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    Dawie Roodt returns with some in depth economic analysis regarding the GNU and its future!

    Dawie Roodt returns with some in depth economic analysis regarding the GNU and its future!

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    Over 400 companies have withdrawn from Russia - but some remain

    Since the invasion of Ukraine began, over 400 companies have announced their withdrawal from Russia, but some companies have continued to operate in Russia undeterred.
    Source: Pixabay

    Originally conceptualised as a simple "withdraw" vs "remain" list, the list of companies commensurate with their involvement with Russia, now consists of five categories. These are:

    • Withdrawal - companies that have made a clean break with the country, that have completely halted their engagements with Russia and/or have exited the country.

    • Suspension - companies that have kept their options open for return. These are companies that are temporarily curtailing operations while keeping return-options open.

    • Scaling back - companies that are reducing activities. These are companies that are scaling back some business operations while continuing others.

    • Buying time - companies that are holding off new investments or developments. These are companies that are postponing future planned investment, development or marketing while continuing substantive business.

    • Digging in - companies that are defying demands for exit. These are companies that are defying demands to exit Russia or to reduce their activities,

    Download the list of these companies by clicking here.

    The list is updated continuously by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his team of experts, research fellows, and students at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute to reflect new announcements from companies in as close to real time as possible.

    The list has already garnered extensive coverage for its role in helping catalyse the mass corporate exodus from Russia.

    When this list was first published the week of 28 February, only several dozen companies had announced their departure.

    "Hundreds of companies have withdrawn in the days since, and we are humbled that our list helped galvanise millions around the world to raise awareness and take action," a spokesperson from the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute said.

    "Although we are pleased that our list has been widely circulated across company boardrooms, government officials, and media outlets as the most authoritative and comprehensive record of this powerful, historic movement, we are most inspired by the thousands of messages we have received from readers across the globe, especially those from Ukraine, and we continue to welcome your tips, insights, and feedback."

    As of 20 April 2022 - see updated list here.

