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Communicating effectively through content marketing

Content marketing is in its mature stage. Now, more brands understand the importance of incorporating good content in their marketing efforts.

The past couple of years have seen a significant increase in uptake of content marketing by brands across many industries

In this digital age where the attention span of people has dwindled, embracing longer forms of content is still important - because there are still people who have the appetite for longer content such as blog posts and email newsletters.

As social media is mostly about communicating using short forms of content, be it video or text. When used correctly, content marketing can create opportunities for brands to communicate without being limited by the number of characters.

Longer content gives marketers and brands alike the opportunity to tell their stories genuinely. Content marketing is mostly about telling stories that can connect with the audience authentically.

Although, most brands use content marketing for search engine optimization of their online footprint for their websites. Publishing blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis can optimise brand equity. Also, content marketing is about positioning the brand as a thought leader in its respective industry.

It is through these efforts where that understanding and having a strategy for content marketing plays a pivotal role in making sure that this doesn't become just another fruitless exercise.

Integrated with other marketing efforts or elements, content marketing could be a great tool to optimise your marketing exercises. Curating content and packaging it correctly is the first step in making sure that the return on investment is measurable.

However, all these can only be realised when marketers and brands have a strategy which harnesses all the other marketing elements bonded together by a golden thread.

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Rirhandzu Shingwenyana is a marketing, advertising and communications professional with experience in account management, social media and digital marketing campaign management.
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