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Own space on the biggest multi-industry B2B news site in Africa?

Location, location, location - a real estate term used to describe the benefits of a property investment is as relevant in the online media space.
In fact, being located on Bizcommunity within the biggest multi-industry B2B networking hub in Africa, could be considered the virtual equivalent of a desirable address for your company and content.

Like your brick-and-mortar office, a Biz Press Office is a showcase for your company. Slightly different from your approach to designing a company website, a Press office may include images of your corporate interior, team and activations, allowing visitors a peek into your corporate culture. It’s also the perfect space for display advertising which is included in your Press Office rental!

As easy to keep updated as the smell of freshly brewed coffee or vase of flowers in the foyer, your Press Office space on Biz can be considered the closest thing to inviting prospects and partners over for a meeting.

With 18 industry sector hubs to choose from, an investment in “office space” on Bizcommunity puts your company in a win-win position - grow thought leadership in your sector and region via your content which in turn will grow your corporate reputation in your target industries.

Tips on how to furnish a Biz Press Office:
  • Images or animations of your corporate interiors/style/location
  • Team images and events
  • Brand activations
  • Product/service offerings
  • Social media feeds
Content ideas for your Press Office:
  • Company news
  • Opinion pieces
  • Native content
  • Job vacancies at your company
  • Company event promotions
  • Product and brand promotions and launches
  • Communications that amplify activations
That’s why we call them Biz communities

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