    Companies that are just continuing business-as-usual in Russia...
    Aalbertsstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsNetherlands
    AB InBevstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesBelgium
    Acerinoxstill operating in RussiaMaterialsSpain
    Agranacontinue operating plant in RussiaAustria
    Agricultural Bank of ChinaRussian companies open accounts with the bank; decline to commentFinancialsChina
    Aimbridge | Interstate Hotelsstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Air Serbiastill flying to RussiaIndustrialsSerbia
    Alconstill operating in RussiaHealth CareSwitzerland
    Alibabastill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryChina
    Align Technologystill operating in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    Alpina Žiridistributors in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySlovenia
    AlumilNot disclosed publiclyIndustrialsGreece
    Amgenstill operating in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    Andritzcontinue exports to RussiaAustria
    ANT Groupjoint venture with the Russian Sovereign Wealth FundChina
    Asusciting conditions for effective standstill in Russian operations without actually suspending operationsInformation TechnologyTaiwan
    Auchan-Retailstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesFrance
    AVLstill operating in RussiaAustria
    Bajaj Autobusiness as usualIndia
    Bharat Petroleum (BPCL)bought 2 million barrels of Russian Urals for May loadingIndia
    Bharti Airtelbusiness as usualIndia
    Bonduellestill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesFrance
    Bucher Industriesstill operating assembly and maintenance plants in RussiaSwitzerland
    Buzzi Unicemcontinue operating plants in RussiaItaly
    Calzedoniacontinue sales in RussiaItaly
    CANPACKstill operating in RussiaPoland
    Carter's | Oshkoshstill operating in RussiaUnited States
    Charoen Pokphand Foodsstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesThailand
    Check Point Softwareselling cybersecurity products in RussiaInformation TechnologyIsrael
    China Communications Construction Companyplanning new infrastructural projectsIndustrialsChina
    China Construction BankRussian companies open accounts with the bank; decline to commentFinancialsChina
    China Life Insurance Companyoffices in Russia, actively looks for new Russian employeesFinancialsChina
    China Mobilebusiness as usualCommunication ServicesChina
    China National Petroleum Corporationbusiness as usualEnergyChina
    China Railway Construction Corporationcontinues to build Vladivostok highway in March 2022IndustrialsChina
    China Railway Engineering Corporationbusiness as usualIndustrialsChina
    China State Construction Engineeringcontractor to the Russian stateIndustrialsChina
    China State Railway Group Companyincreasing coal shipments from RussiaChina
    China United Network Communicationsa subsidiary in Russia: China Unicom (Russia) Operations Limited Liability Company; business as usualCommunication ServicesChina
    ChipitaNot disclosed publicly; still operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesGreece
    Cloudflarecontinue sales & services in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Coal Indiaexpecting highest import level in 2 yearsIndia
    Cofix Coffeemaintains locations in RussiaIsrael
    Cremonini Groupcontinue sales in RussiaItaly
    De Ceccocontinue sales and operations in RussiaItaly
    Densocontinue operations in RussiaJapan
    Dessange Internationalstill operating salons in RussiaFrance
    Didiexplicitly reversed decision to exit RussiaIndustrialsChina
    DJIcontinue business in RussiaChina
    DMK Groupcontinues sales and plant operations in RussiaGermany
    Donaldson Companycontinues sales to RussiaUnited States
    Dr Reddys Labsbusiness as usualIndia
    Duolstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySlovenia
    EDFstill operating in RussiaUtilitiesFrance
    Eggerstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsAustria
    ElvalHalcorNot disclosed publiclyIndustrialsGreece
    Emirates Airlinesstill flying to RussiaIndustrialsUnited Arab Emirates
    EMS-Chemiestill operating in RussiaIndustrialsSwitzerland
    ESABstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    Eutelsatprovide satellite TV services to RussiaCommunication ServicesFrance
    FAW Groupremains silent on whether they will continue operationsIndustrialsChina
    Fleetcorbusiness as usualFinancialsUnited States
    Flowservestill operating in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Fluidracontinuing sales in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Foracostill operating in RussiaEnergyFrance
    Frigoglassstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesGreece
    GEA Groupcontinues operations in RussiaGermany
    Gedeon Richterstill operating in RussiaHealth CareHungary
    Geoplinstill purchasing Russian gas from GazpromEnergySlovenia
    Geoxcontinuing operations in RussiaItaly
    Global Fashion Groupstill operating in RussiaLuxembourg
    Globusstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Gorenjestill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySlovenia
    Groupe Le Duffstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Groupe Savenciastill operates in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Grupo Borges | ITLVstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesSpain
    Grupo Fuertesstill operating in RussiaSpain
    Hampidjanstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsIceland
    Hengli Groupbusiness as usualEnergyChina
    Herendstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryHungary
    Hindalcobusiness as usualIndia
    HiPPcontinue operations and sales in RussiaSwitzerland
    Honorbusiness as usualChina
    Huntsman Corporationstill operating in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Ideal Moldestill selling to RussiaMaterialsPortugal
    IMCDstill operating in RussiaNetherlands
    Indian Oil Corporationsigned new deal to import Russian oilEnergyIndia
    Industrial Bank (China)offices operating in Moscow, did not answer for Reuters' calls for commenting on thatFinancialsChina
    Intermediastill operating in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    International Paperstill operating in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Itochucontinues oil & gas exploration partnershipsJapan
    JD.combusiness as usual - the Russian store is still fully operationalChina
    JDE Peet'sstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesNetherlands
    Jidian International Trade Cohas purchased at least 50,000 tonnes of coal from Russia since the war broke out - “We are still in the business when many of our peers are out"China
    JSW Steelbusiness as usualIndia
    KleemannNot disclosed publiclyIndustrialsGreece
    Knarr Maritimemembers still operating in RussiaIceland
    Koch Industriesstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Kotanyistill exporting to RussiaAustria
    Krkastill operating in RussiaHealth CareSlovenia
    Kronospanstill operating in RussiaMaterialsAustria
    Kuhncontinues business in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Kweichow Moutaibusiness as usualChina
    La Redoutestill selling products to RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Laboratoire Servierstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Lacostestill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesFrance
    LACTALISstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesFrance
    Larsen & Toubrobusiness as usualIndia
    Legrandstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Lenovostill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryHong Kong
    Leptos Estatescontinues operations in RussiaCyprus
    Leroy Merlinstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Letique Cosmeticsmaintains stores in RussiaConsumer StaplesLatvia
    LiebherrNo action taken; still operating in RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    Lisecstill operating in RussiaAustria
    Luka Kopercontinuing trans shipmentsSlovenia
    Mahindra & Mahindrabusiness as usualIndia
    Match Groupcontinue to operate in Russia including TinderUnited States
    Maxamstill operating in RussiaMaterialsSpain
    Menarini Groupcontinue operating plant and research centerItaly
    Metrostill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Micro-Star International Co. (MSi)still operating in RussiaInformation TechnologyTaiwan
    Mitsuicontinuing operations within sanctions complianceEnergyJapan
    Mizuho Financial Groupstill operating in RussiaFinancialsJapan
    Mod's Hairstill operates in RussiaFrance
    MOLGroupstill operating in RussiaEnergyHungary
    Mondicontinue operations in RussiaUnited Kingdom
    MS & AD Insurance Groupcontinue operations in RussiaJapan
    New Yorker Marketing & Media GmbHcontinue to operate and open new storesIndustrialsGermany
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporationcontinues to operate cloud services in RussiaJapan
    Oasis Logistics Corp“We are actively exploring opportunities to work with our Russian partners”China
    OCSiAlstill running research center and branchInformation TechnologyLuxembourg
    Olam Groupstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesSingapore
    ONGCaggressive selling of Russian Sokoil to other Indian Nationalised Energy corpsEnergyIndia
    Oppobusiness as usualChina
    Oranostill operating in RussiaEnergyFrance
    Owens Corningvaguely pursue options to transfer or sell our Russian facilities but no final decisionUnited States
    Paccarstill active in Russia; deny commentsIndustrialsUnited States
    Palfingerstill operating in RussiaAustria
    Paul Wurthmaintaining commercial activities with RussiaIndustrialsLuxembourg
    Pentairstill selling to Russian distributorsUnited States
    Phibro Animal Health Corpcontinues sales to RussiaUnited States
    Pidilite Indbusiness as usualIndia
    Pilkingtonstill operating in RussiaJapan
    Plastika KritisNot disclosed publiclyGreece
    Poly Real Estatea sister company is Poly Technologies, one of China's largest arms exporters and has been sanctioned by the United States; in Russian tax registryReal EstateChina
    PowerChinacooperating with a Russian bank "Solidarnost" on off-shore projectesChina
    ProfilcoNot disclosed publiclyMaterialsGreece
    Provalliance Group (Jean Louis David)still operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Qatar Airwaysstill flying to RussiaQatar
    Rabamaintain commerical ties with Russian KamazIndustrialsHungary
    Raiffeisen Bank Internationalstill operating in RussiaFinancialsAustria
    Rikostill operating in RussaSlovenia
    Riot Gamesstill operating in and selling to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Russia Fachspedition Dr. Lassmannstill operating in RussiaAustria
    S-MechanikiNot disclosed publiclyIndustrialsGreece
    SAIC Motorremains operational; plans to increase exportIndustrialsChina
    Sanatmetalstill operating in RussiaHealth CareHungary
    Sany Heavy Industriesbusiness as usualChina
    Sarantisstill operating in RussiaConsumer StaplesGreece
    Schoeller Bleckmannstill operating in RussiaAustria
    Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporationdefies US sanctions by continuting to export to RussiaIndustrialsChina
    Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceuticalbusiness as usualChina
    Signifystill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryNetherlands
    Sikastill operating in RussiaSwitzerland
    Simba Dickie Groupstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    State Grid Corporation of Chinabusiness as usualUtilitiesChina
    Storckcontinue candy sales in RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Sun Pharmabusiness as usualIndia
    SWISS KRONOstill operating plant in RussiaSwitzerland
    Sæplastnot publically disclosedIndustrialsIceland
    Tata Steelbusiness as usual, however looking for alternatives to Russian coalIndia
    Tech Mahindrabusiness as usualIndia
    Tencentstill operating in RussiaCommunication ServicesChina
    Tennecostill operating in Russia; deny commentsIndustrialsUnited States
    TEPCOcontinues purchases of Russian gasUtilitiesJapan
