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The right video for the right time

In Nielsen and Taboola's "Moment of Next" study, the two company's took a look at video-watching.
Image credit: Thomas William on Unsplash.
Image credit: Thomas William on Unsplash.

They looked at heat maps to see where and when people engage the most. They looked at disruptive versus in-stream video.

It's a fascinating study, albeit one that skews towards Taboola's product.

At the end of the day, it adds more fuel to what most of us already know: No video means less engagement.

But before you rush out and commission a video or try to make one in-house, take heed. There are learnings.

Achieving goals with video 

Instead of aiming for one all-conquering video, you should rather take a mid to long-term approach. This ensures the right video marketing mix strategy.

Often we’ll start a video-creation process, and the client will come to us and tell us what type of video they want to make.

This usually goes something like: Can we have a brand video that drives traffic to our site and also lives on our site and generates leads. Can it also be used at presentations as well as being useable as a television commercial? Can it take into account mobile screens while giving us a voice on social media? Can you make us one video that does all this?
In a nutshell, the client has asked for every video in the world that achieves every business and brand goal. Wrapped into one all-conquering piece of moving picture content. Simply put, it proves the power of the medium of video.

When imagined by the visionary, it is the answer to all problems. The secret to all sales. The entertaining yet informative showpiece that’s gonna colour the world of every fortunate soul who crosses its path.

Seldom are the words, strategy and video used in the same sentence. As in: “What is our video strategy for this year?” or “Should we use this video in line with our brand or sales strategy?” or “Does this video follow a head or heart strategy?” or “When should we create and release which video?”

That’s why we’ve stopped asking "What type of video do you want to make?" Instead, we ask, “What do you want your video to achieve for your business this year?”

The way to ensure year-round video efficacy is to: 

  • Sort out your annual budget
  • Make sure a healthy part of that budget is going to seeding
  • Make the right videos at the right time
  • Know the difference between sales and branding
  • Measure your CPC and CPM
  • Use a mixture of platforms until you find the right one

On this note, there are a bunch of platforms fighting for your money. Taboola, Youtube, LinkedIn, Teads, Facebook, Instagram – they all want your video spend. Few businesses have the budget to get onto them all at once. And then there's still the matter of your supplementary video.

That is the video that will live on your website and in your presentations. There's a lot of video to make and a lot of places to put them.

My advice is to stop looking for your single silver bullet video. Start looking for your progressive video strategy. Video to feed the strategy, and a spend-model to bring you the balance between production and seeding.

But get into the video game. It's fast, fun and it's the future. For now, at least.

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Travis Bussiahn is the Executive Creative Director of the Happy Media Video Agency. He solves creative and business problems for both Happy Media and its clients. He understands the importance of emotional connection in content, branded or otherwise and believes in traditional media's ability to be blended with new media to profound and holistic effect. He loves and excels at concept and the art of story. Contact details: website | Twitter @TravisBussiahn
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