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The glitch in the matrix is a quark

For thousands of years the wild sciences were the playground of mystics, mages and heretics. Admittedly some were mildly, or even completely, insane, but they all dared to confront the conventions of the day and blazed new trails with their unique observations of reality. Thanks to these mad men, mystics, dreamers and occult thinkers we live in a burgeoning technological age that affords us a personal power and freedom that men could only dream of a mere 200 years ago.

After the Renaissance had swept across Europe, the sciences became integrated into mainstream academia. Empirical observation became the order of the day and the mystery disciplines were stripped away in order for logic to carve out a brave new world. It was the new age of logic where the mystic and the mage were no longer invited to the party - it worked brilliantly.

By the 1800s this new focus motivated the vector of human innovation to go from a relative flat line to an exponential upward curve. The catalyst? The invention of the telegraph. The ability to communicate information over distance. The stratospheric rise of information sharing continues into our modern age and accelerates rapidly by the day towards a point of singularity.

By the early 20th century the cold clear logic of classic science could describe and manage perceived reality with such clarity that it could be applied as a lens through which the very quantum building blocks of our universe could be observed. This would prove to be a point of no return.

Quantum theory, physics and mechanics are by now a vast field of knowledge and should be absorbed and digested in small chunks. For this I recommend Wikipedia. Search for ‘the history of quantum theory’ and then follow whatever interest presents itself. For the purposes of this article I will solely be focusing on the link observed to exist between mind and matter.

The link between mind and matter

To begin with, it is important to understand some pertinent workings of quantum mechanics. The first and foremost revelation is that atoms communicate information and do so at a speed far exceeding that of light. This ability can be attributed to the qualities of quarks, which are units of energy within atoms. Quarks can blink in and out of existence and most importantly exist in more than one place simultaneously in space and time.

In this state, each twin reflects the state of the other perfectly. When one undergoes change the other does so inversely without any measurable delay, regardless the distance. Now add to this the fact that atoms have been proven to respond to the act of observation and you have a game changer.

A further interesting development was the discovery that our genes and cells also react to thoughts and emotions instantly. They do so even if removed from their host and placed vast distances away. This could only be possible if communication occurred via the quark since no other particle or wave can exceed the speed of light.

Using our consciousness

So, what is the implication of these two key observations? Could consciousness and reality be intrinsically entangled and communicate information beyond the speed of light, the upper limit imposed on information exchange within the physical observable universe?

If this is true, the implications are astounding. If consciousness does not have a speed limit to its rate of information exchange, but the physical universe does, that would imply that consciousness is not bound by the limitations of time and space - it operates beyond the processing constraints of the observable universe. This in itself could be argued to be an expression of the arbitrary limitations inherent to the expression of its function.

Further consideration will also reveal that consciousness does not exist as a mere participant but acts with agency since it has the ability to observe, input information and alter reality on a quantum level with the only constraint to its expression being that of other consciousnesses like itself.

So what does this all mean, are we gods? Maybe, maybe not. What it does however mean that we all have the ability to express reality and our expression of it interacts and is limited by others who share this ability with us. What this leaves you with is a consensus reality projected as the world we all live in today. Now imagine what we could create if we could unite our efforts. If we could move beyond the projections of our fear and greed. What wonders will follow?

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