    Terex Corporationsupports dealer network in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    The China Coal Transportation and Distribution Associationbig power plants and about 20 Russian coal companies discussed plans to increase bilateral tradeChina
    ThyssenKruppstill operating in RussiaGermany
    Titan Companybusiness as usualIndia
    Titan Internationalstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Toyota Tsushostill operating in RussiaJapan
    Triglav Groupstill operating in RussiaSlovenia
    Turkish Airlinesstill flying to RussiaIndustrialsTurkey
    UniCreditevaluating potential withdrawal but still operating in RussiaFinancialsItaly
    UnionPayRussian banks TURN to UnionPay, after Visa and Mastercard leftChina
    United States Polo AssociationUnited States
    Vankebusiness as usualUtilitiesChina
    Veoliastill operating in RussiaUtilitiesFrance
    Vinci SAstill operating in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Vivobusiness as usualChina
    Wanhua Chemical Groupbusiness as usualChina
    Wienerbergerstill operating in RussiaAustria
    Xiaomistill operating in RussiaInformation TechnologyChina
    Xibao Metallurgy Materials Groupbuilding a refractory material plant in Lipetsk, RussiaChina
    Zimmer Biometcontinues sales in RussiaUnited States
    ZTEbusiness as usualCommunication ServicesChina
    ZwackNot disclosed publiclyConsumer StaplesHungary
    Companies postponing future planned investment/development/marketing while continuing substantive business...
    Abbott Laboratoriessuspend non-essential business activityHealth CareUnited States
    Abbviesuspend aesthetics operations, pause new clinical trialsHealth CareUnited States
    Accorsuspend new investments/developmentConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Accumaluxstill operating plant in Togliatti, RussiaIndustrialsLuxembourg
    Aegonending new investments where has control over fundFinancialsNetherlands
    Air LiquideSome clients no longer supplied, others scaled down; all Russian investments on holdMaterialsFrance
    Akrapovičstill operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySlovenia
    AmerisourceBergencease new business initiatives but continue existing clinical trials, and distributing health productsHealth CareUnited States
    Anecoopdiverting sales away from RussiaConsumer StaplesSpain
    Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)unspecified scaling down of non-essential operationsConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Arconicpause new contracts but continue existingMaterialsUnited States
    AstraZenecahalt new investments/new clinical trialsHealth CareUnited Kingdom
    Baker Hughespaused new investments/developmentEnergyUnited States
    Bang & Bonsomersuspend new investments but still operating in RussiaFinland
    Bank of Cyprusmaintain loan book; observe banking sanctionsCyprus
    Barillaall new investments and advertising activities on holdConsumer StaplesItaly
    Barry Callebautsuspend capital investmentConsumer StaplesSwitzerland
    BASF SEno new business in Russia & Belarus except certain productsMaterialsGermany
    Bayerstopping unspecified non-essential business activityHealth CareGermany
    BlaBlaCarStopped new investment but stays in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Boironsuspend new investments & stop clinical trialsHealth CareFrance
    Calfrac Well Servicessuspension of new investments in RussiaEnergyCanada
    Camparicontinue sales in Russia but suspend new investmentsItaly
    Cargillunspecified scaling down of non-essential operationsConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Carmimsuspend some orders in backlogConsumer StaplesPortugal
    Colgate-Palmolivecontinue essential health and hygiene productsConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Corticeira Amorimcommerical activity suspendedConsumer DiscretionaryPortugal
    Credit Suissestop new business in Russia while meaningfully cutting exposureFinancialsSwitzerland
    Danonesuspend all investment projects but continue dairy productsConsumer StaplesFrance
    Delonghipaused new shipments and investmentsConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    dōTERRAsuspend new investment in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Dr. Theisssuspend advertisementHealth CareGermany
    Eccosuspend new investments still operating in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryDenmark
    Ehrmanncontinue sales in Russia but suspend new investmentsConsumer StaplesGermany
    Ekosem Agrar AGrestructuring financesConsumer StaplesGermany
    Eli Lillysuspend new investments and clinical trialsHealth CareUnited States
    Emerson Electrichalt new investments in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Engieno new investmentsUtilitiesFrance
    ESLban people with ties to Russian governmentUtilitiesGermany
    FL Smidthno new businessDenmark
    FM Globalstopped renewing and underwriting new reinsuranceFinancialsUnited States
    Focus Brands - Cinnabonno new investments and expansion plans on holdIndustrialsUnited States
    Fortumno new investments in Russia; continue operating plantsFinland
    Gaz-Systemstill imports Russian gas, made efforts to diversifyPoland
    GlaxoSmithKlinestopped advertising/new clinical trials in RussiaHealth CareUnited Kingdom
    Glencorestop entering into new Russian commodities trading contracts but continue holding substantive Russian equity stakesMaterialsSwitzerland
    Greifcanceled future investments in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    GROUPE LIMAGRAIN/JACQUET-BROSSARDcontinues flows to Russian and Ukrainian producers but suspends its project to build a seed factory in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Groupe Sebsuspend new investments and "sharply" reduce activities in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Grumahalt new investments in RussiaConsumer StaplesMexico
    GXO Logisticssuspend new investmentsIndustrialsUnited States
    Hellenic Bankmaintain rep offices in Russia; observe all banking sactionsCyprus
    Hellenic Petroleumseeks new oil supplier to replace Russian oilEnergyGreece
    HERZno new business in RussiaAustria
    Hiltonsuspend new investments/close corporate officeConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Hinessuspend new investments in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Hochlandsuspend investments but continues sales and plant operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    HSBCcurtail Russian access to capital markets and limit new businessFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    Huaweisuspend new orders and furlough some staffInformation TechnologyChina
    Hyattsuspend investments and new developmentsConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    ID Logisticssuspend new investment in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Idexx Labssuspend minor operations and new investmentsIndustrialsUnited States
    ING Bankpause all new businessNetherlands
    Ingram Microno new business in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Intercontinental Hotelsended new investments/closed corporate officeConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Intesa Sanpaolosuspend new investments and curtail new financingFinancialsItaly
    IPG Photonicssuspend new investments and business development in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    J. Neves & Fihos (JNF)paused distributionIndustrialsPortugal
    Japan Tobaccostopped new investments and marketing activities in RussiaConsumer StaplesJapan
    Johnson & Johnsonpause patient enrollment in ongoing trialsHealth CareUnited States
    Julius Baersuspend new business in Russia and reduce current exposureFinancialsSwitzerland
    KCA Deutagsuspend investmentsEnergyUnited Kingdom
    KDDI Corpcontinue operations with local staffJapan
    Kimberly-Clarksuspend new investments in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Knaufstill operating across 14 sites in Russia but suspend new investmentsMaterialsGermany
    Kraft Heinz - JBSstopped new investments and exports/imports from RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Kubíček VHSStopped cooperationIndustrialsCzech Republic
    Lamb Westonhalted the export of products to/from Russia and suspended investments in new productionIndustrialsUnited States
    Lotosready to stop spot purchases of Russian oilEnergyPoland
    Loulis Millssearch for alternative suppliersConsumer StaplesGreece
    Maire Tecnimonetsuspended commercial activities; managing existing backlogItaly
    Manitowocstopped taking new orders, still maintaining office in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Marelpaused new projectsConsumer StaplesIceland
    Marriottsuspend new investment/close corp. officeConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Melaminmaking up for shortfall from sanctionsMaterialsSlovenia
    Merckno further investments/clinical trial enrollmentHealth CareUnited States
    Mocaporpaused exportsIndustrialsPortugal
    Mohawk Industriessuspend new investments in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Mondelez - Nabiscoscaling back unspecified non-essential activities in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    National Oilwell Varcosuspend all new investments in RussiaUnited States
    Nature's Sunshinesuspend shipments into Russia but not salesConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Naust Marinestopped projects in RussiaIndustrialsIceland
    Nestlehalted non-essential imports/exports to Russia, stopped all advertising, and suspended all capital investmentConsumer StaplesSwitzerland
    Nippon Steelsearching to replace Russian suppliesJapan
    Novartispause all new capital investments, media advertising and other promotions; pause new clinical trials and enrollment of new patientsHealth CareSwitzerland
    Novo Nordiskcontinue operations but pause new investments, marketing and clinical trialsDenmark
    NTPCdifficulty in transacting with Russian counterparties due to SWIFT issues etcIndia
    OMVno new Russian investments; doing strategic review of current Russian gas investmentsEnergyAustria
    Otis Worldwideno new investments/new contracts but fulfill existing agreementsIndustrialsUnited States
    Pfizerstopped new investments/clinical trials in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    Philip MorrisStop new investments including $150MM, paused marketing, canceled product launchesConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Philipsmost operations continue, ended some consumer productsNetherlands
    Polpharmastop all new investments and limit deliveries to essential drugs onlyHealth CarePoland
    Pottingerlimited deliveries to Russia sales subsidiaryAustria
    Procter & Gamblescale back unspecified operations in Russia and stop new investmentsConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Red Bullsuspend new investmentsConsumer StaplesAustria
    RHI Magnesitaselling down existing stocks in RussiaAustria
    Ritter Sporthalt new investments and advertisingConsumer StaplesGermany
    Rochepause new site activation and patient enrollment; continue operatingHealth CareSwitzerland
    Rockwoolcancel new investments in RussiaIndustrialsDenmark
    Saipemhalt new investmentsEnergyItaly
    Sanofihalting advertising and promotional spending and new recruitment of patients clinical trials, continue medical supply and treating current patientsHealth CareFrance
    Sarandopoulos Cylindrical Millssearch for alternative suppliersConsumer StaplesGreece
    SC Johnsonstopped new investments and scaled back unspecified operationsConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Schlumbergerstopped new investment and technology deployment to our Russia operationsEnergyUnited States
    Schneider Electrichalted new investments and international delivery of new project orders destined to Russia and BelarusIndustrialsFrance
    Siemensall new business in and international deliveries to Russia and Belarus are on holdIndustrialsGermany
    Siemens Energy AG (Independent)freeze new business in RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    Sigma GroupStopped cooperationIndustrialsCzech Republic
    SRVoutline steps to stop procurement of building materials from RussiaMaterialsFinland
