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#Covid19: Brands get creative promoting social distancing

NEWSWATCH: Brands around the world are spreading the word, encouraging people to follow important guidelines set out by the government like washing hands and staying home to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.
Image source: The Coca Cola Company.
Image source: The Coca Cola Company.

Strict advice to maintain distance from others hasn’t been followed by everyone, with many continuing to ignore the rules set out to protect them. With the South African government announcing a national lockdown, commencing from midnight on Thursday, 26 March, it's more important than ever to adhere to these guidelines to help flatten the curve.

In the USA, the Coca-Cola company has put up a billboard in Times Square, one of the most crowded places on Earth to send a social distancing message as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. The billboard puts space between the letters in the brand’s normally tightly connected script logo.

On social media, Nike released a new advertising campaign to express the importance of social distancing during this time. "If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance," the ad reads. "Play inside, play for the world."

Meanwhile, here at home, many restaurant chains followed suit. Popular pizza chain, Debonairs Pizza has added "Stay Home" to its logo to promote the concept of social distancing on social media.
Nando's also shared a post:

KFC South Africa has shared a video on its Twitter page saying: "In order to stand together, we need to stay apart. Keep safe fam."

Meanwhile, Wimpy added "apart" to its tagline to prove the point:

Retail chain Boxer took a similar approach, reminding customers to keep a safe distance when they shop:

Axe South Africa did the same and posted a video on social media asking "Axe men" to give themselves and others a little space.

Insurance brand, Sanlam used its well-known logo to promote hand washing:

Great examples of how brands remain creative while also helping our communities stay informed throughout these trying times.
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