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947 goes party Euphonik

House DJ Euphonik, on radio for the past decade, will host eUNITE with Euphonik weekly from Sunday, 18 September from 6pm to 8pm.

His weekend sound takeover also includes a mix on the Afternoon Drive with Anele Mdoda just after 6pm each Friday.

947 goes party Euphonik

As 947 is a curator on Apple Music, fans who love the radio mix will be able to stream it shortly after the show.

The station has also re-jigged other elements of its weekend programming schedule to 'fuel the parties and pace of Joburg'. This includes the addition of mixes from DJs Saubomb, Da Capo, Dino Bravo and Franky in The Bloc Party with Sizwe Dhlomo and Mac G on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as the addition of Miss Candy K from Voice of Wits, as host of the Sunday morning 4am to 7am show.

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