    Subwaysuspend new investments/advertisingUnited States
    Sumitomo Mitsui Financialcontinue operations with local staffJapan
    Technip Energiescontinuing existing projects; no new businessFrance
    Tormno new business with RussiaDenmark
    ToshulinStopped cooperationIndustrialsCzech Republic
    Trafigurafroze investments in RussiaEnergySingapore
    TZMOstopped new investmentsPoland
    UBSsuspend new business in Russia and reduce current exposure by helping clients unwind Russia securitiesFinancialsSwitzerland
    Unileverstopped inports/exports and stopped all advertising and investmentsConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Vestascontinue operations but no new contractsDenmark
    Vimeonot accept new customers from RussiaUtilitiesUnited States
    Weatherford Internationalsuspend new investments/deployments in RussiaEnergyUnited States
    Welltecsuspend all new investments in RussiaDenmark
    WePlayfreeze Russian-language projectsUtilitiesUnited States
    Wintershall Dea AGmaintain Russian natural gas projects and critical infrastructure; write-off Nord Stream2 loansEnergyGermany
    Young Livingsuspend new investments in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Yves Rochersuspend new investments/developmentConsumer StaplesFrance
    Companies that are scaling back some significant business operations but continuing some others...
    ABBtemporarily pausing all new orders and operational activityIndustrialsSwitzerland
    AGCOstop sale of new machines to RussiaUnited States
    AkzoNobelsuspend new investments in Russia; end Aerospace workMaterialsNetherlands
    Allianzmeaningfully reduce exposure to RussiaFinancialsGermany
    Amadeus IT Groupsuspend partnership with AeroflotInformation TechnologySpain
    AmRestsuspend operations with some brands in RussiaConsumer StaplesSpain
    Asporeducing operations in RussiaFinland
    Bacardipaused exports to Russia but not domestic operationsConsumer StaplesBermuda
    Beiersdorfmaintain skin and bodycare products; stop other productsConsumer StaplesGermany
    Black Red Whitedivesting from Russian subsidiary, still has a significant stake in a company operating in Belarus, which also suspended Russian exportsConsumer DiscretionaryPoland
    Boehringer Ingelheimscale back to just supplying medicineHealth CareGermany
    Boschsuspend some shipments and plants but not allConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Bungesuspend exports but continue certain domesticConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Bureau Veritasscaled backIndustrialsFrance
    Caterpillarsuspend minor Russian manufacturing facilities but not import salesIndustrialsUnited States
    CHR Hansensuspend operations outside of staple food productsDenmark
    Coinbaseblock certain illicit Russian accounts but not allFinancialsUnited States
    Confor StepStopped producing or shipping to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryPortugal
    Continentalresumed local production after having previously suspended Russian factoryConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Corningsuspend almost all sales in Russia except minor life-saving productsInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Cyfrowy Polsatremoving Russian TV channels from the offerCommunication ServicesPoland
    Deeresuspend shipments into Russia onlyIndustrialsUnited States
    Discordsuspend renewal of paid and premium products and services for Russian clients; free services still availableUnited States
    Dover Corporationramping down sales activity and focusing on liquidating working capitalUnited States
    Dowsuspend investments/some purchases but not allMaterialsUnited States
    Eatonstop shipments to Russia; maintains servicesUnited States
    Eimskipreduced operation in RussiaIndustrialsIceland
    Elancoscale back to critical products to ensure food securityUnited States
    Elseviersuspended all sales except essential health productsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Enelsuspend current investments; working to divest current assetsItaly
    FANUCstopped shipments and limited serviceInformation TechnologyJapan
    Ferrerosuspend non-essential business activityConsumer StaplesItaly
    Fieldfisherterminate certain Russian relationshipsIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    FIGMAcontinue current business & stop all new sales efforts in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Fortivesuspend most operations except medical essentialsIndustrialsUnited States
    GEstopped sales in Russia and Belarus except medical equipment and support for electric power generation and transmissionIndustrialsUnited States
    General Millssuspended sales of global brands in its JVConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Georg Fischertemporary suspension of deliveries to RussiaSwitzerland
    Goldman Sachswind down business in Russia but buy Russian debtFinancialsUnited States
    Groupe BPCEsuspend many transactions and cease new financingFinancialsFrance
    Halliburtonsuspend future business in Russia and wind down currentEnergyUnited States
    Hellenic Bottling Companyvaguely suspend some operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesGreece
    Herbalifesuspend sales and shipments to Russia but independent sellers remain operationalConsumer StaplesUnited States
    HILTIlimiting sales and workforce in RussiaLiechtenstein
    Hostingerstop accepting payments for new purchases and renewalsInformation TechnologyLithuania
    Idemitsu Kosanstop coal imports; lubricants business unchangedJapan
    IndusInd Bankcan no longer clear rupee rouble conversionsIndia
    Ingersoll Randscale back to only health critical servicesUnited States
    Ingkastop all exports, IKEA production; keep open retail centers (Mega)Consumer DiscretionaryNetherlands
    International Biathlon UnionRussians to compete as neutral athletes
    Iskratelpaused some business with RussiaCommunication ServicesSlovenia
    Ivecosuspend deliveries to Russia; truck JV still in operationsIndustrialsItaly
    JPMorganwind down business in Russia but buy Russian debtFinancialsUnited States
    Kelloggsuspend new investments except essentials (minor)Consumer StaplesUnited States
    Kotak Mahindrapaused transaction through cards in RussiaIndia
    Legal & Generalreduce exposureFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    Lindedivest certain industrial assets and suspend new development/investmentsEnergyGermany
    Loyalty Venturesscaled back most services and stopped new salesUnited States
    LyondellBasellend all business with state-controlled entitiesMaterialsNetherlands
    Marsscale back business and stopped advertising/new investments/exports in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Marubeniscaling down but still in numerous projects across RussiaJapan
    Maruti Suzukisuspend car exportsIndia
    Mashreqbankhalt loans to RussiaFinancialsUnited Arab Emirates
    Microsoftsuspend new sales in Russia but existing users can still accessInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Mielesuspend operations except exempt healthcareConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Milliken & Costill operating in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Miroclose office in Moscow & pause new salesUtilitiesNetherlands
    Nalco Water (Ecolab)suspended services except services critical to healthIndustrialsUnited States
    Naturasuspend some subsidiary operations but not allUnited States
    NielsenIQsuspend consulting service but not core businessIndustrialsUnited States
    Nokian Tyresmeaningfully reduce production in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFinland
    Norsk Hydroreduced deliveries and supplies to the contractual minimum for some commitments, and is suspending deliveries and supply in several contractsMaterialsNorway
    Oriflame Cosmeticssuspend online sales to end consumers but not othersConsumer StaplesSwitzerland
    Orionstop exports to RussiaFinland
    Orstedend coal and biomass purchases, refuse to pay for gas in roublesDenmark
    Pepsisuspend operations in Russia except essentialsConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Pirellisuspend new investments in Russia and scale back productionConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    PKN Orlen SAstopped maritime oil shipments, diversifying supplyEnergyPoland
    Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SAhalts import of Russian gas beginning 2023EnergyPoland
    PPGscale back majority of operations and suspend new investments in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Reliancereleased intention for avoid Russian fuelIndia
    Rosenbauerno new business; continue servicing fire engine pumps in Russian JVAustria
    Royal DSMstopped all operations in Russia other than basic food/feed/essential health activitiesNetherlands
    Sabresuspend certain partnerships with AeroflotInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Saint-Gobainsuspend exports and imports but not local operationsIndustrialsFrance
    SBIstopped processing transactions of sanctioned Russian entitiesIndia
    Scopelysuspend marketing and commerceUtilitiesUnited States
    SEBscaling down operations in RussiaSweden
    Sinopecsuspend $500MM new investment and significant operations and partnershipsEnergyChina
    Skaddensuspend certain operations in Russia but not allIndustrialsUnited States
    Tchibosuspend coffee deliveries but not other linesConsumer StaplesGermany
    Tennantsubstantially suspending sales to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Tetra Pakstopped new investments and scaled down activitiesSweden
    Tikkurilareduce Russian operations; stop sales to aerospaceFinland
    Tokio Marinesuspend new contracts and repatriate employeesJapan
    Total Energiesno longer will provide capital for new projects in Russia/stop purchasing Russian oilEnergyFrance
    Tungsramstopped producing products and projectsUtilitiesHungary
    Uniper SEsuspend new Russian gas purchases/divest UniproUtilitiesGermany
    Vattenfallshifting energy purchases away from RussiaSweden
    Wartsilasuspend all deliveries and new sales to Russia; continue ongoing projectsIndustrialsFinland
    Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corpstopped sales to RussiaUnited States
    Whirlpoollimiting production in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Wolters Kluwerscale back to just health products in RussiaNetherlands
    Yum Brandssuspend operations of company-owned restaurants and new investments in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    ZF Friedrichshafenstop all deliveries to Russia; maintain JVsIndustrials
    Zoetissuspend investments & focus on supply of medicines and vaccinesHealth CareUnited States
    Companies temporarily curtailing most or nearly all operations while keeping return options open...
    3Msuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    AAKhalted delivery and salesConsumer StaplesSweden
    Abrdnsuspend investments in Russia and reduce exposureFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    ACCAsuspend operations in Russia and BelarusUtilitiesUnited Kingdom
    Acersuspend its business in RussiaInformation TechnologyTaiwan
    Adidassuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Adobesuspend all sales in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    ADPsuspend sales/services to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    AICPAsuspend sale and delivery of services indefinitelyUtilitiesUnited States
    Air Astanasuspend flights to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryKazakhstan
    Airbussuspend supply of parts to AeroflotIndustrialsNetherlands
    Akamaisuspend sales in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Akin Gumpsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    AL-KO Vehicle Technologysuspend deliveries to Russia and BelarusConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Alimentation Couche-Tardsuspend operationsConsumer StaplesCanada
