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    Prince Mashele Returns and Gives us Insights into the New Government Structure!

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    Adclick Africa has just released their Digital Marketing Trends guide for 2022

    Let's put a spin on how we approach digital trends in 2022. All marketers search the internet for ideas and try to keep on-top of what's happening in the digital space. But how many are able to digest what they read and turn it into realistic and measurable actions.
    Adclick Africa has just released their Digital Marketing Trends guide for 2022

    “While we are starting to see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel, it has shaped and changed the way we approach marketing. With budgets being cut and shifted towards a digital approach, this is a trend that will continue through 2022,” says Adclick Africa CEO, Velly Bosega.

    Adclick Africa’s Digital Marketing Trends 2022 gives you a snapshot of the personalised B2B and B2C marketing future.

    What’s in the Digital Marketing Trends 2022 guide

    What does 2022 hold in store for agile marketers?

    • Personalise customer journeys and how to create content to drive your leads.
    • New social media platforms to refine your target audience and how to get them to engage.
    • How you can increase your SEO by simply getting back to the basics and taking it a step further to facilitate voice search.
    • How to pivot your business in preparation of the crumbling of the Google cookie.
    • The link between POPI Act and PAIA and how to ensure your marketing processes and websites are fully compliant.
    • New advertising tactics any organisation should be testing in 2022.
    • And further ways to drive revenue growth and bolster brand equity, through the power of generational marketing.

    Click here to get your complimentary Digital Marketing Trends 2022 guide with actionable tips to drive your online campaigns forward.

    This all sounds great in theory, but the question to ask is whether you have the skillset, time or platforms to execute your B2C or B2B digital marketing campaigns and get a return on investment (ROI). If your answer is no, it’s time to partner with a digital marketing agency like Adclick Africa.

    About Adclick Africa

    Adclick Africa is a BBBEE Level 1, results-based digital performance marketing agency with a unique approach to our work and our customers. Our team of experts use real-time audience data to deliver high impacting, engaging campaigns and ensure a return on investment for our clients. Our success is based on their success! Adclick Africa can assist with any paid media (Google Ads, social media, programmatic advertising), website development (SEO, e-commerce, UX) and creatives (design, videos, animations and copywriting). Our operating philosophy is simple: We leverage best practices and advanced tools to offer our customers a superior service they can trust. Clients rely on our strategic, creative thinking and seamless executions to help achieve their business objectives.

    Four reasons you need a digital agency:

    1. Adclick has a network of suppliers and are able to negotiate better rates for your campaigns due to their buying power. Agencies leverage off their clients’ high volumes with their trusted vendors, reducing the cost of your paid media campaigns.
    2. To run a successful digital marketing campaign, whether it’s paid media, consistent and engaging social media posts, getting found on Google searches (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC), you need an expert with the right skillset to truly see any ROI.
    3. Getting to know each platform and crafting a strategy for each approach is time-consuming. Not to mention developing the creatives, video content and setting up and monitoring each campaign. Speed and execution are vital in digital marketing.
    4. Digital marketing allows us to analyse and track each action we put out in the marketplace. Once you have outlined your targets and measurable outputs, you can carefully monitor metrics such as traffic, engagement and conversions. Plus Adclick will unpack your results down to the cost per lead or acquisition and drive results.

    Adclick Africa’s Digital Marketing Trends 2022 will arm you with actionable ways to pull your organisation ahead of the competitive curve and drive the results you need to succeed.

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