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Red & Yellow Creative School of Business expands into Mauritius and beyond

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, South Africa's leading authority in digital marketing education, proudly extends its critical skills training to Mauritius-based Honoris Educational Network to offer digital marketing to emerging talent in the country from July 2022.
Red & Yellow Creative School of Business expands into Mauritius and beyond

This is the first international expansion for Red & Yellow and a key milestone for the institution. It also celebrates the introduction of the island's first ever fully online digital marketing course. This expansion cements Red & Yellow’s position at the forefront of the educational sector in the creative and marketing industry.

“With the Mauritian government focusing on building infrastructure to enhance connectivity across the island, the launch of the digital marketing online short course couldn’t have come at a better time,” says Andrew Allison, chief commercial officer, Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.

“We believe that this course will be hugely beneficial, not only to first-time learners entering the industry,” he continues. “It will also allow local professionals to continue their educational development, particularly with the addition of practical experience which is a fundamental part of our curriculum.”

As part of their commitment to driving relevant skills in digital across the continent, Red & Yellow’s online short courses will soon also be available in Nigeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Red & Yellow is a member institution of Honoris United Universities, the first and largest network of private higher education institutions in Africa. The launch serves as proof of its mission to provide a social infrastructure that responds to the growing need for cross-border collaboration in education. By uniting institutions across markets in Africa, the collaboration between Red & Yellow and Honoris will provide future-proof skills to the world’s largest growing workforce to solve the continent’s most pressing challenges.

Red & Yellow prides itself on teaching the great creators, inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs for the 21st century, offering students a collaborative pedagogy that delivers the creative skills needed to thrive in a fast-paced digital world, cognitive skills such as curiosity, problem-solving, intellectual flexibility and critical thinking, and recognised critical competencies in growing successful businesses.

As a result of the Covid–19 pandemic, Mauritius, like the rest of the world, has experienced a major shift in digital transformation. This change in mindset has dominated the marketing industry, whilst local businesses seek to upskill their workforce to manage marketing campaigns and community management in-house.

The demand for these skills has created an increasing number of regional employment opportunities within the digital communications landscape, in addition to increasing the capacity for deploying human talent on a pan-African scale.

This expansion holds importance in the Mauritius market, with Red & Yellow’s long-standing reputation for producing graduates that not only have requisite knowledge, but who are also equipped with the practical know-how to add value from the instant they complete their studies.

The education sector remains fairly traditional on the island, with a strong focus on face-to-face learning. However, the past two years have shown an increased interest in online programmes, allowing learners to elevate their skills anywhere and at any time. This upward trend further bolsters Red & Yellow’s decision to expand across the African continent.

''The entry of Red and Yellow Creative School of Business Mauritius is a blessing to the marketing sector,” says Professor Jaumally, director of Honoris Educational Network, Mauritius. “The courses from the South African leading school will bridge the gap in the market. The digital marketing short course is the first programme that will be offered, and this will be followed by other relevant programmes in anticipation of the transformation that is taking place in our country.”

“Whilst the world of work has changed dramatically since the pandemic, technology is an essential tool to create more resilient, scalable and accessible systems. We hope that through this partnership with Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, this training will pave the way to re-imagining 21st-century employability,” added Jaumally.

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