22 May 2019Family Mediation TrainingCape Town
23 May 2019Paediatric tuberculosis short coursePretoria
23 May 2019ICH Q7 FDA Guidance – Its Structure, History, Application and Writer's IntentPalo Alto
27 May 2019Occupational Hygiene Legal KnowledgePretoria
29 May 2019Basic anatomy and physiology short courseCape Town
1 Jun 2019Online course in food microbiologyOnline
5 Jun 2019Transformation Through MediationGoodwood
8 Jun 2019Basic focus assessed transthoracic echocardiographyCape Town
11 Jun 2019Palliative Renal Supportive Care WorkshopCape Town
12 Jun 2019Basic clinical auditingDurban
13 Jun 2019Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Effective Decision MakingFremont
19 Jun 2019Paediatric tuberculosis short coursePretoria
20 Jun 2019The provision of expert opinion and evidence as a health professionalCape Town
27 Jun 201914th Aesthetic Medicine Congress of South Africa (AMCSA 2019)Pretoria
8 Jul 2019Expanded Functions for Oral HygienistsPretoria
9 Jul 2019Analytica Lab AfricaMidrand
15 Jul 2019Expanded functions for Oral HygienistsPretoria
18 Jul 2019Basic training in complete current procedural terminology for South AfricaCape Town
24 Jul 2019Transformation Through MediationPretoria
29 Jul 2019Family Mediation TrainingPretoria
31 Jul 2019Family Mediation TrainingPretoria
19 Aug 2019Programme in the Monitoring and Evaluation of General Health ProgrammesPretoria
1 Sep 2019Online course in food microbiologyOnline
30 Sep 2019Medical negligence and health sector mediation trainingPaarl
26 Oct 2019My Coiled Roots | Feed Your CrownCape Town
14 Nov 2019World Conference - Holistic Health and WellnessCape Town
18 Nov 201914th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimer's DiseaseJohannesburg
18 Nov 2019Introductory course in laboratory animal scienceCape Town
18 Nov 201914th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimer's DiseaseJohannesburg
28 Dec 2019Second International Conference on Nursing Care and Patient SafetyCape Town
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