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Why brands miss their target market

How does a brand miss making a message or brand resonate with its target market or audience? It happens at the most critical aspect that is sometimes overlooked.
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At the segmentation and targeting phase. We too often speak of “our target market”, but sometimes, a true understanding thereof tends to be lacklustre. Segmenting and targeting is the process through which you identify and clearly describe who you wish to speak to or target with your brand messages or marketing efforts. The operative words here being ‘clearly describe’.

Segmenting and targeting means the ability to distinguish certain groups of people from the next, using a particular criterion or criteria. The idea of segmenting and targeting is really simple. What isn’t simple though, is the process. What makes the process difficult is the desired goal to ascertain those distinguishing attributes. This requires a vigorous effort, free from assuming and stereotyping.

If there is no distinguishing attribute, the result thereof is a generic market with no particular archetype assertion; resulting in generic advertising, marketing or brand messages.

If a target market or audience is well understood you know what makes it tick, then the result will inevitably be refreshing creative communications. When you know people, you are most likely to know what they are feeling, therefore you can’t get it wrong.

Novelty in advertising is deeply rooted in how well you understand your people.

The more you know the people you are targeting, the more you will get it right.

Put more effort here. Push back. Question. Challenge.

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About Bogosi Motshegwa

Bogosi Motshegwa is a strategic planner at Thinkerneur, a brand strategy consulting firm and is Advisory Council Member at Vega School of Design | Brand | Business. He is a brand consultant who specialises in but is not limited to, brand, digital and communication strategy.