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SAB's Road Safety Campaign promotes responsible consumption ahead of Easter

Ahead of the April holiday season, the South African Breweries (SAB) has reiterated its commitment to driving a culture of responsible consumption in South Africa with several initiatives and activities planned across South Africa in partnership with government.

From the handing out of care packages to keep motorists energised, to road safety shows, to driver wellness centres, SAB is steadfast in its belief that safe roads are filled with responsible drivers.

Sphe Vundla, brand director for SAB Corporate, says, “We believe that when you drink, you should never drive, but there are other dangers present on our roads. Especially during the holidays. Now that the state of disaster has been dismantled, we have to be extra vigilant to keep our roads safe.”

This comes after SAB launched its own evidence-based responsible consumption platform. Through SAB Sharp, the brewer is able to tackle irresponsible behaviours associated with the overconsumption of alcohol with responsible driving being chief among them.

“With the impetus of Sharp at our backs, responsible driving has always been a key metric for us. When we launched Sharp, we set ourselves a goal of reducing alcohol-related road incidents and fatalities by 10%,” says Vundla.

Anchoring SAB’s efforts to reach this target is the creation and utilisation of Alcohol Evidence Centres (AEC). With a 10th AEC set to be handed over to provincial authorities in Dube, Soweto during the course of the year.

Over the years, these centres have become crucial in helping law enforcement test suspected drunk drivers and confirm their breath or blood alcohol limit using Evidentiary Breathalyser Alcohol Testing (EBAT) and registered medical practitioners. Following that, the AECs are all fully equipped to also ensure the evidence is properly collected and made admissible in court.

Live Sharp. Drive Sharp. Sell Sharp. Talk Sharp

With SAB Sharp targets in mind, and in partnership with the National Department of Transport and relevant provincial authorities, SAB has initiated and facilitated several initiatives in all corners of the country.

In the Western and Eastern Cape, care packages filled with snacks, water and an energy bar are going to be handed out to long-distance taxi drivers and motorists to help them keep hydrated and energised. These will be distributed at specific roadblocks set up on the provincial border between Beaufort West and Aberdeen.

In Gauteng, SAB, along with SAPS and JMPD will be hosting several road safety shows across the province as well as the Rand Easter Show.

In KwaZulu-Natal, Driver Wellness Education points will be set up on 14 and 15 April at Caribbean Estate in Ugu District and Shel Midway in Escourt, respectively. “The main aim of these is to create awareness and provide information on the devastating impact of alcohol abuse on our roads during the Easter season and beyond,” says Vundla.

Vundla believes the key to creating a national sense of responsibility lies in partnerships. “As corporates, it is our duty to collaborate with government and civil society as we work towards a shared purpose of nurturing a more responsible and thriving society. For us, that means driving responsible drinking, especially on our roads during the holidays.”

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