    Alphabetsuspend all operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Alstomsuspend shipments to RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    AM Bestsuspend all commercial activities to Russian clientsInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Amazonsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Ambarellasuspend shipments into RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    American Expresssuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    Amwaysuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Analog Devicessuspend sales to Russia according to sanctionsUnited States
    Aon PLCsuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    Applesuspend all salesInformation TechnologyUnited States
    ARMsuspend shipments according to sanctionsUnited Kingdom
    ASBISsuspended economic activities in RussiaCyprus
    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bankcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsChina
    Association of International Certified Professional Accountantsindefinite suspension of services within RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Aston Martinsuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Atlas Copcosuspend deliveries in RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    Atlassiansuspend software sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyAustralia
    Audisuspend operations at Kaluga assembly plantConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Azerbaijan Airlinessuspend flights to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryAzerbaijan
    B Labsuspend Russian companies from obtaining certificationsUtilitiesUnited States
    Badminton World Federationcancel all tournaments
    Bang & Olufsensuspended deliveries and sales to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryDenmark
    Bank of Chinacurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsChina
    Bentleysuspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Big Fish Gamessuspend downloadable game business in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    BMWsuspend exports to and production in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    BNP Paribassuspend new business in Russia/curtail financingFinancialsFrance
    Boeingsuspend operations in Russia/titanium purchasesIndustrialsUnited States
    Bombardierrestrict Russian businessIndustrialsCanada
    Boosteroid Cloud Gamingsuspend services to RussiaUtilitiesUnited Arab Emirates
    Boryszewsuspended operations in RussiaMaterialsPoland
    Bravsuspend sales and operations in RussiaNorway
    Bridgestone Tiresuspend manufacturing in Russia and shipments intoConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    BUDVAR Centrum Sp.Poland
    Budweiser Budvarsuspends production and supply of beerConsumer StaplesCzech Republic
    Burberrysuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Burger King (Restaurant Brands)halt corporate support for franchisesIndustrialsUnited States
    Buta Airwayssuspend flights to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryAzerbaijan
    Canada Goosesuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryCanada
    Canadian Tireclose Russia storesConsumer DiscretionaryCanada
    Canonsuspend deliveries in RussiaInformation TechnologyJapan
    CBREdiscontinue Russian businessReal EstateUnited States
    CCCsuspends operations in Russia (delivery to Russia, further expansion)Information TechnologyPoland
    CERNsuspend Russia's obeserver status; halt new collaborationsUtilitiesSwitzerland
    Chanelsuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    ChevronPausing all transactions and sales of refining products, lubricants, and chemicalsEnergyUnited States
    Chipperfieldsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Cie Automotivestemporarily shut down aluminum plantConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Cienasuspend business operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Ciscosuspend all operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Citiexpand the scope of the exit processFinancialsUnited States
    Citrixsuspend all sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Cleary Gottliebsuspend Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited States
    Cloroxsuspend business activity in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Clutchsuspend all business activityUtilitiesUnited States
    CMA CGMsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    CME Groupsuspend acceptance of certain Russian commoditiesFinancialsUnited States
    CNH Industrialsuspend sales to RussiaItaly
    Coca-Colasuspend certain operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Cogent Communicationscut all internet to RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Commerzbanksuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsGermany
    Conde Nastsuspend all publishing operationsUtilitiesUnited States
    Conformissuspend distribution operations in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    Costcostopped purchases from RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Cotysuspend commercial operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Credit Agricolesuspend all services in RussiaFinancialsFrance
    Crocssuspend D2C businessConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    d&b audiotechniksuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    DACHSERsuspend deliveries to RussiaUtilitiesGermany
    Danahersuspended shipments to Russia except for humanitarian medical productsIndustrialsUnited States
    Dassault Aviationsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Debevoise & Plimptonsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Decathlonsuspend the operation of its stores in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Dellsuspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Depositphotosstop all sales and services to RussiaUtilitiesUkraine
    Deutsche Bankwind down business in RussiaFinancialsGermany
    DHLsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    Diageosuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    DirecTVcut Kremlin backed TV networksCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Discoversuspend efforts to establish Russian presenceCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Disneypause new content releasesCommunication ServicesUnited States
    DKV Mobilitystop all activity for Russian domestic businessInformation TechnologyGermany
    DPDsuspend shipments to RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    DSV A/Ssuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsDenmark
    Dunkin Donutshalt corporate support for franchiseesConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    DuPontsuspend operations in Russia and BelarusMaterialsUnited States
    eDreams ODIGEOcease all operations involving RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Edringtonsuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Egon Zehnderstop operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Electroluxsuspending all shipments into RussiaSweden
    Elopaksuspends all activitiesMaterialsNorway
    Embraersuspend supplying parts and services to RussiaIndustrialsBrazil
    Epirocpause all deliveries to Russia and no operations domesticallyConsumer StaplesSweden
    Eppendorf SEsuspend exports to Russia; keep rep office openHealth CareGermany
    Epsonsuspend exports to Russia & BelarusConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Equinixsuspend Russian partnerships and customersReal EstateUnited States
    Ericssonsuspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologySweden
    Estee Laudersuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    European University Associationcease cooperation with governmental agencies in Russia
    Exorholding company's assets are suspending operationsFinancialsNetherlands
    FedExsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Ferrarisuspend sales in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    FIDEsuspend Russian & Belarussian teams from participation in tournamentsSwitzerland
    Finnlinessuspend all traffic to RussiaUtilitiesFinnland
    Fiverrsuspend businessUtilitiesIsarel
    Fordsuspend joint ventures in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Foster + Partnersstop work on projects in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Fugrosuspend all projects in RussiaNetherlands
    Fujitsucease orders and shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Galpsuspend Russian oil-product purchases; eliminate Russian exposureEnergyPortugal
    Garminstop all future trade with RussiaUnited States
    Geberitdiscontinue all operations in Russia but continue to pay employeesIndustrialsSwitzerland
    Gestampstopped productionConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    GetYourGuidesuspend all Russian operationsUtilitiesSwitzerland
    GMsuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Goodyearsuspend shipments of tires to RussiaUnited States
    Graphisoftsuspended new activities, disabled access to our commercial services in RussiaInformation TechnologyHungary
    Grundfossuspend all operations and sales in RussiaDenmark
    Grupo Antolínsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Grupo BimboSuspended distribution of the Bimbo Brand at retail, but left Moscow Bimbo QSR plant operating for food service productsConsumer StaplesMexico
    H&Msuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySweden
    Hannover Rehalt underwriting businessUtilitiesGermany
    Hapag Lloydsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    HARIBOsuspend production to RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Harley-Davidsonsuspending all business in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Hermessuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Herzog & de Meuronsuspend work on Russian projectsUtilitiesSwitzerland
    HHLAsuspend entry of Russian shipments at owned portsFinancialsGermany
    Hitachi Constructionsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsJapan
    HMMsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsSouth Korea
    Hondasuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Honey Groupsuspend sales to RussiaConsumer StaplesFinland
    Honeywellsuspend virtually all sales in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    HP Enterprise (Independent from HP Inc.)suspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    HP Inc.suspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Hugo Bosstemporarily close stores and e-commerce sitesConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Hyundaisuspend manufacturing in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySouth Korea
    Iberiacanceling flights to RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    IBMsuspend technology sales to Russia on Feb 24Information TechnologyUnited States
    ICBCcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsChina
    Ikeasuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySweden
    Illinois Tool Workssuspension of sales to RussiaUnited States
    Imperial Brandssuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Indeedsuspend service in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Inditexclose Russian stores and suspend salesConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Institute of Internal Auditorssuspend business in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Intelsuspend sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Interactive Advertising Bureaususpend licensing in Russia and BelearusUtilitiesUnited States
    Intercomm FoodsStopping shipments to RussiaConsumer StaplesGreece
    International Canoe Federationsuspend Russian athletes & relocate Russian events
    International Federation of Sport Climbingsuspend Russian teams from participation; supend Russian events
    International Paraolympic Committebar Russian atheletes
    Intuitsuspend customer accountsInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Jablotronhalts sales and blocks data services to products assempled in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryCzech Republic
    JCBsuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsJapan
    JD Sportssuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Johnson Controlssuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsIreland
    Julipedrasuspended exports to RussiaMaterialsPortugal
