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Local search optimisation boosts organic search results

It's fast becoming common knowledge that a local search strategy is a must-have for any multi-location business looking to maximise real-world foot traffic through their online presence.

BPS’s recent work with client Cash Converters also clearly demonstrates that a solid local search strategy is the very foundation of organic SEO, for any multi-location business.

Search engines, such as Google, determine organic search ranking based on a wide variety of factors. To maintain their competitive edge Google keeps most of the detail around determining ranking secret, but as the art of SEO has developed, certain of these ranking factors have become common knowledge.

One of these is the number of associated pages to a site, which Google uses to determine its relevance. As Cash Converters is a business with multiple locations, BPS uses a number of proprietary techniques to ensure each local business page is seen as trusted, boosting the brand's page overall ranking.

The visuals below demonstrate the improvement made in organic search results made only by using BPS local search methodology. (No formal organic SEO agency was involved and no traditional organic SEO work was done by Cash Converters.)

BPS’ commercial director, Gabbi Eidelman, comments, “When we started working with Cash Converters they were ranking on page 7 of Google’s results pages, after three months of intensive local SEO work, we’re proud to have moved them up to the top of page 1, ranking first.”

Pre-BPS. Organic search ranking - Page 7

Local search optimisation boosts organic search results

Post-BPS. Organic search ranking - Top of page 1

Local search optimisation boosts organic search results

Natalie Champion, Marketing Manager at Cash Converters, comments: “The BPS team quickly won our trust and appreciation for the outstanding job they did in ensuring that our stores consistently rank in the top three results for Google local intent searches for the categories we operate in. BPS' local SEO not only sent more customers to our stores, but also boosted our onsite SEO significantly, and improved our visibility across Google and other directories. BPS are proactive, warm, professional and a very valued partner.

If you or your client has real-world locations, contact moc.enilnosmetsyspb@selas and benefit from industry-leading local search optimisation and management.

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