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This is how we're creating the new normal right now

We are working in ways today that have long been possible but that we have now been pushed to explore more fully...

By Vaughan Patterson 29 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Companies putting the grit in integrity

Terry Levin, creative director at Bizcommunity, shares her views of the current Covid-19 crisis and how the company is navigating these unusual times...

Issued by 26 May 2020

#UnsungHeroes: Karin Schermbrucker of Slingshot Media

"For too long people have been concerned with what we do, as if that can explain who we are. I am a wife, a mother, a storyteller, a light chaser, and a lover of people. My camera is hopefully an extension of who I am," says Karin Schermbrucker...

By Ilse van den Berg 14 May 2020

#Newsmaker: Fort's Shukri Toefy takes on dual role as CEO of Fortified Group

As of 1 June, Shukri Toefy, co-founder and CEO of Fort is taking on a dual role of remaining CEO of his production company and stepping into an additional role as CEO of Fortified Group, of which Fort is a subsidiary. The Group is an investment holding company with interests in media, film, professional services and property.

By Jessica Tennant 14 May 2020

Howard Audio drives Mazda lockdown TVC

Since lockdown began, Howard Audio has had the privilege of working on a Mazda commercial with everything produced remotely...

Issued by Howard Audio 7 May 2020

Film and television production houses to resume operations

Acting Communications and Digital Technologies Minister, Jackson Mthembu, has signed and gazetted directions on the Risk-Adjusted Strategy for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector...

4 May 2020

Brave new world: (Once the lockdown's over the shooting begins)

As the country and the film and advertising industry gears up to confront the post lockdown new normal, a great deal of attention has rightly been focused on the fresh creative and communication challenges the industry will confront in the days ahead...

By Ian Gabriel 29 Apr 2020

Covid-19 advertising, a video supercut shows it's all the same

"Times like these," "more than ever," "home," "family," "here for you," "we've always been there for you," "we may be apart, but we can stay connected," "we'll get through this together." A universal brand message of solidarity, accompanied by sombre piano music and B-roll footage of empty public spaces. It's all the same.

By Jessica Tennant 24 Apr 2020

Together, apart, virtually

The Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing global (and national) lockdown has, no doubt, disrupted normal society. It's no longer a case of business as usual as there's a worldwide race towards the virtualisation and digitalisation of the work force and various industries...

By Mic Mann, Issued by Mann Made 23 Apr 2020

Howard Audio - Business as unusual!

Howard Audio has been working remotely over the past three weeks with both Adam and Paul being kept busy delivering numerous projects...

Issued by Howard Audio 17 Apr 2020

Content trends 2020: fast video

With news feeds moving at the speed of a thumb flick, you need to produce a lot of videos - and fast - to stay visible...

By Tyron Janse van Vuuren, Issued by Mann Made 16 Apr 2020

[Radio & Podcasts] Evolving to stay in tune

With the Radio Awards 2020 taking place later this week, Jessica Tennant interviews Taryn Westoby, head of Arena Events, who has managed the Awards since their inception in 2010, on the state of radio particularly at this time...

By Jessica Tennant 15 Apr 2020

The MultiChoice Talent Factory portal hosts Dolby webinars!

The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) in partnership with the Dolby Institute is launching yet another online learning channel, Dolby Audio Webinars, covering a range of sound engineering topics...

Issued by MultiChoice Connected Video 14 Apr 2020

A day in the lockdown life of Grey Africa CCO Fran Luckin

CCO at Grey Africa, Fran Luckin's account of work-life in the time of Covid-19, and the first in a series of articles looking into how agencies and agency folk are responding to the crisis and viewing it through a creative lens...

By Jessica Tennant 14 Apr 2020

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