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The power of integration

As we see the media landscape evolve, it is inevitable that experts in their respective fields need to partner with each other in order to provide the very best outcome for a campaign that talks to every touchpoint of the customer journey on a personal level by tapping into location-based technology and the likes.
The power of integration

A prime example of integration to achieve greatness and tangible return on marketing investment was showcased at the AMASA Awards 2019 with the winners of the Roger Garlick Award, Dentsu Redstar and Vicinity Media, for the Heineken campaign “When you Drive Never Drink”

Identifying the power of what is now recognised globally as the “first screen” of your target audience, your smartphone, it is crucial to be in the now, be relevant and add value at any given moment is an integral part of the success of this campaign.

Neil Clarence, Chief Operating officer at Vicinity Media provided insight: “The use of location-based mobile technology allows brands to ‘get closer’ to their audience in two ways. Firstly, based on their actual physical location and secondly based on the very personal nature of our relationships with our phones. They’re our guides to the physical world around us and thus have a degree of trust most traditional media can’t replicate.”

Heineken – When you Drive, Never Drink Campaign

The power of integration

How it rolled out:

What was the challenge for this campaign?

Drunk driving is a very real issue in South Africa and being an alcohol brand in order to get into the hearts and minds of the consumer, a level of respect for non-drinkers as well as enabling drinkers to enjoy a drinking night out responsibly and enabling that responsibility is key to getting up close and personal with the target audience. The challenge is that 87% of drivers in South Africa have driven under the influence of alcohol and it is the norm to even just have one beer before driving. How do you change this mindset?

The idea

Waze has established itself as more than just a maps application; it has become a driver partner. Increasingly, Waze has been utilized to identify and avoid metro police roadblocks, after leaving outlets associated with drinking. This enabling behaviour gave the brand an opportunity to disrupt.

The solution

To Intercept and disrupt key moments, with a ‘When you Drive never Drink’ (WYDND) message. The brand would focus on the following three key moments.

  1. When searching for a drinking venue.
  2. When in close proximity to a drinking venue.
  3. When leaving a drinking venue.

The strategy and execution

By leveraging the Waze platform, a mobile app that drivers rely on heavily, to intercept and disrupt key moments that had high propensity to be associated with drunk driving.

100 key Heineken outlets were identified and plotted on Waze. Within our first identifiable moment, users searching for these outlets were made aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, before even navigating to the outlet.

The power of integration
The power of integration

Zero-based takeovers were activated as soon as users came within proximity of an outlet (second moment). The Takeover reinforced the WYDND message and offered the user an Uber voucher as an alternative to driving.

Additionally, Arrows were utilised to target users that were potentially leaving key outlets (late afternoons and evenings - third moment). When opening the app to navigate their way home (nearby a Heineken outlet), they could engage with the arrow, and were served the WYDND message and offered an alternative to driving.


During the 33-day burst, the Waze campaign delivered over 3M impressions of the WYND message in highly receptive moment. 9.8K educated navigations were achieved during the period and 100% Uber vouchers downloaded.

The power of integration

“By targeting drivers at locations where Heineken is consumed, as they were about to potentially drink and drive, and critically offer them an alternative, we were able to change behaviour and potentially save lives. The combination of true location targeting, our reliance on our phones to help us navigate home safely and the ability to then directly integrate with Uber made this idea work. Hats off to Vicinity Media Sales Director Darren van der Schyff and client Cuan Bergman who drove this idea home and in doing so drove 3000 plus South African’s home safely,” concluded Clarence.

Heineken South Africa
Heineken South Africa is an important player in the South African beer and cider market. We have an exciting portfolio of brands, spearheaded by our global flagship brand Heineken®.

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