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Howard Audio receives another craft award From IDidThat

Howard Audio is thrilled to have had another 'special mention' from the craft awards - the second this year! Chicken Licken - Easy Bucks (original music) and Consol Glass (audio branding).

Chicken Licken - Easy Bucks

Well done to the whole creative team Joe Public United and director Karien Cherry of Giant Films for producing this epic Chicken Licken campaign. We loved composing the original music.

Click the link to view the press release.

Click the link below to view the 90-sec TVC

Consol Glass - Audio banding

It's always nice when your work is valued by the industry – thrilled that our audio branding project for Consol Glass was awarded a special mention in the craft awards! Such a special project to work on. Thanks to Grey Africa for such an inspiring brief...

Click the link to view the behind press release.

Check out our ‘behind-the-scenes’ video for insight into this exciting project.

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