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ACA launches webinar series on critical role of human capital

As part of its #ACACaresCovid19 initiative to address various issues affecting the marketing, advertising and communications sector, the ACA will be launching a series of webinars...

Issued by Association for Communication and Advertising 3 Aug 2020

5 ways to prioritise your team's well-being during Covid-19

There are thousands of global businesses, explains Jellyfish SA MD Charmaine Kelly, but at Jellyfish we believe we're one that's closely connected to every person, in every department, in every city, wherever they may be, around the world...

Issued by Jellyfish South Africa 15 Jul 2020

Volt Africa wins big at INMA Global Media Awards

Digitally integrated service provider Volt Africa won two prizes in the 2020 edition of International News Media Association's (INMA) prestigious Global Media Awards competition on Tuesday...

Issued by Volt Africa 4 Jun 2020

#LockdownLessons: Companies putting the grit in integrity

Terry Levin, creative director at Bizcommunity, shares her views of the current Covid-19 crisis and how the company is navigating these unusual times...

Issued by 26 May 2020

Succeeding in a competitive, uncertain and changing world

Find out how your business can both survive the Covid-19 pandemic and thrive afterwards...

Issued by The Focus Group 20 May 2020

When you see the stone coming, it hurts less

Sitting beside the main road in Penrith, England is the little noticed and unloved Plague Stone. The story it tells is as fascinating as it is sad. In 1597 the Plague struck in Penrith...

By Richard Lewis, Issued by Dentsu Aegis Network 20 Apr 2020

The cure for horrible bosses

Jessica Sichone, the senior media buyer and strategist at DAN Zambia, identifies three boss personalities that might need an intervention...

Issued by Dentsu Aegis Network 16 Apr 2020

CareerJunction helps fill medical vacancies during Covid-19 crisis

As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds in South Africa and we all deal with the socio-economic and mental impact of being under lockdown, CareerJunction has been working behind the scenes to assist the Government's healthcare system with the recruitment of medical staff...

Issued by CareerJunction 8 Apr 2020

Corporate communication - Creating connected employees, one story at a time

Brands spend a lot of their time and budget getting to know their customers, and rightly so. Unfortunately, they seldom put the same effort into the way they connect with their employees...

Issued by GO Content Lab 1 Apr 2020

The One Club launches free global Covid-19 Jobs Board

The One Club has announced the launch of The One Club Covid-19 Jobs Board, a free service to support the industry during the global pandemic by connecting job seekers around the world with agencies...

31 Mar 2020

Filling the skills gap with on-the-job training: i-Fundi's Stefan Lauber explains

Growing talent from within a company makes sense when considering how difficult it can be to find the right people with the right skills...

Issued by i-Fundi 23 Mar 2020

Culture is an important role in the workspace

Work culture is important because this is where most of our time is spent; perhaps you could even go as far as saying that work is your second home as the average worker spends eight hours on the job...

By Dudu Cindi, Issued by Dentsu Aegis Network 24 Feb 2020

#FairnessFirst: How to end office ageism with a perennial mindset

You need to upskill yourself to stay relevant in the age of experience. Here's why a 'Perennial mindset' is said to be the office sweet spot against age discrimination, which affects those at the start and end of their careers alike...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Feb 2020

The equity myth and how to use BEE to achieve an exit

Based on our own experience as Pula Capital, we believe that BEE can actually be a very positive vehicle for change, equity growth and exit...

Issued by Pula Capital Partners 17 Feb 2020

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