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Next-level branding for the next generation

As we enter the first few months of 2019, it is apparent that more than ever before, brands and advertisers have to fight for both relevance and the attention of their markets. Yet, how can we remain relevant if we are mislabelling the very segment that we are targeting?
It has become common in the branding industry to refer to the youth segment of the market as "millennials". Joe Public United’s team of brand design specialists have written and crafted a White Paper that unpacks the trends and truths of today’s youth market, which, contrary to what many believe, is not actually the Millenial Generation.

The youth have consistently proven to be influencial when it comes to branding: what works and what doesn’t work. It is for this reason that Joe Public Shift sought to research and gain insight into the youth market of today: Generation Z or #GenerationFluid.

“We feel that this piece is geared to understanding this Generation that is fluid in almost every way – in thought and in action. There are so many ways that brands can connect with this market who were born into a digital age. It is our hope that through the White Paper, readers have a more informed and relevant view of today’s youth. South Africa needs to get ready to future-proof itself as the tides begin to shift,” said Mike dos Santos, co-author and strategic director, Joe Public Shift.

If young people are fluid when it comes to their perceptions, experiences and the way they relate to the world, brands too need to be fluid in their communication, creativity and engagement.

Are you looking to take your brand to the next level and gain a deeper understanding of today’s youth market? Download the White Paper and engage with us at White Paper by Joe Public Shift: ‘Generation Fluid: Understanding today’s youth market.’

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