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Digital Kungfu builds cost-effective solution to help SMEs grow market share

During recessions, businesses slash marketing budgets. Digital Kungfu has launched its Go To Market Suite to help SMEs grow their total share of voice while larger competitors are falling silent...

Issued by Digital Kungfu 2 days ago

Digital Kungfu's CRM Zen reveals the state of customer relationships for technology businesses

Technology businesses that can increase customer retention and decrease churn will significantly increase their profit margins...

Issued by Digital Kungfu 3 days ago

SA Digital CX Report: The R1bn lesson in customer advocacy

The results of the 2020 South African Digital Customer Experience (CX) Report reveals that brands need to adopt new strategies to engage, acquire and retain their customers...

1 Jul 2020

Digital Kungfu is helping businesses to mine their existing CRM data for gold

Bad data is costing businesses millions each year...

Issued by Digital Kungfu 1 Jul 2020

B2B customers are people, too

B2B marketers have, for years, treated DMU's (Decision-Making Unit) as a homogenous group - but it's time to embrace the concept that they're individual people with their own functions, interests and needs, and communicate with them accordingly...

By Chiedza Gonyora 30 Jun 2020

Great experiences gives business a highly competitive intuitive advantage

Organisations are on an accelerated journey; evolving digital experiences and assets, aligning their goals to their customers. In the new phase of business; organisations take experiences to the next level; ramping up engagement opportunities and solving for the needs of their customers...

By Viresh Hargovan 29 Jun 2020

The 50-year evolution of the Game brand

Popular South African retailer Game celebrates 50 years of trade this year...

26 Jun 2020

Most marketing divisions cannot effectively move from evolution to execution

Globally, executives have woken up to the fact that we now find ourselves in an evolved marketplace where customer experience (CX) has emerged as the key driver of sustainable business growth...

By Haydn Townsend 26 Jun 2020

What is a UX designer?

Everyone is talking about UX. What is it? Do you need it in your business? Are you one or could you become one? Here's an insider's explanation by Inge Rademeyer, UX designer at VMLY&R South Africa...

By Inge Rademeyer 10 Jun 2020

#OrchidsandOnions: Long live the new king

There seems to be a new Nando's in town - or at least a wannabe Nando's. I'm not talking about flame-grilled chicken icons, though Nando's is in that particular area. The fast food group has for going on two decades now, been king of the heap when it comes to producing funny, gag-filled advertising...

By Brendan Seery 9 Jun 2020

Transit Ads unveils groundbreaking insights community with TransitGo

Unfazed by the national lockdown, Transit Ads has put its time behind closed doors to good use and developed a progressive and groundbreaking new product that is able to provide brands with regular insights directly from their targeted consumers...

Issued by Provantage Media Group 9 Jun 2020

Is your brilliant global idea just greek to your audience?

While the choice for brands, as they travel across cultures, is between a standardised global approach or localisation (both of which have pros and cons), the key to global brand success lies in not just adapting talent and messaging, but adapting to the actual values and therefore the culture of the region in which they market...

By Stuart Walsh 9 Jun 2020

The Covid-19 consumer

Not only are consumers spending more time indoors, but they're also spending 50% more time online. As a result, shopper behaviour has changed and businesses are seeing the impact of this...

By samantha victor 5 Jun 2020

Partnerships can help brands combat Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty, consumers are looking to brands because they are intrinsic to every sphere of a consumer's life. Brands should use this opportunity to find different ways of engaging their buyers...

By Sindiswa Masuta 5 Jun 2020

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