5 Jul 2022Strategic Capability and Leadership for Public Sector Managers Pretoria
11 Jul 2022Analytics for business managers Pretoria
15 Jul 2022Programme in Project Management (Weekend Offering) Pretoria
18 Jul 2022Short Course in Drafting and Negotiating International Debt Contracts Pretoria
19 Jul 2022Fifth Annual Employment Equity Conference 2022 Johannesburg
25 Jul 2022Senior Management Programme Pretoria
26 Jul 2022The Skills Development Facilitators' Conference 2022 Johannesburg
27 Jul 2022Management Development Programme Pretoria
27 Jul 2022Discover global best practices that maximise your L&D Johannesburg
1 Aug 2022Enhanced Grow Coaching Pretoria
1 Aug 2022Contract Management - Virtual Pretoria
3 Aug 2022Online Short Course: Introduction to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Pretoria
4 Aug 2022Career construction counselling using early recollections Pretoria
10 Aug 2022Third Annual Human Resources Laws Update Conference 2022 Johannesburg
15 Aug 2022Advanced Course in the Management of Performance and Discipline Pretoria
15 Aug 2022Effective Stakeholder Management Pretoria
16 Aug 2022Public Policy, Problem Solving and Analysis for Public Sector Managers Pretoria
17 Aug 2022Minute-taking/Meetings Management Training Johannesburg
17 Aug 2022Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice Pretoria
17 Aug 2022People Management for Public Sector Managers - Virtual Pretoria
22 Aug 2022Municipal Public Accounts Committee Training Course (MPAC) Pretoria
23 Aug 2022Advanced Modern Day Administrators, Executive Assistants and PAs Masterclass 2022 Ekurhuleni
29 Aug 2022Master Class in Building a Winning Culture in Government Pretoria
29 Aug 2022Project Management Principles and Practices in Organisations Pretoria
1 Sep 2022Starting my business – Online and in my own time Pretoria
5 Sep 2022Business Writing Pretoria
6 Sep 2022Short Course in Life Design Counselling Pretoria
7 Sep 2022Municipal Governance Excellence Pretoria
7 Sep 2022Total Quality Management Pretoria
12 Sep 2022Policy Management, Implementation and Analysis in the Public Sector Pretoria
13 Sep 2022Programme and project management for public sector managers Pretoria
26 Sep 2022Negotiation Skills - Virtual Pretoria
3 Oct 2022Labour Dispute Resolution for Labour Relation Practitioners Pretoria
6 Oct 2022Sports Law Pretoria
10 Oct 2022A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching Pretoria
17 Oct 2022Business Management - Virtual Pretoria
26 Oct 2022Business Innovation Development Strategies Pretoria
31 Oct 2022Short Course on how to develop a strong business case Pretoria
7 Nov 2022Strategic Management Principles Pretoria
7 Nov 2022Effective Risk Management - Virtual Pretoria
14 Nov 2022Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management - Virtual Pretoria
16 Nov 2022Supervisory Management Skillsc Pretoria
23 Nov 2022Demand Management in the Public Sector - Virtual Pretoria
28 Nov 2022Outcomes-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation - Virtual Pretoria
20 Mar 2023Programme in Office Management for Administrators and Executive Assistants Pretoria
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