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Want instant branded content?

Want instant branded content? Biz Content Features are the easy way to align a company or brand with market reports or industry event coverage.
Want instant branded content?

  • Our editors do the heavy lifting - curating, covering and commissioning high-value top-story and front-page news and you get the benefit of the exposure on these relevant business topics.
  • All you need to do is send a high-res logo and landing link, and exposure to Bizcommunity’s 490,000 readers via Biz Content Feature Reports is yours for the having - it’s like instant branded content.
  • Your logo will appear on:

    • On the top story image of each Content Feature
    • In industry newsletters
    • On a right-hand margin newsfeed
    • Via all social sharing
    • Special Section branding for one year
    • Searchable by hashtag

    • A curated Content Feature pdf report

This month, watch out for #BLOCKCHAINAFRICA, the Content Feature Report which will offer a multi-industry presence, probing how new distributed public ledger technology will be changing the face of how we do business in Africa.

Make possible forthcoming Content Features:

JANUARY 2021: #BizTrends2021 - The best value to start the year - your brand on the thought leader trend content from 200 contributors across 19 industry sectors in Africa and BizTrendsLIVE! event exposure. Possibly the best and most sought-after content sponsorship on the continent.

FEBRUARY 2021: #FinFocus - Financial and investment opinion including the budget speech

MARCH 2020: #Blockchain - Multi-industry feature across Bizcommunity’s 19 industries probing how new distributed public ledger technologies will be changing the face of how we do business in Africa, across energy, agriculture, land ownership, transport, healthcare, the environment and of course payments and finance.

APRIL 2020: A topic so #TopSecret and so high value, you’ll have to call us to find out what it is!

MAY 2020 - July 2020: #TheFutureisAfrica - Tech hubs burgeoning across the continent, African culture as a commodity, trade and connectivity opportunities. The Future is Africa Content Feature offers multi-industry run of site exposure.

JUNE 2020: #Africa #AfCFTA #AfricanYouth #TheFutureisAfrica - multi-industry run of site exposure with an emphasis on start-up and youth related focus.

JULY 2020:  #Africa #AfCFTA #ConsciousLivingAfrica - multi-industry run of site exposure with an emphasis on CSI and sustainability initiatives.

Third and Fourth Quarterly Content Feature Reports

AUGUST 2020: #WomensMonth 

AUGUST 2020: #AutoTech

SEPTEMBER: #CulturalTourism

OCTOBER 2020: #cybersecurity

NOVEMBER 2020: #EmployerBranding

DECEMBER 2020/JANUARY 2021:  #EvolutionofWork - Start to the year empowered with everything you need to know about the changing world of work in our region, curated from recruiter industry experts.

DECEMBER 2020: #BestofBiz - Beautifully curated as an easy holiday read. The top 20 most read articles, contributors and company news across 19 industry sectors.

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