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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Ready for unrivalled opportunity at Fame Week Africa 2022

    These are our stories, told by us, for us and the world. This was the overarching theme for the Road to Fame Week Africa 2022 function, held at Hotel Sky on 1 June, where organisers RX Africa outlined its plans for this year's edition of show.

    Billed as the continent’s unrivalled bridge to business development for the creative and cultural sector, Fame Week Africa, under the guidance of its recently appointed president Sisanda Henna, will ensure that Africans are robust players in the market, rather than mere consumers. “The creative industries are powerful drivers for sustainable and inclusive growth for African economies,” says Henna.

    Gaston KaborĂ©, Burkina Faso filmmaker commented in an interview for Africultures, “Africa has all the human and economic resources, and all the energies and talent to shape its own destiny. It may take time, but it does not matter – the movement has begun, and creative fires are already smouldering. A torrent of images, narratives and stories that nothing can suppress is about to flow. Africa will inevitably soon get into its stride and pick up steam.

    Inspired by these words, Fame Week Africa will be the go-to event for African creatives, providing them with a platform to bring their ingrained talent, their stories, their culture to the forefront. “The time is now for the African continent to be taken seriously. We must no longer be passive bystanders but set the agenda for the sector as global players,” says Carol Weaving, RX Africa’s managing director.

    A safari of events

    Exactly how will this be achieved? “Fame Week Africa brings together co-related events focusing on the major creative economies, namely film, television and animation as well as music, with plans afoot to add more of the creative industries in future shows,” says Judy Goddard, Fame Week Africa event director.

    Open to all industry professionals from 24-26 August 2022 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Fame Week Africa headlined by MIP Africa (television and film industry and Muziki Africa (music industry) and supported by Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) and Media Entertainment Solutions Africa (MESA) will turn every moment into an opportunity, transforming three days of exchange and networking, meetings, screenings and conferences, into lasting business.

    “Fame Week Africa 2022 looks set to host 2,500 visitors, around 85 exhibitors and 300 buyers, across the three shows, making this unique event the perfect business playground for exclusive deals and signings,” says Goddard, noting that there will also be high-end, exclusive networking opportunities for attendees.

    The Host City of Cape Town - the Los Angeles of Africa and gateway to the rest of the continent - acts as the perfect backdrop for Fame Week Africa.

    Alderman JP Smith, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security is delighted that Cape Town is the host city for Fame Week Africa.

    “This again solidifies the Host City of Cape Town’s broader strategy to provide more platforms for creatives from around the world and the rest of the continent. Whether it is film, the arts, entertainment and new media, there are few places in the world to rival the beauty, cutting edge facilities and raw talent Cape Town opens up for an industry hungry for unique content,” says Smith.

    An African show like no other

    Following the successful addition of MIP China and MIP Cancun to the MIP Markets portfolio in recent years, RX has launched MIP Africa, the business-to-business market for film, television, digital content distribution and co-production business in Africa.

    “It’s an unmatched opportunity to unleash your freshest film and television content to both African and international buyers,” says Goddard.

    With a dedicated buyer programme, MIP Africa will offer a unique experience of one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings between international content distributors and TV content buyers from the African markets; as well as one-to-one meetings that match producers across Africa with top commissioners from the region, as along with talent agencies, heads of development, financing companies and writers.

    “We are excited to have partnered with CTIAF is the largest dedicated African Animation B2B event on the continent, with a programme that has something for everyone. Attendees will enjoy films, workshops, dedicated networking sessions and content sessions,” says Dianne Makings, CTIAF festival director.

    “We’ve searched the globe to bring you the best of the animation industry and are proud to present the best of Africa to the world.”

    This year, Fame Week Africa will introduce Muziki Africa which is set to be the continent’s premier event for the music industry to engage in the business side of this sector.

    Says Goddard, “We have partnered with African Rising Music Conference and Women in Music Africa for Muziki Africa’s content sessions, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship, all with the aim of showcasing new African artists, musical trends and music-related products and services.”

    For singer, songwriter and entertainer, Bonga Kwana, Muziki Africa is a big step for artists not only to tap into the music sector but also all the other creative industries. “As a self-managed, independent artist this will allow me to be exposed to an entirely new network of professionals that I would never ever have been able to reach,” says Kwana.

    Muziki Africa will create a platform for artists like Kwana, who feels the music industry does not represent who is she as an African artist. As an activist in the queer community, Kwana through her music is changing the narrative. She is telling her story on her terms.

    At Media & Entertainment Solutions Africa (MESA), content and technology come together for informative, innovative and immersive experiences. Goddard hails MESA as Africa’s leading platform to engage with industry leaders and peers, unlock business opportunities and discover the latest innovations.

    “From presentations, panel discussions, masterclasses and showcases, to vital networking opportunities with top decision-makers, MESA is the place to build powerful new connections and reconnect with your current networks,” she says.

    Join us

    Africa is brimming with talent. With the influence and reach of African artists and creatives gone global due to social media and digital streaming services, the continent’s creative and cultural sector is gaining momentum and interest. Fame Week Africa is the platform to tap into the continent.

    The marketplace is changing. Be part of that change. Be part of Fame Week Africa from the 24 to 26 August at the CTICC in the Host City of Cape Town.

    To attend and for more information visit

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