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Primedia Outdoor supports the launch of Samsung's epic Galaxy S21 5G Series with an innovative multi-format campaign

Samsung, one of the world's most renowned electronic brands and South Africa's most popular mobile phone provider, recently partnered with Primedia Outdoor in launching the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series smartphone with an eye-catching out of home campaign in the roadside and mall environment.
Primedia Outdoor supports the launch of Samsung's epic Galaxy S21 5G Series with an innovative multi-format campaign

The campaign flighted across Primedia Outdoor’s urban digital network in the roadside environment. The urban digital network consists of 12 LED screens all located on main arterials in the central hubs of Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and East London. The network, skewed towards targeting the upper SEM market, reaches a unique monthly audience of 1,711,044 and delivers 24,449,586 impacts (ROAD 16/17/18). The latest Google Mobility reports from May 2021 as well as Primedia Outdoor’s Prime(I) devices indicate that traffic volume levels in the roadside environment are back at 100% pre-Covid levels, across all major metro regions in South Africa.

In tandem with the roadside campaign, Samsung also flighted material across 11 key shopping malls in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town with an average combined monthly foot count of 8,656,015 (SACSC). Foot count reports gathered by Primedia Outdoor portray 83% pre-Covid levels (Primedia Outdoor Foot Count Report March 2021), signalling a strong return of shoppers to the mall environment. The campaign used a combination of both static and digital display for increased brand exposure and impact along the shoppers’ journey.

Primedia Outdoor supports the launch of Samsung's epic Galaxy S21 5G Series with an innovative multi-format campaign

Shopping malls provide a conducive environment for brand messaging to be seen by a captive audience who are in a purchasing state of mind. Malls encourage consumers to spend and advertising in this environment almost always guarantees that brands will make it to that final, desirable destination: the shopping basket.

“We are delighted to have partnered with an iconic brand like Samsung to showcase the effectiveness of a multi-format OOH campaign for the launch of a product,” said Peter Lindstrom, sales executive at Primedia Outdoor. Advertising in both the roadside and mall environment connects with consumers at key touch points along their shopping journey – which is critical when launching new products into the market,” he added.

Primedia Outdoor is the leading out of home media provider in sub-Saharan Africa that offers advertisers a holistic approach in reaching audiences at key moments during the consumer journey in all major environments such roadside, air, rank and mall.

About Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor is the premier provider of out of home media solutions within sub-Saharan Africa. A level one BBEEE contributor, Primedia Outdoor is currently the largest wholly South-African-owned outdoor advertising media specialist offering national outdoor exposure throughout South Africa and high reach in key markets in the rest of Africa. Primedia Outdoor offers flexible coverage of the entire LSM/SEM spectrum, targeting cosmopolitan consumers in major urban areas through to those living in rural communities.

Primedia Outdoor delivers exposure across a mix of media opportunities and audience environments, including high-end digital signs, airport advertising, freeway and suburban spectaculars and street furniture, as well as static advertising and digital screens in malls. Since 2018, the Primedia Unlimited Malls business unit has been integrated into the Primedia Outdoor stable. With the integration, Primedia Outdoor’s total media offering makes major retail and brand platforms accessible to advertisers, offering media solutions that integrate shopper connections during the path to purchase journey.

Primedia Outdoor
Primedia Outdoor is a national outdoor advertising media specialist. Part of the Out-of- Home division of Primedia (Pty) Ltd, Primedia Outdoor focuses primarily on the marketing and selling of outdoor advertising signage.
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