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Silke Bucker, senior director at Coca-Cola, discusses the first 100% African-made product

We sit down with marketer Silke Bucker, senior director for the Coca-Cola category, about the brand's first 100% made-in-Africa product, Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar.
Silke Bucker is the senior director for the Coca-Cola Category. Source: Supplied.
Silke Bucker is the senior director for the Coca-Cola Category. Source: Supplied.

What inspired the creation of Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar and its unique flavour profile?

Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar is the latest limited-edition flavour to launch under Coca-Cola Creations and the third drop for 2024, following the recent launch of Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Happy Tears in some parts of the world. The new creation is a limited-edition flavour and experience that pays tribute to Africa and celebrates the continent’s remarkable culture and energy.

We wanted to create a vibrant and dynamic drink that was recognisably Coca-Cola but also celebrates African cultural influence worldwide. With Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar, we hope that fans will be inspired by the rhythm of Africa and experience what makes it a continent that's vibrant, energetic and always in motion.

What is significant about this drink?

More than just a beverage, Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar pays tribute to the continent's energy, recognising Africa has influence across all aspects of culture worldwide. We are thrilled to introduce Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar, a new Coca-Cola Creation that not only celebrates the rich tapestry of African culture but also embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity.

 What sets Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar apart from other Coca-Cola products in terms of taste and positioning?

Coca-Cola Wozzaah is a cultural phenomenon that encapsulates the essence of a continent that pulses with life and innovation.

The new flavour is more than a tribute to all of you, it's a reflection of our commitment to innovation, creativity, and connection.

With each sip of Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar, fans will be transported through Africa by experiencing the unique, electrifying flavours and expressive culture of each country. The refreshing Coca-Cola taste they know and love has been remixed with vibrant, tropical flavours inspired by Africa, bringing the African pulse to fans across the continent and around the world.

Can you share any insights into the marketing strategy behind the campaign?

As a true tribute to Africa, it was brought to life through a combination of physical and digital experiences. We can talk about Africa’s creativity, or we can live it. Coca-Cola and its long history of collaborating with iconic artists is partnered with trailblazing global music sensation and proud Eswatini citizen, Uncle Waffles. Coca-Cola designed a unique experience to launch the Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar limited edition.

Accessible through the Creations Hub, Coca-Cola Creations have introduced an interactive digital experience that amps up African creativity through artists reshaping the global music scene.

Within the four distinct listening spaces, listeners can hear the familiar voice of Uncle Waffles who plays the role of host.

Listeners can dive into a unique interactive experience that features audiovisual elements inspired by distinct spaces within South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, and Nigeria.

This experience will culminate in fans creating a custom lens that is made up of items collected as users move throughout the experience.

Through social assets and videos, users are propelled through iconic African streets and scenes paying homage to prominent landmarks and other fashion and design elements that speak to the limitless creative energy of Africa.

To help further build the world of Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar and showcase the creativity of Africa, Coca-Cola has collaborated with WafflesnCream, Nigeria’s first skateboarding company, to create exclusive merchandise available for purchase.

The design creative artwork on the can was led by award-winning Kenyan designer, Joy Richu, adding her distinct style and vibrancy to the campaign.

 Why was Joy Richu chosen as the designer?

Joy’s reputation speaks for itself. She has won numerous awards for her captivating visual stories that drive positive change. That made her a natural fit for what we wanted to achieve. She’s brought a flair to Coca-Cola Wozzaah that could only have been born in Africa.

Will we see any more original African flavours in the future?

Coca-Cola Creations aimed to introduce a flavour inspired by African culture as a tribute to the immense global influence of the continent's rich heritage. Africa's contributions to music, art, cuisine, and beyond have left an indelible mark on cultures worldwide, and we wanted to celebrate this legacy.

Now, more than ever, there is a growing appreciation for diverse cultural experiences globally.

Through the Coca-Cola Creations platform, which is dedicated to bringing new and exciting experiences to fans around the world, we aim to celebrate this cultural richness.

Just as we recently launched Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar, dedicated to celebrating the world of K-Pop, Coca-Cola Wozzaah represents a celebration around embracing and sharing Africa’s diverse cultural tapestry that connects with fans across the world.

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