Bruce von Maltitz is currently the MD of 1Stream, a cloud-based contact centre technology provider. He has over 20 years experience in the service industry focusing specifically on contact centres for the last twelve years. He has a detailed understanding of how to design, build and operate contact centres having worked in the industry in SA, Africa and abroad.
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Gamification can ease contact centre pressure

Contact centres need all the help they can get during the busy peak season, and gamification could be the answer...

By Bruce von Maltitz 13 Dec 2016

Winding down to year end means gearing up in a contact centre

Some key things to bear in mind prior to the holiday season, to streamline processes and ensure productivity and quality remain high, and that customers continue to receive the best customer experience...

By Bruce von Maltitz 7 Nov 2016

Customer experience and ratings - a two-way street

Customer experience management has traditionally been about customers being able to rate a business based on their interaction...

By Bruce von Maltitz 8 Sep 2016

Five reasons to outsource your cloud-based call centre tech

Whether it stems from our desire to remain in control or the often inherent mistrust of outsourcing services, many businesses prefer keeping departments in-house...

By Bruce von Maltitz 30 Jun 2016

Four steps to dealing with academic call centres at crunch time

Without doubt, South Africa's academic institutions are following the global trend toward digitisation - and as such are becoming increasingly sophisticated and streamlined in their offering...

By Bruce von Maltitz 29 Oct 2015

Social media customer care - a job for marketing or the call centre?

While most businesses today are employing some sort of social media strategy, many are still very slow to respond to customer support issues and complaints that come in through this channel...

By Bruce von Maltitz 25 Aug 2015

Should you integrate your social media capabilities with the call centre?

Customers are increasingly taking to social media to look for support or lodge complaints. Most businesses today understand this about customer behaviour, but many take a siloed approach to managing social media enquiries...

By Bruce von Maltitz 22 Jun 2015

Is your call centre a take-away joint or a fine-dining experience?

It doesn't really matter whether you position your business as a 'McDonald's' or a 'Michelin star restaurant'. Both models are successful because, while they meet different needs...

By Bruce von Maltitz 20 Apr 2015

Gamification: a manager's new best friend?

Games have been used to motivate and engage people since the dawn of time. They speak to one of our most basic instincts: the desire to play, compete, achieve and be part of a team...

By Bruce von Maltitz 2 Dec 2014

What do your customers really think of you?

Whether it is the fault of social media, or a failing to demonstrate true innovation in a rapidly changing market, customer satisfaction has become vitally important.

By Bruce von Maltitz 19 Mar 2014

High tech vs high touch: why your tech is only as good as the person implementing it

Nigel Clarke, an IT manager from the UK, made a few headlines earlier this year when he drew up a comprehensive call centre menu map - a project called "Please Press 1".

By Bruce von Maltitz 29 Jul 2013

Becoming a force to be reckoned with: lessons learnt from Salesforce

A few months ago, Marc Benioff, the CEO of invited the founders of Rypple, a start-up he had hoped to buy, for lunch. Soon thereafter, Salesforce bought Rypple for USD60 million - turning down a much larger offer from a company with mega-vendor backing. The decision, as one of the founders said, was made "not because of deal terms, but corporate culture".

By Bruce von Maltitz 18 Jul 2013

The true cost of freeware

Smaller or new call centres are often lured by the promise of free call centre software that can be downloaded and cobbled together by an "IT professional", thus reducing their initial capex investment.

By Bruce von Maltitz 15 Mar 2013

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