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Bizcommunity - community, immunity and unity are in our name

This July #BizUnity Month will replace the former Mandela Month but, still, retain the same objectives - focusing on companies standing together for good! This is a prime opportunity for a sponsor to be seen to be standing up and together for SA business...

Issued by 3 days ago

SACO to hold Zoom meeting on its Covid-19 impact study on creative industries

The South African Cultural Observatory (SACO) will be holding a Zoom meeting on Thursday, 11 June 2020 at 10am, in which it will discuss the study it conducted on Covid-19's impact on businesses and freelancers in the cultural and creative industries...

10 Jun 2020

Locked down, not locked out: 10 benefits of a Biz Press Office now

While real office space is locked up, now is an ideal time to upgrade an online presence. The digital business-to-business media are providing valuable opportunities for companies and brands in high traffic, virtual environments. As the only media brand with community in our DNA, we are proud that a presence on Bizcommunity promises community and delivers community...

Issued by 27 May 2020

Mentorship programme for the advertising industry

This Covid-19 pandemic has hit the advertising and communications industry very hard, so, in support of the advertising and communications industry, I am offering a mentorship programme, free of charge, to agencies of any discipline who comply with the following criteria...

By Ann Nurock, Issued by Relationship Audits and Management 27 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Companies putting the grit in integrity

Terry Levin, creative director at Bizcommunity, shares her views of the current Covid-19 crisis and how the company is navigating these unusual times...

Issued by 26 May 2020

#Lockdown: Time to rethink how you collaborate with your remote media teams

With the disruption that Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown has caused to all industries, many brands and media teams are looking at ways to collect, distribute and store digital content received from remote media teams...

Issued by Publisher’s Toolbox 18 May 2020

A day in the lockdown life of Publisher Research Council CEO Josephine Buys

Publisher Research Council CEO, Josephine Buys' account of work-life in the time of Covid-19, part of a series of articles looking into how agencies and agency folk are responding to the crisis and viewing it through a creative lens.

By Juanita Pienaar 11 May 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Susan Goldberg on National Geographic's special Earth Day flip issue

Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine, tell us more about this special Earth Day issue and provides a global perspective on the impact of the pandemic on the publishing industry and the magazine specifically, and how they're responding...

By Jessica Tennant 11 May 2020

BREAKING: Caxton's board decides to close its magazine division

The Board of Directors of Caxton & CTP Publishers & Printers Limited (Cat) has announced that it has begun a process of withdrawing from magazine publishing and associated businesses...

5 May 2020

SA publishing industry reels from news of AMP's closure

Associated Media Publishing was one of the country's best magazine media publishers. Covid-19, and its side-effects, has taken one of our very best and most revered magazine media owners.

By Josephine Buys 4 May 2020

Writers can take ownership of their creative journey

As an interactive, intimate and introspective journey into the world of story, The Write Journey, created by film and theatre journalist Daniel Dercksen, empowers writers to take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression...

8 Apr 2020

The Bizcommunity: Not taking lockdown lying down

In true South African spirit, even in times of adversity, daily stories of generosity and ingenuity abound. Never have we been more proud of how business communities are using our publishing platforms than since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus...

Issued by 6 Apr 2020

#FairnessFirst: The media industry needs your support

The global pandemic has certainly shifted business as usual, with increased pressure on media organisations to provide a trusted and reputable source of information while having to get creative in cutting costs and selling to advertisers...

By Jessica Tennant 6 Apr 2020

The power of domestic publishers in the time of the Covid-19 crises [report]

Narratiive's new report shows the total South African traffic across the 'News' category of websites for publishers measured for the period of 26 January 2020 until 26 March 2020...

3 Apr 2020

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