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Take advantage of lockdown relaxation with True Location targeting

As we continue to navigate our way through lockdown and the subsequent economic impact, it's clear that there is no quick and easy way out the other side. Lockdown will be relaxed gradually and in a sector by sector even branch by branch manner.
What we’ve seen in the grocery space – stock shortages, unusual trading hours and certain products for sale and others prohibited – will be replicated in other sectors. Each of these variables will differ greatly from one location to the next.

Post-lockdown time is the time to harness Location targeting to communicate what’s available and where. There is no point in sending out national, or even citywide advertising when only certain stores in specific areas are open or offering different products depending on availability.

However, not all locations are created equal. In the lockdown relaxation period, only True Location will be effective. Vicinity Media’s direct publisher integration combined with our first-party location data means we never target the wrong audience. Our street level targeting ensures that consumers are only seeing offers in their immediate vicinity, thus preventing the unnecessary movement of people into other areas.

If your brands are interested in reaching the right people with the right message in the right locations as they begin to restart their operations then Vicinity is the perfect solution.

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