    Jungheinrichkeep Russia office; stop exports to RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    Juniper Networkssuspend sales in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Kemirasuspend deliveries to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFinland
    Kepenou Millsstop wheat orders from RussiaConsumer StaplesGreece
    Keringclose all stores in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Kerry Groupsuspending operationsConsumer StaplesIreland
    KGHMsuspended Russian contracts, subsidiary ZANAM Vostok in RussiaMaterialsPoland
    Kinross Goldsuspend operations in RussiaMaterialsCanada
    Knight Franksuspend substantive operations in RussiaReal EstateUnited Kingdom
    Komatsususpend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsJapan
    KONEsuspend deliveries to Russia & stop new Russian ordersConsumer DiscretionaryFinland
    Konica Minoltanew shipments suspendedConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Korn Ferrysuspend business in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Kurokesususpend shippments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryLithuania
    L'Occitaneclose all stores and e-commerce site in RussiaFrance
    L'Orealsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    LCBOsuspend Russian-produced productsConsumer StaplesCanda
    Legosuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsDenmark
    Leica Camera AGsuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyGermany
    Leonardopause all JVs in Russia; helicopter productionItaly
    Levi Strausssuspend all sales in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Lexmarksuspend shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    LG Electronicssuspend all shipments to RussiaMaterialsSouth Korea
    Lindt-Sprunglisuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsSwitzerland
    Little Caesar'ssuspend Russian franchise supportCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Lladrósuspended service and shipment to Russia. No new requestsConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Logitechsuspend shipments to RussiaFinancialsSwitzerland
    Louis Dreyfussuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesNetherlands
    Lumencut networks to RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    LUSHsuspend online sales & supply to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    LVMHsuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    M&Gphased divestment of Russian assetsConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Maersksuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsDenmark
    Magnasuspend Russian plantsConsumer DiscretionaryCanada
    Magna Steyrsuspend deliveries to RussiaAustria
    Mangosuspend direct operations in RussiaSpain
    Mannheimer Swartlingsuspend all operationsUtilitiesSweden
    Manolo Blahniksuspend sales to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Marks & Spencersuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Marvellsuspend all sales to Russia in compliance with sanctionsUnited States
    Mastercardsuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Mattelsuspend shipments into RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Mazdasuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    McCain Foodssuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesCanada
    McCormicksuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    McDonald'ssuspend direct operations/restaurantsConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Meggitcease all imports and exports with RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Mercedes-Benzsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    Metasuspend Russian advertisingCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Metsasuspend operations at Russian millFinland
    Metso Outotecsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsFinland
    Mettler Toledosuspend all shipments to RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    Michelinsuspended all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    MicronSuspend shipments to Russia according to sanctionsUnited States
    Milk Hydrosan sp. z o.o.suspended Russian contractsIndustrialsPoland
    Mitsubishi Motorssuspended operations at Russian plantJapan
    Mobatime (Elekon)stopped activity and remotly stopped clock on Russian Academy of SciencesConsumer DiscretionaryCzech Republic
    Monclersuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    MongoDBsuspend sales to Russia and BelarusUnited States
    Mothercaresuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Motorola Solutionssuspend service orders to RussiaUnited States
    Munich Renot renew current contracts & suspend new businessGermany
    MV Groupsuspends all imports and orders, froze partner brandsConsumer StaplesLithuania
    MVRDVsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsNetherlands
    Namecheapstop offering products to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    NCRsuspend sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Nemakhalt production in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryMexico
    Neste Oyjsuspend purchases of Russian oilEnergyFinland
    NetAppsuspend business operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    New Development Bankcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsChina
    NHLpause all partnerships in RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    Niantic Labsproducts made unavailable in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Nikesuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Nintendosuspend all sales in RussiaCommunication ServicesJapan
    Nissansuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Nozbecut off services for Russia and BelarusUtilitiesPoland
    Nutanixpause all sales and support to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Nvidiasuspend all sales in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    NXP Semiconductorssuspend all shipments to and business with RussiaInformation TechnologyNetherlands
    Olvistop exports to RussiaConsumer StaplesFinland
    Oraclesuspend all operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Panasonicsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Papa John'ssuspend support for all Russian franchisesConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Paramountpause new content releases to RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Payoneerclose Russian accountsInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Paypalsuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Peak Designshut down sales to RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Pernod-Ricardsuspended all operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesFrance
    Pivovary Staropramensuspended beer exportsConsumer StaplesCzech Republic
    Plzeňský Prazdrojsuspend sales to RussiaConsumer StaplesCzech Republic
    Polarissuspend exports to RussiaUnited States
    Ponsse PLCdiscontinue all operations in RussiaIndustrialsFinland
    Porscheend shipments of new cars; dealerships running and warranty obligations honoredConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Pradasuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    Preem ABsuspend purchases of Russian oilEnergySweden
    Pumasuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    PVHsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    QScease activity with Russian customers & cease promotion of Russian universitiesUnited Kingdom
    Qualcommsuspend shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Rabobankcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsNetherlands
    Rakovnický Pivovarstopped exports and withdrew some products for sale in RussiaConsumer StaplesCzech Republic
    Ralph Laurenpause operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Raytheonsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Reface.aisuspend all new downloads and updates of app in RussiaUkraine
    Reimasuspend all sales into RussiaFinland
    Remitly Globalstop accepting new users in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Renaultsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryFrance
    Richemontsuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySwitzerland
    Ricohsuspend shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyJapan
    Rocaclosure of plantsConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Rockwell Automationsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Rolls Roycesuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Rovioremove games from app stores in RussiaUtilitiesFinland
    Royal Society of Chemistrypause activities with Russian institutionsUnited Kingdom
    Safranstop all activities in RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Samsonite Internationalsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryLuxembourg
    Samsungsuspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologySouth Korea
    Sandviksuspend all operations in RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    SAPstop all sales to Russia and shut down cloud operationsInformation TechnologyGermany
    Scandinavian Tobaccosuspend most operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesDenmark
    Scaniasuspend all sales in RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    Schwarz Groupstop sales of Russian products in storesGermany
    SKFpause exports to Russia and stop production in RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    Skytraxsuspend all audit and rating analysisUnited Kingdom
    Snapsuspend all sales to RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    SonoSimsuspend distributor relationship in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    Sonypause release of new films in Russia, suspending console and game sales in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    SriLankan Airlinessuspend flights between Sri Lanka and RussiaSri Lanka
    SSABshipments and sales to Russia discontinuedSweden
    Starbuckssuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Stellantissuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryNetherlands
    Stora Ensostop all production and sales in RussiaMaterialsFinland
    Storytelpause operations in RussiaUtilitiesSweden
    Subarususpend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Sumitomo Groupscaling back or suspending all Russian-related businessJapan
    Supercellremove games from app stores in RussiaUtilitiesFinland
    Swatchsuspend direct operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySwitzerland
    Sylvamosuspend operations in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Systemairsuspend all sales to RussiaSweden
    T MachineryStopped cooperationIndustrialsCzech Republic
    Taningoods are stoppedConsumer DiscretionarySlovenia
    Tata Motorspaused sales of Jaguar Land Rover in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryIndia
    Tendamsuspend activity in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    The Navigator Companysuspend all marketing in RussiaMaterialsPortugal
    Thermo Fishersuspend sales and manufacturing in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    TikToksuspend operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Timkensuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Tousclose shops and online store in RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySpain
    Toyotasuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryJapan
    Trane Technologiessuspend shipments to RussiaIndustrialsIreland
    Trelleborg Groupsuspended deliveries and sales to RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    Trimblesuspend all sales in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    TSMCsuspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyTaiwan
    TTC Holdingsuspended activitiesReal EstateCzech Republic
    Twin Discsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Twittersuspend certain operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Ubisoftsuspend new sales to RussiaUtilitiesFrance
    UiPathsuspend sales in RussiaUnited States
    ULstop all work in Russia and BelarusUnited States
    Under Armoursuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Uniqlo/Fast Retailingsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Universalsuspend operations in RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    UPMtemporarily suspend operations and sales in RussiaFinland
    UPSsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Valero Energysuspend purchases of Russian oilEnergyUnited States
    Vičiūnaisuspended all investments, operations, productions, and tradeConsumer StaplesLithuania
    Vietnam Airlinessuspend flights to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryVietnam
    Visasuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Vivasuspend purchases of Russian oilEnergyAustralia
    VMWaresuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Volkswagensuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Volvosuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    WarnerMediapause new content releasesCommunication ServicesUnited States
    WEKAsuspend business and concrete deals with RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Western Unionsuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    WeTransfersuspend all services in RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    William Grant & Sonssuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Wise PLCsuspend Russian partnershipsInformation TechnologyUnited Kingdom
    Wizz AirAir flights to/from Russia are temporarily suspendedIndustrialsHungary
    Xeroxsuspend shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Yarasuspend all imports from RussiaNorway
    YKK Groupsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsJapan
    Yokohamahalt production in RussiaIndustrialsJapan
    Zegna Groupsuspended all shipments to and production for Russia partnersItaly
    Zetorsuspend all cooperation with RussiaIndustrialsCzech Republic
    ZHAsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Zyngasuspend all installations, monetization and marketing supportConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Companies totally halting Russian engagements or completely exiting Russia...
    Accentureexiting Russia completelyInformation TechnologyIreland
    Accountorwithdrawal from RussiaInformation TechnologyFinland
    Acronissuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologySwitzerland
    Activision Blizzardsuspend all sales in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Adamedhalted sales to RussiaHealth CarePoland
    Adenzasuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    AECOMsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    AerCapcease lending to RussiansIndustrialsIreland
    Air Maltasuspend all flights to and from RussiaIndustrialsMalta
    Air Productsfull divestiture from RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    AirBalticleave Russian market until further noticeConsumer DiscretionaryLatvia
    Airbnbsuspend bookings in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Akvelonclose offices in MoscowInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Alaska Airlinessuspend Russian partnershipsIndustrialsUnited States
    Alcoasuspend all business with RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Aldiremove products from RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Allegrobans Russian & Belarussian productsConsumer DiscretionaryPoland
    Allen & Overywind down Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    AMDsuspend all sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    American Airlinesno flying over Russian airspace/suspension of Russian partnershipsIndustrialsUnited States
    Ametekclosing TPM Russia subsidiary due to war in UkraineUnited States
    Amicasuspended Russian exportsConsumer DiscretionaryPoland
    ArcelorMittalremoved all Russian materials from supply chainMaterialsLuxembourg
    Arendt & Medernachclose Russian office and suspend select Russian client engagementsIndustrialsLuxembourg
    Arlasuspends all operationsConsumer StaplesDenmark
    Asdaremove products from RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Asossuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Assicurazioni Generaliexit Russia completelyFinancialsItaly
    Atosexit from RussiaInformation TechnologyFrance
    Atriaexit business in RussiaConsumer StaplesFinland
    Authentic Brands Group - Reeboksuccessfully completed suspension of all operationsIndustrialsUnited States
    Autodesksuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Avantordiscontinue all sales into Russia, direct and indirectUnited States
    Avery Dennisonexit Russian operationsMaterialsUnited States
    Avidsuspend all sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Bainsuspend consulting for all Russian businessesFinancialsUnited States
    Baker Bottssuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Baker McKenziesuspend services for all Kremlin entities onlyIndustrialsUnited States
    Baker Tillygradual wind down of operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Bakomawithdrew from Russia completely prior to aggressionConsumer StaplesPoland
    Ball Corporationleave Russia completelyMaterialsUnited States
    Banco Santander SAno presence in Russia; exposure to Ukrainian and Russian assets negligibleFinancialsPoland
    BBDOexit Russian operationsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    BCGsuspend all consulting in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Bestsellerstop all sales to RussiaDenmark
    BlackRockcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsUnited States
    Boltsuspend Russian partnershipsInformation TechnologyEstonia
    Bonavaclose operations in RussiaSweden
    Boohoo Groupsuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Bookingsuspend bookings in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Bosesuspend all operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    BPsuspend operations/divest from 20% Rosneft stakeEnergyUnited Kingdom
    British American Tobaccoexit Russian operationsConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Brown-Formansuspend commercial operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited States
    Bryan Caveexit Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited States
    Bumblesuspend operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Cargoluxsuspend all shipments into and through RussiaIndustrialsLuxembourg
    Carlsbergexit Russia completelyConsumer StaplesDenmark
    Carnivaldiscontinue Russia itinerariesConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    CD Projektsuspends sales of products in Russia & BelarusCommunication ServicesPoland
    Centricaexit gas supply partnership with GazpromUtilitiesUnited Kingdom
    Ceratizitstop all deliveries to Russia and BelarusIndustrialsLuxembourg
    Cersanitput up its Russian business for salePoland
    Ciechsuspended Russian exportsMaterialsPoland
    Clarivateexit Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Clifford Chancesuspend certain Russian relationshipsIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    ColliersDiscontinued business in RussiaReal EstateCanada
    Comarchhalts orders from Russia & BelarusInformation TechnologyPoland
    Compass Grouppermanently exit Russian marketConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Coopfully divest Russian operations Transgourmet via management buyoutFinancialsSwitzerland
    Coupasuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Courserasuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    CRHwithdrawal from RussiaMaterialsIreland
    Cumminsexit Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited States
    Currency.comhalting operations for residents of RussianFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    Cushman & Wakefieldclose office in Russia; transfer to local partnerReal EstateUnited States
    Daimlersuspending all business in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Danfossexit Russia completelyDenmark
    DB Schenkersuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsGermany
    DDBexit Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited States
    Dechertsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Deezersuspend operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesFrance
    Deichmannstop operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Deloitteleaving Russia completelyIndustrialsUnited States
    Delta Air Linessuspend agreement with AeroflotIndustrialsUnited States
    Demantstop all sales to RussiaDenmark
    Dentonsexit Russian operationsIndustrialsSwitzerland
    Dentsu Internationaldivest joint venture/leave RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited Kingdom
    Deutsche Telekomclose Russian businessCommunication ServicesGermany
    Dino Polskaremoved Russian productsConsumer StaplesPoland
    DLA Pipersuspend certain operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Dr. Oetkerstops sales and production in Russia; transferred ownership of production facilitiesConsumer StaplesGermany
    DXC Technologyleaving Russia completelyInformation TechnologyUnited States
    EarthDaily Analyticssuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    eBaysuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Edekaremove Russian food from store shelvesGermany
    edXwithdraw from all Russian partnershipsUnited States
    Electronic Artssuspend all operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Elisa Esportsban Russian teams from participating in tournamentsUtilitiesFinland
    ENEOSstop purchases of Russian crudeJapan
    Enidivest Russian pipelineEnergyItaly
    EPAMdiscontinue servicing Russian customersInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Equinorexit joint ventures in RussiaEnergyNorway
    Esricurtailing sales to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited Kingdom
    Etsydeactivate all listings from Russian sellersConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Eurovisionban on all Russian competitionFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    Eversheds Sutherlandclose Russia officeIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Expediasuspend bookings in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Exxonexit Rosneft partnershipEnergyUnited States
    EYleaving Russia completelyIndustrialsUnited States
    Famursuspended Russian exportsIndustrialsPoland
    Farfetchsuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Fazersuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesFinland
    Ferragamosuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    FICOexiting all work in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    FIFAban Russian athletes from competingIndustrialsSwitzerland
    Fiskarswithdraw completely from the Russian marketConsumer DiscretionaryFinnland
    Fitchsuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    FMC Corporationdiscontinue all business and operationsMaterialsUnited States
    Fonterraexit its businesses in Russia.Consumer StaplesNew Zealand
    Formula Onesuspend all operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited Kingdom
    Fortinetsuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Freshfieldsclosing business in RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    G2Ablock marketplace for Russian usersCommunication ServicesNetherlands
    Geodissuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsFrance
    Global Foundriessuspend all shipments to RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    GoDaddydiscontinue all Russian servicesInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Gowlingleave RussiaUtilitiesCanada
    Grainprosuspend all operations in RussiaMaterialsUnited States
    Grammarlysuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Grant Thorntonclosing business in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Grohecease all activities with RussiaGermany
    Grupa Azotystopped exporting its products to Russia or BelarusMaterialsPoland
    Hanielunwind all Russian businessMaterialsGermany
    Heidrick & Strugglesceased all operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Heinekenexit Russia completelyConsumer StaplesNetherlands
    Hempelexit RussiaIndustrialsDenmark
    Henkelin process of exiting business activities in RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Herbert Smith Freehillssuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsAustralia
    Hogan Lovellsexit Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Holcimexit Russian market completelyMaterialsSwitzerland
