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Maximise brand visibility through Smart Media

Despite all the technological innovations available to brands, the best way to build awareness and visibility for any marketing initiative is putting a product or service in front of the right audience at the right time. This is what in-store advertising innovator Smart Media specialises in as it continues to drive customer success in the local market.
Mark Uria
Mark Uria

Fundamentally, any brand looking for an audience will be searching for a consumer who meets the criteria of its specific target market. Fortunately, South Africa is blessed with countless shopping centres and retail stores that cater to virtually any customer.

This is where Smart Media comes in. We bring our expertise with in-store branding to ensure that the products or services of our customers have a presence directly where shoppers are making purchasing decisions,” says Mark Uria, CEO Smart Media.

Smart Media has 360° advertising offerings that do not waste marketing space. Before a customer even enters a shop, there is already a direct line of sight of a product through a layered, 3D high-impact window advertising displays known as Smart windows. These are no ordinary window dressings but designed to create a bold brand presence, exude professionalism and deliver the right message at the right time.

The next points of contact are the barrier sleeves over the security scanners – which consumers pass upon entering and exiting the store. And when they take a basket or trolley, the Smart Media mobile offering comes into play providing messaging on the basket and trolley. This impacts not only the person with the basket or trolley but also consumers passing by.

And when it comes to its partnership with Dis-Chem, Smart Media can also leverage the dispensary section as a brand-building opportunity.

“Consumers spend on average 14 minutes queuing in front of our dispensary posters. And for over-the-counter medication, we have digital screens and OTC arches visible to customers who spend an average of five minutes dwell time before being served. We also offer niche opportunities in the clinic area with interactive touch screens,” says Mark Norton, group marketing manager at Dis-Chem.

The final touchpoint is at the end of a customer’s journey. The till-point signage comes at a critical moment for consumers when they have their wallets in-hand. This placement is ideal for financial institutions to showcase rewards programmes, third-party partners, cellphone networks, confectionary brands and many more.

Of course, this is only some examples of the Smart Media visual merchandising offerings. A catalogue is available for download that illustrates all its in-store opportunities.

These are exciting times for brands and customers in retail stores across the country. And with technological innovation evolving rapidly, brands need to find even more unique ways to position their products to ensure they are always top of mind.

About Smart Media

Established in 2004, Smart Media is an in-store innovator that provides South African retailers with 360° solutions designed to entrench brand loyalty with shoppers. It delivers integrated in-store advertising offerings that encompass every step of the shopper journey.

Smart Media inspires confidence with retailers through innovation in the in-store media space as it continuously looks for new ways to create magical moments between a brand and its customers. Designed to educate the customer and drive sales, the Smart Media in-store advertising value proposition keep brands top of mind in an increasingly competitive market.

Smart Media
Smart Media is a solution-driven in-store innovator. We inspire confidence with retailers, strategically partnering with clients in the moment that matters, entrenching brand loyalty with shoppers by providing 360° solutions.

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