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Smart Media unveils bold new brand to spotlight retail challenges

Smart Media, the in-store retail media company, is celebrating 20 years in business in 2024. To start this new chapter, they have launched a distinctive rebrand aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in the South African and global retail industry.
Smart Media unveils bold new brand to spotlight retail challenges

In an era where standing out is increasingly challenging, Smart Media recognises the limited time, patience, and disposable income of today's consumers. To meet this challenge, the company developed a brand revolution strategy centred around a simple yet powerful principle: Stand Out. This mantra drives everything Smart Media does for its clients and defines the brand's new identity.

Smart Media’s focus is on delivering tangible results by ensuring its clients' products and messaging truly stand out in front of retail shoppers. Through a unique approach, to collaborate on an effective in-store strategy with brand managers and retailers. The company places client brands in the spotlight, symbolised by their distinctive new Spotlight logo mark and icon.

"Smart Media's rebrand isn't just a visual transformation; it's a strategic leap forward. In navigating the complexities of South African retail, we ‘illuminate’ our clients' brands with a spotlight combining innovation, creativity, and appeal. This redefines how we stand out in a landscape that demands distinction," said Cecil Ungerer, chief sales officer at Smart Media.

The company's colour palette, drawn from the primary colours red, green, and blue, reflects the concept when combined to create white light. And the secondary colours resulting from the combination when primary colours overlap. This carefully curated palette, including neutral tones of black and white, enhances the visual impact of Smart Media's communications.

The typography approach is clean and bold, with tightly stacked rows of large block capital letters for punchy headlines, complemented by generously leaded paragraphs for supporting text. This simplicity in type usage contributes to the effectiveness of Smart Media's messaging.

The overall look and feel of the company’s new strategy reflects a vibrant expression of its creative foundation, encapsulated by the ethos of 'Stand Out.' Unafraid, memorable, and meticulously considered, Smart Media's rebrand sets the company apart in the competitive South African retail environment.

"We had dramatically lost share across one of our primary retail stockists and asked Smart Media to devise a campaign to help us regain our lost sales. When we shared results and images with our global team – and especially when they saw the campaign in person – they were blown away. It’s so creative - a really good solution. Within less than six months, there was a complete turnaround!" added Laverne Marais, sales and shopper customer marketing manager at Beiersdorf.

About Smart Media

Smart Media is a leading in-store retail media innovator dedicated to helping clients stand out in the competitive South African retail landscape. With a commitment to simplicity, innovation, and authenticity, Smart Media places client brands in the spotlight, ensuring they capture the attention of retail shoppers. To contact the Smart Media team visit

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Smart Media is a solution-driven in-store innovator. We inspire confidence with retailers, strategically partnering with clients in the moment that matters, entrenching brand loyalty with shoppers by providing 360° solutions.
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