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Why and how do we use medication responsibly? - Medshield
Medication and the rapidly evolving science of medication development can be very beneficial and significantly aid one's health and quality of life. However, it is crucial to use medication responsibly to ensure its effectiveness and safety. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 50% of all patients take medicines incorrectly. Overuse, underuse and misuse of medication result in the wastage of scarce resources, continued health problems or adverse reactions to drugs. 30 Nov 2023 Read more

Making the right career choice after matric – The Academy for Environmental Leadership
Are you in matric and worried about what to do next year? You are not alone. Many school-leaving youth face a significant choice challenge on what to study after high school. At 18 and 19, most people are unsure of what they want to do as a career and cannot make sense of their real options. 30 Nov 2023 Read more

Acute vs chronic pain – Medshield
From the momentary sting of a paper cut to the persistent discomfort of chronic conditions, pain is a universal human experience that serves as a crucial warning signal that something is wrong with our bodies. Each individual's encounter with pain varies, manifesting at diverse thresholds. It is a natural response that can become a debilitating condition that impacts your quality of life. 29 Nov 2023 Read more

The Academy for Environmental Leadership SA signs MoU with Sol Plaatjie University
The Academy for Environmental Leadership SA (AEL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate with Sol Plaatje University (SPU), heralding the formation of an academic node of higher learning in the Northern Cape. Amongst other benefits, the MoU allows the AEL to serve as a pipeline for qualifying students to register at SPU and for SPU to channel learners eligible to enrol at the AEL. 28 Nov 2023 Read more

Is it iron deficiency or anaemia? - Medshield
Iron is an essential mineral in preserving our overall health and wellbeing. It aids in forming red blood cells, facilitates the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, and has numerous other vital functions. However, when disruptions occur, patients often grapple with distinguishing between whether they have "iron deficiency" or "anaemia." Here are some fundamental differences: 22 Nov 2023 Read more

The Drakensberg Boys Choir thanks all partners and sponsors after the successful Mauritius tour
The Drakensberg Boys Choir returned to South Africa for a well-deserved school holiday after the choir's successful week-long Drakensberg Boys Choir Hear Us Sing Mauritius tour. The boys travelled to showcase their talents to the diverse international audience on the famous Indian Ocean tourism and business island destination, also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The Drakensberg Boys Choir School (DBCS) is a recognised South African treasure and brings music lovers the most beautiful music across classic choral, contemporary African and entertaining Afro-pop genres. 19 Oct 2023 Read more

Medshield launch 2024 benefits and confirms its position as its members' healthcare partner for life
Medshield Medical Scheme launched its benefit options and contributions for 2024, building on the Partner for Life offering. Medshield continues to place its members at the centre by offering tailored cover and benefit options for every life stage from childhood to retirement. The Scheme affirms its dedication to ensuring all members and their dependents receive much-needed quality healthcare. 26 Sep 2023 Read more

The Drakensberg Boys Choir are ready for their Mauritius tour
The Drakensberg Boys Choir School is excited to announce that they will showcase their talents to an international audience for their upcoming tour to Mauritius from 17 to 24 September 2023. The Drakensberg Boys Choir is a South African treasure and brings diverse music lovers the most beautiful music across classic choral, contemporary African and entertaining afro-pop genres. 20 Sep 2023 Read more

Medshield: Early warning signs of male cancers
Due to differences in biology and lifestyle, men and women face different cancer risks. You may assume you don't need to visit a doctor for minor health issues, but cancer symptoms are often vague. For example, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men but has some of the least apparent symptoms. 15 Sep 2023 Read more

Brand South Africa collaborates with the Drakensberg Boys Choir for a Mauritius tour
Drakensberg Boys Choir School is delighted to announce that Brand South Africa is committed to supporting the Drakensberg Boys Choir School (DBCS) for their upcoming tour to Mauritius from 17 to 24 September 2023. 5 Sep 2023 Read more

Medshield: Understanding vitamins and minerals as we grow older
As we grow older, our nutritional needs change. An ageing metabolism, age-related health conditions and lifestyle choices affect how our bodies age. Vitamins and minerals are vital in supporting our bodies and could help address health risks associated with ageing. 30 Aug 2023 Read more

Medshield: Chiropractors can play a vital role in overall health and wellness
Chiropractic care is a branch of healthcare that focuses on diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders of the musculoskeletal system, mainly the spine. Chiropractors are crucial in promoting health and wellness by using non-invasive techniques that restore the body's natural balance and optimise its function. 30 Aug 2023 Read more

Medshield highlights strong financial position at the 2023 Annual General Meeting
Medshield Medical Scheme hosted its 54th Annual General Meeting today. Principal officer Kevin Aron announced a healthy solvency ratio and strong credit rating maintained in an economically challenging year. He highlighted growth opportunities for the scheme and expressed gratitude to Medshield members for their loyalty and trust amidst an ailing economy. 14 Aug 2023 Read more

Medshield: Understanding different types of non-cancerous breast lumps
It is common to find a lump in your breast and immediately feel concerned, considering the worst-case scenario. However, take comfort in knowing that most breast lumps are benign (non-cancerous) and will not develop into breast cancer. The safest approach when dealing with any breast lump is to have it examined by a medical professional. Regardless of how often you examine your breasts, it can't be assumed that the breast lump is of no concern. 8 Aug 2023 Read more

Medshield: What is hyperthyroidism and how is it treated?
The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, just before the windpipe. It is crucial in regulating various metabolic processes, heart rate and body temperature. However, when the thyroid gland becomes overactive, it can result in hyperthyroidism. 7 Aug 2023 Read more

From potential to powerhouse: South Africa's opportunity in embracing technology - Accenture
In this rapidly evolving era where technology reigns supreme, our lives have become intertwined with the marvels of innovation. From the seamless connectivity of our digital devices to the awe-inspiring advancements in artificial intelligence, the possibilities seem boundless. 4 Aug 2023 Read more

15 years of leaving no stone unturned to add value
Fifteen years ago, on 1 August 2008, the Stone journey began with one man focusing on adding value. From the outset, the small Stone team used business acumen and strategic engagement to redefine the role of communication's business value and enhance business reputation beyond mere public relations. The firm was formed to deliver exceptional value to its clients while making a deliberate difference beyond Stone's own bottom line. 1 Aug 2023 Read more

Medshield: Feel your best by adopting a holistic approach to healthy eating
In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to prioritise convenience over nutritious meal choices that negatively impact our energy levels, mental well-being, and overall health. Adopting a holistic approach to healthy eating goes beyond strict diets or quick weight-loss methods. It's about finding balance and making lifestyle changes that support overall well-being. 13 Jul 2023 Read more

ICH K+S transaction heralds a new growth focus with new beginnings
Industrial Commodities Holdings (Pty) Ltd (ICH) today finalised the sale of the ICH fertiliser business to Fertiva (Pty) Ltd, an entity which is now majority-owned by the German fertiliser supplier K+S Group. The K+S Group will operate the acquired fertiliser business under the Fertiva name. 4 Jul 2023 Read more

How can we support our youth's mental health struggles? - Medshield
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately one in seven children aged 10 to 19 years are affected by mental disorders. The WHO's research indicates that up to 20% of children and adolescents globally experience mental health issues with depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders cited as the leading causes of illness, disability and even suicide among adolescents. South Africa has a significant shortage of public resources and funding for mental health services, particularly for children. 28 Jun 2023 Read more

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