Bogosi Motshegwa

Strategist, Brand Consultant & Founder
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Bogosi Motshegwa is a strategic planner at Thinkerneur, a brand strategy consulting firm and is Advisory Council Member at Vega School of Design | Brand | Business. He is a brand consultant who specialises in but is not limited to, brand, digital and communication strategy.
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How do you steal your competitors' brand equity?

You need to be smart and intentional with your approach. It also helps to have a brave and relentless brand team...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 28 May 2019

How I applied for a job that didn't exist

LinkedIn is one of the best things that has ever happened to professionals. But what do you do when your experience or your LinkedIn profile isn't that exciting? It means you may not be attractive to potential recruiters...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 21 May 2019

#BizTrends2019: Ad agencies of the future are building new models

Wise ad agency leaders are not just observing; they are taking the right steps to ensure that they are not rendered obsolete during this inevitable transformation process. Those who get it are primed to thrive, and those who don't are destined to shut-down...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 21 Jan 2019

Dear social media

Bogosi Motshegwa writes that the way social media is being done is not efficient, nor does it allows for the extraction of the full potential and true value of social media...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 10 Oct 2018

A conversation about strategy, ad agencies and the role of strategists inside ad agencies

It all started with a post on LinkedIn where I was sharing my opinion on the role of strategy in ad agencies, and a conversation between myself and Gidon Orelowitz ensued...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 22 Aug 2018

Challenger marketing still the best approach

A brand is what it does and doesn't do. Whilst we tend to focus on what brands do, just as significant is what a brand or company decides not to do. More often than not, not doing anything results in missed opportunities...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 8 Aug 2018

Once you've decided what business you are in, now build a brand (Part 2)

People don't really care about what you are selling, they care about your 'brand'... (Part 2)

By Bogosi Motshegwa 3 Jul 2018

Once you've decided what business you are in, now build a brand (Part 1)

People don't really care about what you are selling, they care about your 'brand'...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 28 Jun 2018

What business is Castle Lite in?

Bogosi Motshegwa writes how Castle Lite has proved that one can build a brand thinking from the periphery...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 9 Apr 2018

Using Facebook to generate leads/sales

Bogosi Motshegwa writes about how you can use Facebook to generate leads or sales...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 19 Dec 2017

Brand building is a process of creating magic

Brand building is not a rational process. It is a process of creating magic. Magic has no logic. Put rationale to magic, and it is no longer magic, but a process of systemic steps...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 4 Oct 2017

What does it mean to be 'cool' and 'relevant' in brand building?

Brands across the board, especially SA brands, are failing dismally at being relevant, particularly when it comes to the so-called millennials (pursuing this target segment does not automatically make your brand 'cool' or 'relevant')...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 14 Jun 2017

Find black actors. Hit the music. Dance. You've got your advert!

Black people dancing in adverts has graduated from being a creative expression derived from a weak observation that was camouflaged as an insight, to what is now a very popular creative device or template...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 5 Apr 2017

Should Kia Picanto tow onto Lamborghini?

Q: Social listening simplified and amplified: How often does it happen that a brand gets to observe what people are actually saying about their brand...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 22 Mar 2017

The future of advertising

I wish I had a magic wand to foresee the future and be able to plan ahead. That would be nice, wouldn't it? For me at least. But, fortunately sometimes, to predict the future, it only requires a closer look at the present and some past occurrences…

By Bogosi Motshegwa 11 Jan 2017

How to build authentic loyalty

In my previous article about loyalty, a reader by the name of Tasneem in the comment section of the same article (These customers ain't loyal... Or are they?) asked for some sort of guideline to building or creative authentic loyalty...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 3 Nov 2016

These customers ain't loyal... Or are they?

Can people buy from you consistently, but not out of loyalty? It is possible that you may be selling services and/or products, business is booming but the majority of the transactions take place grudgingly...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 12 Oct 2016

Technology has levelled the playing field

In today's world; there needs to be something deeper and probably less tangible that influences people's behaviour, attitude, decisions and most importantly; builds loyalty...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 14 Sep 2016

Why brands miss their target market

How does a brand miss making a message or brand resonate with its target market or audience? It happens at the most critical aspect that is sometimes overlooked...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 6 Jul 2016

Throw life into your deadlines (lifelines vs deadlines)

What is a deadline? A deadline is a description of a specific time and date or period (usually) set in the future...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 8 Jun 2016

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