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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Theatre of Marcellus presents Joker's July

    Joker's July is kicking off at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace with a larger-than-life comedy line-up featuring some of South Africa's biggest comedians.
    Riaad Moosa, Joey Rasdien, Alan Committie and Carvin Goldstone will be performing at the Theatre of Marcellus in July
    Riaad Moosa, Joey Rasdien, Alan Committie and Carvin Goldstone will be performing at the Theatre of Marcellus in July

    From 1-30 July, comedy lovers around Johannesburg can look forward to a jam-packed hilarious line-up featuring Riaad Moosa, Carvin Goldstone, Alan Committie, Joey Rasdien, Dillan Oliphant and Mo Mothebe.

    Here is the full lineup:

    Riaad Moosa Live on 1-2 July at 8pm

    Kicking off the festivities, Riaad Moosa will get things off to a flying start. From entertaining fans online with his virtual comedy club to gracing the big screens in the hit film, New Material, comedy heavyweight Dr Riaad Moosa has certainly kept us entertained for the past two years.

    However, there isn’t anything quite like a live stage experience and Riaad is back into the swing of things, bringing his best comedic offerings to the stage. Riaad’s relatable brand of comedy makes him a fan-favourite for all ages and this show is one that people will relate to on different levels.

    Tickets are available here.

    Carvin Goldstone – That’s The Thing from 8-9 July at 8pm

    After two years, Durban’s most decorated comedy export, Carvin Goldstone returns to Johannesburg with a bunch of stories from Covid, looting and floods. He also brings a few new comedy characters including Uncle Juggie, everyone’s favourite phone Uncle and Shandre’s mother who is always asking him to check on her younger siblings while mum is at work.

    Carvin is a multi-award-winning comic including winning the 2020 SA comedy show of the year award at the SA Comedy Awards for his show LifeStories on DStv and Showmax.

    Tickets are available here.

    Alan Committie – Love Factually from 22 – 23 July at 8pm

    The hilarious exploration of The Battle of the Sexes (and the exes) continues in 2022. Committie is the ideal comedian to unpack the complex and nuanced new gender landscape and examining the world and dynamics of relationships. With a comic, honest and sometimes even touching look at couples, Committie explores the daft differences between men and women; the foibles and quirks of marriage and dating – and will even finally try to provide the right answers to those loaded questions like “Do I look fat?” or “Would you prefer to go to the cricket or spend the day with me and my mom!?”.
    You’re going to love this fresh take on why it’s ok for men and women to be different or the same or in transition. Plus a special guest appearance by part-time security guard and full-time relationship guru, Johann van der Walt.

    Tickets are available here.

    Joey and his faves: Joey Rasdien, Dillan Oliphant, Mo Mothebe on 30 July at 8pm

    What better way to end off the month’s hilarious antics, than with funnyman, Joey Rasdien and some of his favourite comedians, Dillan Oliphant and Mo Mothebe. Joey Rasdien’s endearing stage persona is intellectually absurd, physically hysterical and thought-provoking. He not only makes you laugh, but makes you think as well. Dillan is best known for his flawless delivery of unique dead-pan one-liner comedy.

    His laidback and nonchalant stage presence coupled with his unnervingly clever jokes makes him a firm fan favourite. Mo Mothebe is a refreshing voice on the local comedy scene. Although he is an economics graduate, Mo’s passion lies in stand-up comedy and he has constantly left audiences yearning for more with tales about past relationships, race and daily observations.

    Tickets for all shows are available here.

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