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King Pie now also a sweetie pie

From September 2011, customers can add freshly baked cupcakes, red cakes, Chelsea buns and mini carrot cakes to their pie orders at King Pie.
King Pie now also a sweetie pie

"We identified a need in the market, as well as seeing what correctly supplements our own current menus," notes Nicholas Kuhne, marketing manager of King Pie. "The range of sweets treats is bound to delight customers and add the perfect finish."

The range is launched, accompanied new collateral, the 'Treat your Tastebuddies' campaign conceptualised by agency NWC.

"Having a sweet treat after a savoury meal is like a carnival for your taste buds. The idea was to convey the new offering in a light-hearted way. Creating the 'Tastebuddies' characters portrays a more intimate and focused message. This, combined with the carnival theme, highlights the emotional experience of a treat," comments Eureka Bos, creative director for NWC.

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