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#MusicExchange: Majozi releases brand new single, 'Honest'

Honestcomes after the release of Safe In The Sound in March 2023.
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Image supplied

A song dealing with the ups and downs of life and how we are too ashamed to share how we really feel with each other, Honest was written during 2022 when Majozi went into studio whilst experiencing a particularly emotionally challenging day.

The result: A fun and upbeat offering where Majozi intentionally wanted the music to be the polar opposite of what the lyrics are saying, similar to real life conversations where people often say the exact opposite of what they mean.

“We often say we are fine and put on a smile when sometimes we are actually dying on the inside. But sprinkled amongst the sad lyrics, listeners will find a little hope. If you’re willing to search for it. It’s what I like to do.” says Majozi.

We chatted prior to the release...

What is your job description?


What does music mean to you?

Music is the means by which I express the things that I am most passionate about.

My music is about…

My music is about Love, and God.

What is your motto?

Never be a better musician, than you are a person - Quincy Jones.

Fame is about…

Not sure to be honest.

Retirement will happen when…

God calls me to it.

I don't do…

Dairy. It runs straight through me.

I would love to co-write with…

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. They are masters of the craft.

Where do you go for inspiration to create?

A studio filled with other collaborators that I love and admire is always a good space to be in.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

Meeting people and travelling.

The song you must do during every show?


Any funny moments on stage?

I’ve fallen many times.

My heroes are…


My style icon is…


Which living person do you admire most and why?

Francois Van Coke. He’s done a lot for me but also, he us just the greatest person.

What is your most treasured possession?

I try not to treasure any possessions, but I am grateful for all my fender guitars.

It's your round, what are you drinking?

A coffee from Rosetta.

Dream gig to do?

Headlining Glastonbury.

What makes you stand out?

Big smiles.

Any nicknames?

Maj is the most common one.

If you were not a musician, what would you do?

Something that would help people.

Pick five words to describe yourself?

Kind, good, generous, insecure, normal.

Greatest movie ever made?

This is a hard one, but for now I’ll say Inception.

What book are you reading?

That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis.

What song changed your life?

What's My Age Again? by Blink 182. I never knew a song could make me feel like that.

Who do you love?

I’ll narrow it down to the most important, God, Jesus, and my wife, Daniela

What is your favorite Word?


Top of your bucket list?


Your greatest achievement?

Getting married.

What do you complain about most often?

The Disney+ app.

What is your biggest fear?

Not being good enough.

Happiness is…


On stage, I tend to…

Forget where I am.

The best life lesson you have learned?

You can control how others feel about you, only how you react and feel.

What has been your favorite journey so far?

This whole thing to be honest. I love that this is what I get to do, and I am very grateful to still be doing it.

Do you do charity work, and if you do – what do you do?

I’m an ambassador for Paedspal, who help children with life limiting illness, and also on the board of Hearts That Hope who provide a loving home for children who have been abandoned.

Wishes and dreams?

I have many wishes, but my main one is to just be happy. Whatever I do.

Stream Honest here.

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