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World Ranger Day: What it means to be a game ranger in 2022

31 July is devoted to all the men and women who are the guardians and custodians of nature. On World Ranger Day, the important work of all rangers who guard the environment and share their knowledge about the natural world, is celebrated in every continent of the globe.
World Ranger Day: What it means to be a game ranger in 2022

EcoTraining would like to acknowledge all those who work in anti-poaching units like the Black Mambas, Field Guides and the Rangers in Training for the remarkable work they do to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

This year will have a special significance as rangers faced many uncertainties and challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic and for most, the need for conserving nature and wildlife has an even greater importance now than it had before.

Since borders started reopening and lockdowns lifted, EcoTraining has seen a significant influx in new students. Aspiring field guides and tracking guides have also started their studies online, as they are now able to learn towards a guiding qualification from anywhere in the world by studying through EcoTraining’s e-learning programmes, developed during the pandemic.

“Guides influence the hearts and minds of the well-travelled world. The responsibility of our trainers is crucial as they are the messengers to a global audience. The multiplier effect of well-trained guides to a local economy is in my opinion, one of the drivers of success for the developing countries in Africa,” said Anton Lategan, EcoTraining managing director.

World Ranger Day: What it means to be a game ranger in 2022

Ranger Day is celebrated in every country and EcoTraining would like to remind communities from all areas that taking care of the natural world is every citizen’s responsibility.

“We at EcoTraining are trying to share an understanding and create a generation of globally environmentally conscious citizens. But it is up to all of us throughout society to look at what we can do in our own spheres of influence, and if we align our behaviour with the understanding of the environment, we have such a wonderful future for earth,” said Lategan.

As the tourism sector of every country and community continues to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic, EcoTraining will continue to upskill rangers and will stay committed to remaining the pioneer and leader in safari guide and wildlife training in Africa.

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