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    David Ansara explains that  South Africa needs a NO-ALITION.

    David Ansara explains that South Africa needs a NO-ALITION.

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    Womvest launch encourages women to invest in women

    Connection. Collaboration. Mentorship.

    The official launch of Womvest (a play on “women investing in women”) took place at Nirox Sculpture Park in Johannesburg with the theme celebrating women change-makers in the investment ecosystem.

    Womvest is a growing network of women creating value for themselves and for one another through connection, collaboration and mentorship. Womvest’s vision is as follows: To enable and support the participation of women in the investment ecosystem inclusive of professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors by providing access and visibility to talented and ambitious women.

    The event brought together 50 incredible women investors, professionals, and entrepreneurs from various industries to celebrate collective successes and reflect on how women can work better together across the investment ecosystem. Womvest showcased products from women entrepreneurs at the event including from local women-led businesses NativeChild, WUKINA, Veggie DeLuxe and Rush Nutrition.

    A mission to inspire and create shared value

    Women continue to be underrepresented in the investment ecosystem and underinvested in as entrepreneurs at a time when the world needs women change-makers. Womvest seeks to inspire the next generation of women to invest in themselves and one another.

    Through Womvest’s Mentorship Matching Programme, Womvest facilitates peer-to-peer mentoring among motivated young women, as well as mentorship opportunities for experienced female leaders to pass on their knowledge to those who will come after them.

    Event highlights

    Womvest founder, Maya Burney, opened the event with an inspiring message.

    "The world as we know it is transforming at a rate we do not yet understand. The convergence of AI, blockchain, and biotech are blurring the lines between what we know as biological, physical, and digital. The emergence of women leaders and decision-makers is an important influence in the future of this world.

    Women are powerful forces for good.

    We are the carriers and nurturers of life; We are the generation builders; We are the teachers; We are the strategists... When we are at our best within our professional spaces, we bring measured thinking, attention to detail, humility, empathy and community awareness – attributes that are needed now more than ever in shaping the future of our evolving world."

    Womvest ambassadors

    Key speakers at the event included Womvest ambassadors:

    • Meshkaya Pillay – director mergers and acquisitions, Investment Banking, ABSA Group
    • Dr. Rufaro Nyakatawa-Mucheka – business development consultant Africa, Jersey Finance
    • Anne-Marie Chidzero – chief investment officer, FSD Africa Investments

    "We need to harness the energies and potential of Young Women in investment and business if we are to drive equitable and green economic growth in Africa. Women will command significant economic power into the future, so any strategy that does not include them will leave value on the table." – Anne-Marie Chidzero

    Womvest mentees

    The event concluded with reflections from two of Womvest’s Mentees who had just graduated from the Womvest Mentorship Matching Programme.

    “This mentorship programme helped me to see myself just as Maya and Anesu Shoko [head of mentorship at Womvest] did during my interview; a young women beaming with potential for greatness. Womvest took 6 young women from a place of doubt and confusion to a seat at the table of finance and business leaders. So ladies and gentlemen hear me clearly when I say that I am a Womvest Mentee and I could not be any prouder.” – Naledi Mahlaba

    “Womvest has seen me grow from a hopeful finance student to securing a contract at one of the biggest investment banks in the world. I can tell that I have evolved a lot from the person that I am now compared to 3 months ago when the programme started.” – Rorisang Matlhare

    Keep an eye out on Womvest’s social media channels LinkedIn and Instagram for more.

    Media contact:

    Katie Coetzee

    Womvest Contact:

    Natasha Mashego
    Head of Community

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