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#BehindtheCampaign: Game's first-ever festive-specific season TVC

This year, retailer Game has launched its first festive season-specific brand advert, 'Compliments of the Season'
Image supplied. Game has launched its first ever festive season specific advert
Image supplied. Game has launched its first ever festive season specific advert

The advert, which aims to spread belonging and giving amongst South Africans this December, is based in Soweto, and shows a family whose yard is home to an inexplicably massive tree. The tree is the envy of all those in the neighbourhood – even attracting government officials and scientists – but nobody can figure out what makes it grow so grand. Cue the family’s daughter, who ends the advert by giving the tree a compliment – and we all watch it grow.

View the TVC here

Months in the making

Game’s vice president of marketing, Katherine Madley, explains that the advert, created alongside The Odd Number, has been months in the making.

“Compliments of the Season is such a South African thing to say – it really encompasses our national spirit and is a message that reaches all over the country’s heartland. Game believes in the power of compliments to make the festive season that much more magical and special, as well as to drive a sense of belonging and giving to those who receive them,” says Madley.

Bringing the concept to life

The Odd Number’s ECD, Terry McKenna, talks to the inspiration behind the ad: “We were briefed to bring the concept of ‘Compliments of the Season’ to life. And we took this literally. By leveraging off the insight of ‘the power of a compliment’ and how positive affirmations encourage growth and development, we decided to apply this thinking to a magical tree.

McKenna adds: “The truth is, whether you’re a plant, tree or a human being, a compliment makes the world a better place for you. We’ve brought magic and wonder to the Game brand. We’re using a tree - a really big tree - as an example of just how important a compliment is, and of course, just how important this festive season is. With this commercial, we want to appeal to the imagination, and the heart.”

Sharleen James, group director at King James, says: “The emotive storytelling that went into creating this TV ad was brought to life through a production set in a truly South African fantasy land. I have no doubt that every South African who watches this ad will remember the magic of Christmas this year.”

Madley adds that the festive season is a special time of year, filled with magical adverts for retailers and other businesses – aimed at warming the hearts of all South Africans. “It’s important for us to compliment each other, especially at this time of the year. We hope this ad inspires more people to do so,” she says.


  • Agency: The Odd Number
  • ECD – Terry McKenna
  • Production company: Massïf Media
  • Director: Marc Sidelsky
  • Media Company: OMD

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