From expertly designed websites to secure web hosting and water-tight website security, at 1-grid we have all the tools to make sure your business succeeds online.


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20 years ago we took our first customer's business online. Yes, that makes us older than YouTube, Facebook and the iPhone, but we don't think about ourselves as old, we're just experienced. We move with the times and 20 years have given us the knowledge to understand exactly what our customers need today.

Our most recent innovation is our move from Webafrica to 1-grid.com. This gives us the space to grow locally and globally, to expand our offering, and to bring all of our customers' online business needs onto one grid.

Today, we have a 10-year vision of growing into a specialised web hosting business for SMEs. We've invested in an exciting team that has a committed focus and passion for SME growth and empowerment in South Africa. Our purpose is to be part of the entrepreneurial energy our African market has, to be an online partner for SMEs and to enable growth into the digital space.

We've added to our service range to offer a complete solution to get your business on the Internet and help you succeed online - hassle-free! These services include rock-solid web and email hosting, securing your site with watertight SSL certificates and boosting your business with add-ons such as Facebook marketing and website optimisation.

Combine these exciting services with a top team that understands the industry, and you get a company that's outlived some of its biggest competitors.

That leaves us with just one question - how can we host you?


Type of company: web hosting company
Primary business: Web Hosting
Employees: 100

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