    Huhtamakidivest Russian operationsFinland
    Infosysshutting down operations in RussiaIndia
    InPoststop purchasing services/goods from Russian & Belorussian companiesIndustrialsPoland
    Intercontinental Exchangecurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsUnited States
    International Boxing Federationban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsFrance
    International Cat Federationban Russian cats from competitionsIndustrialsCanada
    International Cycling Unionban on all Russian competitionUnited States
    International Ice Hockey Federationban on all Russian competitionSwitzerland
    International Olympic Committeeban Russian athletes from competingSwitzerland
    International Skating Unionban on all Russian competitionSwitzerland
    International Tennis Federationsuspend Russian partnershipsIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    International Weightlifting Federationban on all Russian competitionSwitzerland
    Interpublic Groupexit Russian operationsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    ISSdivestment of all Russian business by end of yearDenmark
    J Sainsburyremove products from RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Jabilclosed its site in RussiaUnited States
    Jamie Oliverexit franchise agreementConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Jan de Nulclose rep office and withdraw shipsIndustrialsLuxembourg
    JetBrainssuspend all activity indefinitelyInformation TechnologyCzech Republic
    JLLSeparated operations in Russia.Real EstateUnited States
    JYSKsuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsDenmark
    Kalnapilis-Taurustermination of export ties and production in Russian MarketLithuania
    Kearneysuspend work with Russian clientsIndustrialsUnited States
    Keskostop sales to Russia and imports from RussiaFinland
    Kiiltoseeking exit from Russian businessFinland
    Kingspansuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsIreland
    KLPexit all investment holdings in RussiaNorway
    Knorr-Bremsestop shipments to Russia; end JVsIndustrialsGermany
    Konecranesstop all orders from RussiaFinland
    Korean Air Linesno flying over Russian airspace until the end of AprilIndustrialsSouth Korea
    KPMGleaving Russia completelyIndustrialsUnited States
    Krispy Kremewinding down business in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Krombacherstopped exports to RussiaConsumer StaplesGermany
    Kuehne + Nagel AGsuspend all shipments to RussiaIndustrialsSwitzerland
    Latham & Watkinssuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Lincoln Electricceased all operationsConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Linklaterssuspend operations in Russia, with entities connected to the Russian stateConsumer DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
    Live Nation Entertainmentsuspend all operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    London Stock Exchange Groupcurtail Russian access to capital marketsConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    LPPleft RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryPoland
    Lufthansasuspended flights and ended Russian aircraft maintenanceIndustrialsGermany
    Marsh McLennanexit operations in RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    McKinseysuspend all consulting in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Mitsubishi Electricstop sales to RussiaJapan
    Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Groupclose operations in RussiaJapan
    Monroe Energysuspend partnerships with RussiaEnergyUnited States
    Moody'ssuspend operations within RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    Morgan Advanced Materialssuspend all operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Morgan Lewissuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Morrisonsremove products from RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    MSCtemporary suspension of all shipments to RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    MSCIcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsUnited States
    Nasdaqcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsUnited States
    Naspersseparate from Avito and fully exit RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySouth Africa
    NCAB Group ABSold assets and ceased operations in RussiaIndustrialsSweden
    Netflixsuspend operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Netscoutsuspend Russian operationsInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Nokiapulling out of Russia completelyInformation TechnologyFinland
    Norton Rose Fulbrightexit from RussiaIndustrialsUnited Kingdom
    Norwegian Cruise Linesdiscontinue Russian itinerariesConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    OBIsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Oceania Cruisesdiscontinue Russian itinerariesConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Omnicom Group, Inc.exit Russian operationsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Omnicom Media Groupexit Russian operationsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    OneWebsuspend use of Russian airspaceCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Orklaexit Russian operationsConsumer StaplesNorway
    Orlen Lietuvastopped Russian oil importsEnergyPoland
    Pandorastop all sourcing from RussiaDenmark
    Par Pacificsuspend partnerships with RussiaEnergyUnited States
    Parker Hannifinclosed our office and warehouse facility in Moscow and no longer do business in this countryUnited States
    Pauligsuspend operations in RussiaConsumer StaplesFinland
    Pekao SAtransactions in Russian ruble suspendedFinancialsPoland
    PGL Esportsexclusion of esports teams and individuals with connections to the Russian government from upcoming competitionUnited States
    PKO BPsuspends transactions with Russian banks transactions in Russian ruble suspendedFinancialsPoland
    Playmobilstop all sales to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Prioceased purchase of any products from Russian or directly related companiesEnergyPortugal
    Prosusdivest from local subsidiaryNetherlands
    Publicis Groupecede ownership to local affiliatesCommunication ServicesFrance
    PwCleaving Russia completelyIndustrialsUnited States
    PZU SAreduced position in Russian bonds to zeroFinancialsPoland
    Qantas Airlinesno longer flies over Russian territoryAustralia
    R&Aban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsUnited States
    Radio Free Europesuspend operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesCzech Republic
    Reckitt Benckiser Groupbegins a process aimed at transferring ownership of its Russia businessConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Regent Seven Seas Cruisesdiscontinue Russian itinerariesConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Reweremove products from Russia from shelvesGermany
    Rimiremove products from Russia from shelvesLatvia
    Rio Tintoterminate all commercial relationships with RussiaAustralia
    Rokuremove Kremlin-linked propaganda and adsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Rolexsuspend exports to RussiaConsumer DiscretionarySwitzerland
    S Groupselling off all businesses in RussiaFinland
    S Group (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta)close all operations operationsConsumer StaplesFinland
    S&Pcurtail Russian access to capital marketsUnited States
    Salesforcesuspend operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Savillsend partnerships in RussiaReal EstateUnited Kingdom
    Shellsuspend operations in RussiaEnergyUnited Kingdom
    Sidley Austinend all Russian relationshipsIndustrialsUnited States
    Signet Jewelerssuspend operations in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    SKFend sales and production in RussiaSweden
    Skodahalted production and stopped exportsConsumer DiscretionaryCzech Republic
    SMAYstopped all Russian businessPoland
    Societe Generalecessation of all activities in RussiaFinancialsFrance
    Sonosceased all sales to this market at the onset of the war and blocked Russian state radioConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    Spotifyclosed office and other restrictionsCommunication ServicesSweden
    Squire Patton Boggssuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Stanley Black & Deckersuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    State Streetcurtail Russian access to capital marketsFinancialsUnited States
    Stora Ensostopped all production and salesMaterialsFinland
    Storebranddivest all Russian holdingsNorway
    Strabagwinding down operations in Russia; terminating shareholder syndicate agreements with DeripaskaAustria
    Swarovskisuspend all sales in RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryLiechtenstein
    Swecostop all projects in RussiaSweden
    Systembolagetremove all Russian alcohol from storesConsumer DiscretionarySweden
    Take-Two Interactivesuspend all sales in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    Teknotherm Marine HVAC sp. z o.o.complete withdrawal from RussiaPoland
    Teradatastopped all business in RussiaInformation TechnologyUnited States
    Tietoevrytotally exit operations in RussiaInformation TechnologyFinland
    TJ Maxxdivest Familia subsidiaryConsumer DiscretionaryUnited States
    TripAdvisorremove Kremlin-linked propaganda and adsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    TUIend brand-sharing agreement; had already exitedConsumer DiscretionaryGermany
    Uberdivest from partnership with YandexIndustrialsUnited States
    UEFAban Russian athletes from competingIndustrialsSwitzerland
    United Airlinesno flying over Russian airspaceIndustrialsUnited States
    United Internet Groupsuspend all Russian contractsIndustrialsGermany
    Upworksuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Valioclose business operation in RussiaConsumer StaplesFinland
    Vanguardsuspend operations in RussiaFinancialsUnited States
    Veluxpermanently close operations in Russia and BelarusDenmark
    Vinmonopoletstop sales of all Russian wine, spirits and strong beers in NorwayNorway
    Vinmonopoletremove all Russian alcohol from storesConsumer DiscretionaryNorway
    Vodafonesuspend partner agreement with MTSUnited Kingdom
    Volfas Engelmansuspend investment and withdraw from Russian marketConsumer StaplesLithuania
    Waitroseremove products from RussiaConsumer StaplesUnited Kingdom
    Wargamingclose operations; transfer of some businessBelarus
    Waters Corporationsuspend all sales and services into RussiaHealth CareUnited States
    WeWorkplanning divestment of Russian operationsReal EstateUnited States
    Wex Inc.ending relationship with Lukoil and subsidiariesInformation TechnologyUnited States
    White & Casewind down Russian operationsIndustrialsUnited States
    Wieltonsuspended Russian exportsIndustrialsPoland
    Willis Towers Watsonfully exit Russia and transfer ownership to local managementFinancialsUnited Kingdom
    Winston & Strawnsuspend operations in RussiaIndustrialsUnited States
    Women's Tennis Associationsuspend Russian partnershipsCommunication ServicesUnited States
    World Athletics Councilban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsUnited States
    World Boxing Associationban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsPanama
    World Boxing Councilsuspend Russia from title fightsConsumer DiscretionaryMexico
    World Boxing Organizationban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsUnited States
    World Federation of Exchangessuspend all Russian members and affiliatesUnited Kingdom
    World Rowing Federationban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsUnited States
    World Rugby Unionban on all Russian competitionIndustrialsIreland
    Wosebasuspends deliveries to RussiaIndustrialsPoland
    WPP PLCsuspend all operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited Kingdom
    WWEsuspend all operations in RussiaCommunication ServicesUnited States
    YITexits Russia projectsFinland
    YOOXsuspend all shipments to RussiaConsumer DiscretionaryItaly
    Żabkahalts orders from Russia & BelarusConsumer StaplesPoland

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