Celeste Sirin

MD and Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Strategist at Employer Branding SA


Celeste Sirin is an employer branding specialist, speaker, facilitator and founder of Employer Branding SA which aims to develop employer banding best practice in South Africa by educating South African leaders. She is a leading authority in positioning and elevating employer brands for companies, offering extensive insight into local, African and international employer branding trends.
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Rebooting employer branding in response to Covid-19

Employer branding is often mistaken to be the kind of activity only associated with companies needing to attract the best talent to meet their growth trajectory, especially within a buoyant and thriving economy. This is partially correct, however employer branding is built from the inside out...

By Celeste Sirin 2 Oct 2020

Preserving your employer brand in uncertain times

The global uncertainty of the unknown presently resides within all of us and especially those HR leaders who are grappling with managing the mental and financial well-being of their employees...

By Celeste Sirin 6 Apr 2020

#BizTrends2020: Reimagine employer branding in the roaring '20s

One hundred years have now passed since the beginning of the infamous roaring '20s - an era of dramatic economic, social and political uncertainty, together with much technological development and change - a world no different to what we are facing now...

By Celeste Sirin 9 Jan 2020

How to create a winning candidate experience

Opportunity knocks for SA companies that recognise the importance and strong impact that candidate experience can have on your company brand...

By Celeste Sirin 26 Sep 2016

Four KPAs of the new era recruiter

Untapped opportunity lies ahead for South African recruiters who are quick to recognise that reactive, conventional recruitment practice is a thing of the past...

By Celeste Sirin 30 Aug 2016

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