academy (CTA). This innovative programme is an expansion of Ogilvy's existing Graduate Programme (OG), underlining the agency's dedication to nurturing emerging industry talent. The programme is designed to promote the development of young graduates from underrepresented backgrounds in South Africa, focusing on enhancing their digital and technological skills. By doing so, it aims to provide industry newcomers with the essential tools they need for their future careers.
Ogilvy launches a Creative Technology Academy for emerging South African Talent

Ogilvy has for many years been recognised as the 'University of Advertising.' Driven by this sentiment, the agency remains committed to investing in the next generation of talent, growing the future giants who will propel the industry forward. In the past 10 years, Ogilvy has invested more than R20m in the OG Programme, successfully guiding over 200 graduates and learners into the industry. In keeping with this ethos, the programme aims to further enhance the skills of talented individuals at the crossroads of creativity and technology.

The academy offers specialised training in fields such as data science, web development, UX strategy, game design, and AI. These technical disciplines will be integrated with Ogilvy’s existing creative processes and the extensive reach of the worldwide network. Furthermore, the academy's inclusion of global briefs and projects, aims to spotlight local talent on the international stage, showcasing the innovation of African creatives to the world.

The initiative provides an inclusive learning environment for growth and success, including sponsored studies, to fully support the development of future industry leaders. Tristan Vogt, head of creative technology at Ogilvy South Africa, expresses his enthusiasm for the project: “As a creative technologist, I’m inspired by today’s digital natives and committed to helping them find a role in our industry. Our one-year programme is designed to foster and accelerate the development of creative technologists, meeting the industry's growing demand and propelling it forward."

"We are exceptionally proud to announce the launch of the OG Programme's new platform, powered by Creative Technology. This year, we will enable the development of 15 young talents with high potential. The OG CTA programme will provide these talented individuals with access to creative technology resources, mentorship, and tools, empowering them to advance their careers and build sustainable futures," says Angela Madlala, chief people officer at Ogilvy South Africa. "I am particularly excited for the 2024 cohort of 47 participants from across the Ogilvy South Africa Group. They will benefit greatly from learning from one another, drawing on their diverse backgrounds, skills, and unique talents. This interaction is expected to cultivate life-long friendships and career-support networks, continuing a tradition we've seen flourish in previous cohorts over the last decade."

Melissa Carney, managing director of Ogilvy South Africa’s specialist digital services, emphasises the importance of collaboration, “By collaborating with local talent incubators and leveraging our extensive global network, we believe this programme will generate significant growth opportunities for its participants.”

The programme enables Ogilvy to create opportunities for young individuals who are eager to achieve their ambitions and build self-confidence in their craft. By addressing the critical issue of youth unemployment in South Africa, this initiative serves as a growth platform for those facing economic and social challenges, providing them with the means to rise and thrive.

"At Ogilvy, we are dedicated to shaping a future that embraces creative technology skills. As one of the largest agencies in our country, we believe that it’s our duty to invest in and uplift young people into our industry,” concludes Pete Case, CEO and creative chairman of Ogilvy South Africa.

The OG CTA programme commences this March 2024. For more info, please contact az.oc.yvligo@akip.iynahK.

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